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  • Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy (Modern European Philosophy)

    Friedrich Nietzsche haunts the modern world. His elusive writings with their characteristic combination of trenchant analysis of the modern predicament and suggestive but ambiguous proposals for dealing with it have fascinated generations of artists, scholars, critics, philosophers, and ordinary readers. Maudemarie Clark's highly original study gives a lucid and penetrating analytical account of all the central topics of Nietzsche's epistemology and metaphysics, including his views on truth and language, his perspectivism, and his doctrines of ...

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  • The Soul of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

    This book presents a provocative new interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil, arguably Nietzsche's most important work. The problem is that it appears to express merely a loosely connected set of often questionable opinions. Can Nietzsche really be an important philosopher if this is his most important book? Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick address this question with a close reading that emphasizes how Nietzsche writes. They argue that the first part of Beyond Good and Evil presents coherent and interconnected arguments for subtle and well-tho...

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  • Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy

    The elusive writings and thought processes of philosopher Friedrich Nietzschestill haunt the modern world. In this highly original analytical study of thecentral topics of his epistemology and metaphysics, the Nietzsche who emergesis a subtle, sophisticated

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  • Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy

    An analytical account of the central topics of Nietzsche's epistomology and

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  • Nietzsche and Parable of the Sower Perception and Reality

    Maudemarie Clark Nietzsche On Truth And Philosophy