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  • Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management

    Featuring practical, experience based exercises and case studies in each chapter, Basic Concepts of Human Resource Management will give your students a strong foundation in the basic concepts of HR Management in health care. Beginning with a survey of HRM, from its beginnings to present-day trends, the text moves on to cover state and federal healthcare laws, codes of ethics, staffing organizations, training and development, employee relations, and long-term planning. Each section focuses on a key area of HRM, with individual chapters providing...

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  • Managing Diversity in Health Care Manual, Includes disk: Proven Tools and Activities for Leaders and Trainers

    Turn strategy into immediate action with diversity training made easy. This versatile collection of activities, resources, and training materials is designed to facilitate a successful training program in any kind of health care organization. This unique tool kit reinforces the concepts presented in Gardenswartz and Rowe's Managing Diversity in Health Care and presents practical, ready-to-use tools-including a disk containing computerized forms-ideal for creating customized training agAndas. The Managing Diversity in Health Care Workbook provid...

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  • Managing With Integrity for Long Term Care: The Key to Success for Building Stability in Staffing

    Managing with Integrity for Long Term Care offers proven management insights and operational techniques focused toward developing every function of your facility with integrity being the cornerstone, enabling your facility to be successful in this highly regulated industry, and reducing the ever increasing administrator, nursing director and staff turnover....

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  • Theory Building in Applied Disciplines

    A Comprehensive Method, Tools, and Techniques for Building Sound TheoryRichard Swanson and Thomas Chermack present a complete five-step approach for developing sound theory in applied disciplines, from conceptualizing a theory to creating relevant assessment criteria, establishing a research agenda to test the theory’s validity, applying the theoretical concepts in the real world, and using that experience to further refine and improve the theory. The method is not restricted to any single discipline, nor is it limited by any research ideolog...

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  • Human Resource Development in the Public Sector: The Case of Health and Social Care (Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development)

    Across Europe and the world, countries are attempting to develop their health and social policies and practices to address the global challenge of increasing demand and pressurized supply, created by ageing populations, emerging technologies and finite resources (financial and human). This text provides examples of attempts to develop HRD practices in health and social care contexts within France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, the UK and the USA. Thus, the book is European and international in both scope and appeal....

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  • Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace

    "The most useful, well-written, and emotionally compelling business book I have read in years. I couldn't put it down." - Robert I. Sutton, Stanford Professor and author of The No Asshole Rule"A must-read for every leader in their field." - Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of To Sell is HumanIncivility is silently chipping away at people, organizations, and our economy. Slights, insensitivities, and rude behaviors can cut deeply. Moreover, incivility hijacks focus. Even if people want to perform well, they can't. Customers too are less likely...

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  • Human Resources in Health Care: A Manager's Guide

    Heath care is a service, and like other service industries, it is labor intensive. Current health service reforms have given self-governing NHS Trusts an extensive range of new possibilities for direct staff management. Human Resources in Health Care: A Manager's Guide provides up-to-date, practical advice on people management, specifically within the health sector. It presents clear, practical guidelines and ideas that challenge and improve staff management. Learning outcomes, activities, case studies and check lists have been included, encour...

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  • Relationship Competence for Healthcare Management: Peer to Peer

    Healthcare organizations depend on managers to build effective peer relationships to manage complex patient needs. Today, top management is fighting the many headed monster Hydra from Greek Mythology. The organization is steeped in conflict between peers. But, as soon as one problem is resolved, two more have grown in its place. These appear to be personal conflicts, but instead follow patterns of dysfunction. This book provides the conceptual frameworks for identifying these and for developing peer to peer relationship competence in the health...

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  • The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off

    Accident investigation and risk assessment have for decades focused on the human factor, particularly 'human error'. Countless books and papers have been written about how to identify, classify, eliminate, prevent and compensate for it. This bias towards the study of performance failures, leads to a neglect of normal or 'error-free' performance and the assumption that as failures and successes have different origins there is little to be gained from studying them together. Erik Hollnagel believes this assumption is false and that safety cannot ...

