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  • Ministry Is . . .: How to Serve Jesus with Passion and Confidence

    What is ministry? Ministry is casting crowns at the feet of the Worthy One. It is the overflow of your relationship with Jesus. It is washing feet, loving people, making disciples, and more.In dozens of brief yet powerful chapters, Ministry Is . . . presents an actionable Bible-based guide to serving God in the local church. The insights here from authors Dave Earley and Ben Gutierrez are perfect for those considering church ministry as a vocation and applicable to anyone desiring to serve intentionally through the church.With every entry, they...

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  • Praxis (Spanish Edition)

    Los autores de Praxis: teología práctica creen que la enseñanza de teología es incompleta a menos que también se enseñe cómo puede el estudiante cambiar su propia vida. Su obra tiene el propósito de que los estudiantes puedan poner en práctica sus creencias teológicas, lo cual afectará sus acciones y decisiones diarias.Este estudio teológico, que es deliberadamente práctico, guía al lector a descubrir las maravillosas verdades sobre: Dios como creador del mundo La vida, muerte y resurrección de Jesucristo La orientación...

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  • Refrescar el Alma: Todo ministro necesita ser alentado (Spanish Edition)

    Refrescar el Alma (es un libro de devocionales para 40 días con el?fin de alentar a los ministros vocacionales y voluntarios a promover un estilo de liderazgo alentador. Cada capítulo se basa en una sana exposición bíblica pero estructurada en términos sencillos para que todo lector pueda aprender tanto el significado de una porción de las Escrituras como el efecto práctico en su vida y ministerio. Los lectores desarrollarán un sentido de compromiso y responsabilidad para llegar a ejercer el ministerio del aliento.Refrescar el Alma (Ref...

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  • El Llamado (Spanish Edition)

     El Llamado (The Call: Knowing Personally. Living Passionately) provides a foundational, detailed, yet practical explanation of what salvation is and what salvation is not along with specific biblical teachings that provide guidance on how to be spiritually disciplined. There are also recommendations on how one is able to immediately live out all of these important principles....

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  • El Llamado: Conocer personalmente. Vivir apasionadamente. (Spanish Edition)

    El llamado (Conocer personalmente. Vivir apasionadamente.) proporciona una explicación —tan básica y detallada como práctica— de lo que la salvación es y no es, juntamente con enseñanzas bíblicas específicas que brindan orientación para disciplinarse espiritualmente. También presenta recomendaciones sobre cómo poner inmediatamente en práctica todos esos importantes principios. El Llamado (The Call: Knowing Personally. Living Passionately) provides a foundational, detailed, yet practical explanation of what salvation is and what...

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  • The Christian Atheist : Believing in God But Living as If He Doesn't Exist

    A recovering Christian atheist, Groeschel offers an honest, hard-hitting and eye-opening look into the ways people believe in God but live as if he doesn't

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  • Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living : Biblical Answers to Life's Tough Questions

    Previously published as "The Glorious Journey," this collection explores such issues as the real purpose of baptism, a proper view of those in government, and the biblical positions on relationships, children, parenting, loneliness, and sexual

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  • Streams of Living Water : Essential Practices from the Six Great Traditions of Christian Faith

    A guide to spiritual renewal discusses the major Christian traditions--Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Incarnational--and explores the unique contributions of each

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  • Twelve Parables of Jesus : Bible Study for Christian Living

    11 sessions."More than one-third of Jesus' recorded teaching is in the form of parables...Why did Jesus choose to teach in parables? A story catches the attention, fires the imagination...We find ourselves identifying with the characters...they

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  • How to Be a Perfect Christian : Your Comprehensive Guide to Flawless Spiritual Living

    With a biting, satirical style reminiscent of The Onion, How to Be a Perfect Christian takes a humorous look at the quirks of cultural Christianity while subtly challenging the reader to search for more than

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  • Living the Mysteries : A Guide for Unfinished Christians

    Living the Mysteries is a daily devotional--and more--for the period from Easter to Pentecost. Each day features: a brief meditation; a short passage from that day's Mass readings; a reflection on the reading adapted from

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  • Night of the Living Dead Christian - eBook

    What does a transformed life actually look like?In his follow-up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos tackles this question in an entertaining and thought-provoking way—with MONSTERS!!! While Christians claim to experience Christ’s resurrection

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  • Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script - eBook

    Every person follows a script for living, a life guide that directs our behavior and shapes our choices. As believers, we find the original script for living woven throughout the Bible. Yet while the Christian

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  • Standing in the Fire : Courageous Christians Living in Frightening Times

    Not Even ISIS Can Scare Them Off Followers of Christ need to relearn what it means to stand courageously for their faith rather than merely survive in a climate of fear. Standing in the Fire

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  • Living a Life You Love : Embracing the Adventure of Being Led by the Holy Spirit

    Encourages readers to shift their perspectives on their day-to-day experiences so that they can learn to love every moment in life and accept the happiness that is promised by

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  • Ben Gutierrez - Liberty University

    Living The Christian Life By Ben Gutierrez
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    Ben Gutierrez - Liberty University Convocation

    Living The Christian Life By Ben Gutierrez
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    Ben Gutierrez - Liberty University Convocation

    Living The Christian Life By Ben Gutierrez
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