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  • Student Planner, Grades 4 - 8 : Second Edition

    With lots of room to record class schedules, daily assignments, and important dates and phone numbers, this fun, easy-to-use planner puts important school information right at students' fingertips. With a three-hole punch design for binders,

    • UPC: 25948696

  • National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America, Second Edition

    "Kids companion to the best-selling Field guide to the birds of North

    • UPC: 56197240
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Geoarchaeology : The Earth-Science Approach to Archaeological Interpretation, Second Edition

    Details Coming Soon

    • UPC: 30178111
    • Rating: 2.0

  • Let's Find Pokemon! Special Complete Edition (2nd edition)

    All three original titles: "translation, William Flanagan; editor, Annette Roman"--Copyright

    • UPC: 55787771

  • Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

    An illustrated look at dinosaurs as well as prehistoric life forms that preceded them, life forms that arose after their demise, and the fossils that allow us to know about

    • UPC: 517739174

  • Crochet Answer Book, 2nd Edition - Paperback

    Edie Eckman's classic Q&A reference book has been updated with helpful answers to even more of your burning crochet questions. From beginning basics like yarn styles, stitch types, and necessary tools to detailed outlines of

    • UPC: 44701872
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: The Crochet Answer Book 2nd Edition

  • National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia, Second Edition (Hardcover)

    The new edition of this popular reference includes all the latest species and is the most complete, up-to-date dinosaur resource available. There are more than 600 dinos featured in all, including 10 profiles of recently

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  • The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide, Vol. 1 : 2nd Edition

    Translation of: Pokaemon diamond pearl Zenkoku Zenkyara daizukan

    • UPC: 55342864

  • Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

    Updated with the latest discoveries, this encyclopedia encourages kids to explore the prehistoric world with this comprehensive visual celebration featuring more than 100 dinosaur species, many illustrated with exclusive, brand-new artworks. Full

    • UPC: 711911629

  • Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia (Second Edition)

    Following in the footsteps of the bestselling adult title "Animals, Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia" reveals the wonders of the animal kingdom to a younger readership. Full

    • UPC: 16789260
    • Rating: 5.0

  • [Hindi] Assignment Problem(Hungarian Method) || Minimization Type || Operations Research

    Mechanics Of Materials Gere Timoshenko 2nd Edition Solutions
    assignment problem,hungarian method,assignment minimization problem,operation research ...

    [Hindi] Scheduling Problem || Earliest Due Date (EDD) Rule

    Mechanics Of Materials Gere Timoshenko 2nd Edition Solutions
    earliest due date,scheduling problem,gate scheduling probllem,scheduling in operations ...

    [Hindi] johnson's rule numerical

    Mechanics Of Materials Gere Timoshenko 2nd Edition Solutions
    johnson's rule scheduling,johnson's rule sequencing,n jobs 2 machines,n jobs 3 machines...