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  • Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program

    LIFETIME PHYSICAL FITNESS AND WELLNESS can help you take control of your personal fitness and wellness by providing current, practical information and tools to make positive choices for your health. The authors encourage you to assess your current behaviors in order to apply the practical steps you learn in the text to start positive behavior changes. The text's unique design integrates activities throughout each chapter to relate the content to your own life and provides dynamic visuals and descriptive examples to help you visualize important ...

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  • Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program

    LIFETIME PHYSICAL FITNESS AND WELLNESS, 13th Edition, provides students with current information, tools, and guidelines to implement and adhere to a lifetime physical fitness and wellness program. Throughout the text, Werner W. K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger encourage students to take a critical look at their current behaviors in order to help them identify and abandon negative habits and adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. The authors' emphasis throughout the book is on teaching students how to take control of their personal lifestyles and m...

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  • 8 Erotic Nights: Passionate Encounters that Inspire Great Sex for a Lifetime

    Reach New Heights of Sexual Pleasure Together Experience eight unforgettable nights of sensual activities specifically developed to make you a better lover. Expand your capacity to enjoy pleasure, deepen your connection with your partner, and learn to satisfy one another fully. Step into Eight Erotic Nights. The seductive activities within each of the eight nights show you and your partner how to use erotic conversations, sensual breathing and kissing, seductive massage, and more to understand and fulfill each other’s sexual needs and desir...

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  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

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  • No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness

    We always start with the best of intentions when we begin a new exercise program. In fact, we could not be more determined to tone our bodies and get in shape! But then our planned week of five days at the gym or doing an at-home program turns into three days, into one day, into . . . Who has the time?The truth is, we still really do want to be healthy and fit, but we have become so overwhelmed and overextended with other nonnegotiables in life that we view exercise as just another chore to complete--an optional chore.Behavior expert Michelle S...

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  • Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan

    The unique body-typing program that teaches you how to: Lose weight Achieve your ideal body shape Target your trouble spots Boost your energy Eliminate food cravings forever Feel better than you ever thought possibleDo you crave coffee and sweets--or a nice thick steak?Do you get love handles--or jiggly pockets on your thighs? Are you quick-tempered--or impatient and easily depressed?Believe it or not, your answers to these and other questions posed in this breakthrough book will help you discover which of the four basic "Body Type" categories ...

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  • Feel Better Fast and Make It Last: Unlock Your Brain's Healing Potential to Overcome Negativity, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, and Trauma

    If you want to feel happier, more optimistic, more joyful, and resilient, Dr. Amen’s groundbreaking new book is for you.We’ve all felt anxious, sad, traumatized, grief-stricken, stressed, angry, or hopeless at some point in life. It’s perfectly normal to go through emotional crises or have periods when you feel panicked or out of sorts. It is how you respond to these challenges that will make all the difference in how you feel―not just immediately, but also in the long run. Unfortunately, many people turn to self-medicating behaviors, s...

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  • Naked Marriage: How to Have a Lifetime of Love, Sex, Joy, and Happiness

    A road map to having a vibrant, long-term love affair. Marriage is an exercise in busy. It’s not—by any stretch of the imagination—a spontaneous experience. Unlike the dating years, when we willingly flung every responsibility to the wind to be in our lover’s arms, marriage conspires to pull us earth-bound, distracting us from love with weighty responsibilities, insistent duties, and insane time pressures. We’ve got jobs and family obligations. We’ve got dinners to make, a house to vacuum, laundry to do, yard work, and when you add ...

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  • Turbo Metabolism: 8 Weeks to a New You: Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, and Other Metabolic Diseases by Treating the Causes

    Turbocharge your metabolism for energy and lifelong healthMetabolic Syndrome: As the modern Western lifestyle spreads around the globe, so too does metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms that increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other conditions.The good news: metabolic syndrome can be tamed by a sensible program of exercise, natural foods, stress management, and quality sleep. In this concise and lively book, Dr. Pankaj Vij distills a mass of medical research into a simple, effective program for high en...

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  • The NEW Women's Health Code Book:: How to Shine Bright Without Burning Out

    Women have it all. The stress, the crazy hormones, the kids waiting at the door when they get home…Not that they are complaining. Quite the opposite. They are doing it all, in spades. The problem is that doing it all every day is not good for you. In fact, it can make you sick.For women today, health issues are becoming increasingly complex and layered with problems that chip away at our mental and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, our modern medical practices often dismiss women’s health issues by just writing a prescription or two…whi...

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  • 45 way of living with a healthier way below is very believable

    How healthy square measure you? does one have a healthy diet? does one exercise regularly? does one drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day? does one get enough sleep each day? does one live a healthy lifestyle?Our body is our temple, and that we have to be compelled to pay attention of it. does one recognize that over seventieth of usa citizens square measure either rotund or overweight?[1] That’s insane! think about your body as your physical shell to require you thru life. If you repeatedly abuse it with unhealthy habits, your shel...

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  • Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us about Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom

    Reflections on feeding body and spirit in a world of change Animal scientists have long considered domestic livestock to be too dumb to know how to eat right, but the lifetime research of animal behaviorist Fred Provenza and his colleagues has debunked this myth. Their work shows that when given a choice of natural foods, livestock have an astoundingly refined palate, nibbling through the day on as many as fifty kinds of grasses, forbs, and shrubs to meet their nutritional needs with remarkable precision. In Nourishment Provenza presents his th...

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  • The Four Corners Diet : The Healthy Low-Carb Way of Eating for a Lifetime

    Sifting through hundreds of studies, the authors set out to create their own diet--one based on the most proven elements and soundest data from scientific literature. Now they offer the Four Corners Diet, which has

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  • Powerful Mindset Tips for Achieving Your Fitness, Health & Weight Goals

    Lifetime Fitness Healthy Way Of Life Behaviors
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    2013 Vern Seefeldt Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mariane Fahlman

    Lifetime Fitness Healthy Way Of Life Behaviors
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    Noom Coach l Lose weight and be healthy for a lifetime

    Lifetime Fitness Healthy Way Of Life Behaviors
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