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  • Botanical Sketchbooks: (over 500 years of beautiful botanical sketches by 80 artists from around the world, from Leonardo da Vinci to John Muir)

    Recording the world of plant and animal life and documenting the strange beauty of the natural world have been human passions ever since the first cave paintings. While there are many histories of botanical art featuring beautiful paintings and finished drawings, the artists' preparatory sketches, first impressions, and scribbled notes on paper are rarely seen. But it is often these early attempts that give us real insight into the firsthand experiences and adventures of the botanists, artists, collectors, and explorers behind them.This exquisi...

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  • Elegance and Refinement: The Still-Life Paintings of Willem van Aelst

    The paintings of Willem van Aelst (1627–1683) are known for their fine finish, innovative compositions, sumptuous subject matter, and rich, jewel-toned palette. Published on the occasion of an unprecedented traveling exhibition, this book celebrates Van Aelst’s achievements and his significant impact on Dutch still-life painting. Van Aelst masterfully depicted arrangements of fresh fruit and flowers, displays of dead game, and evocations of the forest floor, as well as elegant objects such as nautilus cups, distinctive silver vessels, and ...

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  • Thoughts On Art and Life - eBook

    Thoughts On Art and Life by Leonardo Da Vinci; translated by Translated by Maurice Baring, english edition 1906.A fascinating collection of writings from the great polymath of the Italian Renaissaince, Leonardo da Vinci. There are

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  • 5 Spirit Science The Flower Of Life Leonardo Da Vinci's Studies

    Leonardo Da Vinci Flower Of Life Studies

    Leonardo Da Vinci - Da Vinci Code - heilige Geometrie - 2014

    Leonardo Da Vinci Flower Of Life Studies
    leonardo da vinci,fiore della vita,geometria sacra,da vinci,arte,storia,zurigo,svizzera...

    Spirit Talks with Leonardo Da Vinci Part 1 of 5

    Leonardo Da Vinci Flower Of Life Studies
    Leonardo Da Vinci (Visual Artist),non-physical being,channeling,spirit conversation,cha...