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  • Working Safe: How to Help People Actively Care for Health and Safety, Second Edition

    Written by world-renowned health and safety researcher E. Scott Geller, Working Safe: How to Help People Actively Care for Health and Safety, Second Edition presents science-based and practical approaches to improving attitudes and behavior for achieving an injury-free work environment. This book teaches proactive applications of behavior-based psychology for improving health and safety. Relevant theory and principles are clearly explained and practical step-by-step procedures are detailed. Dr. Geller's anecdotal and non-academic writing style ...

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  • Transgender in the Workplace: The Complete Guide to the New Authenticity for Employers and Gender-Diverse Professionals

    Offering a fresh and practical perspective for employers and gender-diverse professionals, this book presents useful tools, information, and resources to help organizations and individuals to understand and leverage the power of gender authenticity as a pathway to business success.• Explains the forms and causes of discrimination faced by gender-diverse individuals in the workplace• Provides a definition and examples of gender authenticity, the only published resource to articulate the concept of gender authenticity as a powerful tool for e...

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  • Institutional Integrity in Health Care (Philosophy and Medicine)

    This volume addresses the nature of health care organizational ethics, including such issues as corporate fraud and institutional moral integrity, and covers the broad range of issues that must be addressed for a coherent discussion of organizational moral responsibility. Its unique coverage makes it of interest to researchers, students and professionals working in the fields of bioethics, health care administration and management, organizational science, and business ethics....

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  • Safety-I and Safety-II: The Past and Future of Safety Management

    Safety has traditionally been defined as a condition where the number of adverse outcomes was as low as possible (Safety-I). From a Safety-I perspective, the purpose of safety management is to make sure that the number of accidents and incidents is kept as low as possible, or as low as is reasonably practicable. This means that safety management must start from the manifestations of the absence of safety and that - paradoxically - safety is measured by counting the number of cases where it fails rather than by the number of cases where it succe...


  • Inspiring Creative Supervision

    Creative supervision can be a stimulating and valuable alternative to questioning and discussion in the context of a supervision session. This book proposes using many different techniques and materials, as well as the rich experience of the imagination and the senses, and encourages the reader to go beyond the formal demands of their role, and feel inspired by creativity, spontaneity and experiential work. The authors draw together theory, research and practical exercises, and provide ideas for setting up and running creative supervision sessi...

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  • Pricing the Priceless: A Health Care Conundrum (Walras-Pareto Lectures)

    Winner of the 2003 Certificate of Excellence presented by the TIAA-CREF Institute The health care industry differs from most other industries in that medical pricing is primarily administered by the government and private insurers and in that it uses several types of contracts. Providers may receive a fixed sum for all necessary services within a given period of time, for the necessary services to treat a given condition, or for each specific service. The industry is changing dramatically, offering many natural experiments to aid understanding...

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  • Qualitative Diagnosis of Human Movement with Web Resource-3rd Edition : Improving Peformance in Sport and Exercise

    Rev. ed. of: Qualitative analysis of human movement.

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  • Applied Improvisation for Coaches and Leaders: A Practical Guide for Creative Collaboration (Paperback)

    Leadership, teamwork, creativity and storytelling are hot topics in contemporary training and management. They are also an integral part of applied improvisation, which as a result gives us a valuable stock of exercises and methods

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  • Evaluating and Treating Adolescent Suicide Attempters : From Research to Practice

    Evaluating and Treating Adolescent Suicide Attempters: From Research to

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  • HomeCare Conference Session 4 - Managing Human Resources

    Managing Human Resources In Health And Social Care
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    human resource management basics and fundamentals

    Managing Human Resources In Health And Social Care
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    Putting the human back into human resources | Mary Schaefer | TEDxWilmington

    Managing Human Resources In Health And Social Care
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