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  • The Last of the Wine

    In The Last of the Wine, two young Athenians, Alexias and Lysis, compete in the palaestra, journey to the Olympic games, fight in the wars against Sparta, and study under Socrates. As their relationship develops, Renault expertly conveys Greek culture, showing the impact of this supreme philosopher whose influence spans epochs....

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  • The Last of the Wine by Mary Renault (2001-06-01)

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  • The LAST Of The WINE. A Novel. Modern Library No. 336.

    The LAST Of The WINE. A Novel. Modern Library No. 336. [hardcover] Renault, Mary [Jan 01, 1956]

    • ASIN: B0055ABA8Q

  • The Novels of Alexander the Great: Fire from Heaven, The Persian Boy, and Funeral Games

    A New York Times–bestselling trilogy about the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and its leader from an author hailed by Hilary Mantel as “a shining light.” Fire from Heaven is a gripping account of the formative years of Alexander’s life. The story tells of his complex relationship with his parents; of his two great bonds—to his horse, Oxhead, and to his dearest friend and eventual lover, Hephaistion—and of the army he commands when he is barely an adult. Coming of age during the battles for southern Greece, Alexander the Great fir...

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  • The Silence of the Girls

    Queen Briseis has been stolen from her conquered homeland and given as a concubine to a foreign warrior. The warrior is Achilles: famed hero, loathed enemy, ruthless butcher, darkly troubled spirit. Briseis's fate is now indivisibly entwined with his.No one knows it yet, but there are just ten weeks to go until the Fall of Troy, the end of this long and bitter war. This is the start of The Iliad: the most famous war story ever told. The next ten weeks will be a story of male power, male ego, male violence. But what of the women? The thousands o...

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  • The Last of the Wine


  • The Mask of Apollo: A Novel

    This novel of ancient Greece, featuring Plato and a young actor, by the bestselling author of the Novels of Alexander the Great, is “a shining light” (Hilary Mantel, Man Booker Award–winning author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies). In the fourth century BC, Nikeratos is an actor, a devotee of Plato, and a friend of Dion of Syracuse. Their relationship gives Nikeratos rare proximity to the Greek political stage at a moment when ambitions are about to collide. In Syracuse, the young tyrant Dionysios the Younger rules, but Dion is deter...

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  • The Bull from the Sea: A Novel

    The New York Times–bestselling author of The King Must Die continues the story of the mythical Greek hero, Theseus, the founder of Athens. In The Bull from the Sea, the story of Theseus resumes with the hero’s return from Knossos. In the wake of his father’s suicide, Athens is now Theseus’s to rule. With his close friend Pirithoos, Theseus sets out for the land of the Amazons, falling in love with their beautiful leader, Hippolyta. Her boldness and sense of honor match his own, but though they’re happy and bear a son, tragedy lies ahe...

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  • The Last of the Wine (Four Square Books. no. 727.)

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  • The Praise Singer: A Novel

    The New York Times–bestselling portrayal of the life of ancient Greece’s lyric poet. “[Renault's] historical novels . . . are among the finest ever written” (The Washington Post Book World). Simonides of Keos lived during the fifth and sixth centuries BC, a fertile period for the arts, when myths were being acted out and verse had just begun to be written down. In this evocative portrayal of Simonides, the poet is learning to master his craft and secure fickle patrons, and his travels place him at the scene of many central historical ...

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  • Reno Mjeri. Poslednie kapli vina./Renault Mary. The last drop of wine.

    The following description is in Russian (transliterated), followed by an automated English translation. We apologize for inaccuracies in the computer-generated English translation. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate human English translation, which well be happy to prepare upon requestthe historical novel. Translated from English Je.H. Marinin. Ser: Secrets of the ancient world. M Tsentrpoligraf 2000. 491 pp. hardcover, the usual format.We ship to worldwide destinations from worldwide origination points, including our overseas facil...

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  • The Last of the Wine, an Epic Story That Relives the Days of Athenian Glory

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  • The Last of the Wine

    Two young Athenians, Alexias and Lysis compete in the palaestra, take part in the Olympic games, fight in the wars against Sparta, and grow to manhood influenced by the friendship of Alkibiades and the wise

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  • The Last Starfighter (Blu-ray)

    The alien inventor of a video war-game whisks a teen into outer space to play it for

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  • The Charioteer

    Originally published in 1959, "The Charioteer" is a bold, unapologetic portrayal of male homosexuality during World War II that stands with Vidal's "The City and the Pillar" and Isherwood's "Berlin Stories" as a monumental work

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  • The Last Starfighter (DVD)

    The alien inventor of a video war-game whisks a teen into outer space to play it for

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  • The Bull from the Sea

    A richly textured historical novel recreates the Greek myth concerning Theseus's love for Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, and his reign as king of Athens. Reprint. 10,000 first

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    • Rating: 3.7

  • Funeral Games

    After the death of Alexander the Great, an extraordinary power struggle, involving intrigue and a series of murders, takes place among the various successors to his reign. Reprint. 10,000 first

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    • Rating: 3.4

  • The King Must Die : A Novel

    An adaptation of the legend of Theseus who masters the art of bull leaping and slays the Minotaur in the process of fulfilling his

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    • Rating: 4.1

  • Fire from Heaven

    During his first twenty years of life, Alexander the Great is torn between admiration, hatred, and love for his father, asserts his independence from his mother's jealous love, is tutored by Aristotle, and becomes king

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    • Rating: 4.3

  • The Persian Boy

    A slave-boy in the household of Alexander the Great tells about the adventures of the Macedonian king during the last seven years of his

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    • Rating: 4.3

  • The Praise Singer

    In another masterful novel that vividly recreates the world of Ancient Greece, Renault tells the story of Simonides, an ugly boy destined to create beauty through his extraordinary poetic

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    • Rating: 4.7

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    Mary Renault The Last Of The Wine
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    Mary Renault The Last Of The Wine

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