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  • Military Medal Pour Le Merite Blue Max Highest Honor WW1 German Army Replica

    The Pour le Mérite (Fr.: "For Merit") was an order of merit (German: Verdienstorden) established in 1740 by King Frederick II of Prussia. The Pour le Mérite was awarded as both a military and civil honour and ranked, along with the Order of the Black Eagle, the Order of the Red Eagle and the House Order of Hohenzollern, among the highest orders of merit (German: Verdienstorden) in the Kingdom of Prussia. After 1871, when various German kingdoms, duchies and principalities had come together under Prussian leadership to form the German Empire, ...

    • ASIN: B019E57X56
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Gold
    • UPC: 646437537261

  • 1939/1957 German Iron Cross (2nd Class) Medal with ribbon - Military Medal for Bravery - REPRO

    As modern German law prohibits the production of items containing Nazi insignia, the West German government authorised replacement Iron Crosses in 1957 with an Oak Leaf Cluster in place of the Hakenkreuz, similar to the Iron Crosses of 1813, 1870, and 1914, which could be worn by World War II Iron Cross recipients. The 1957 law also authorised de-Nazified versions of most other World War II-era decorations...

    • ASIN: B07H1PP2M2
    • Color: Black/White/Red
    • Brand: Iron Cross

  • Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault PC Game

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  • Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Full campaign

    Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Walkthrough Pc
    Medal of Honor,Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault,Pacific Assault,Pacific War,WW2,WWII,Jap...

    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault - All missions, Full game

    Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Walkthrough Pc
    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault - All missions,Full game,Tarawa,Flyboys,Guadalcanal: Hen...

    OUR WAR BEGINS | Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Campaign Walkthrough #1

    Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Walkthrough Pc
    medal of honor pacific assault gameplay,medal of honor pacific assault campaign lets pl...