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  • Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis

    More than thirty years after his landmark book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985), biologist Michael Denton revisits his earlier thesis about the inability of Darwinian evolution to explain the history of life. He argues that there remains “an irresistible consilience of evidence for rejecting Darwinian cumulative selection as the major driving force of evolution.” From the origin of life to the origin of human language, the great divisions in the natural order are still as profound as ever, and they are still unsupported by the series of...

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  • Evolution: A Theory In Crisis

    Michael Denton is an Australian molecular biologist and medical doctor who has lived and worked in London, Toronto and Sydney, and who is best known for his biological research.

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  • Fire-Maker Book: How Humans Were Designed to Harness Fire and Transform Our Planet (The Privileged Species Series)

    From computers to airplanes to life-giving medicines, the technological marvels of our world were made possible by the human use of fire. But the use of fire itself was made possible by an array of features built into the human body and the planet. In Fire-Maker, biologist Michael Denton explores the special features of nature that equipped humans to to harness the powers of fire and remake their world. This book is a companion to the documentary of the same name, available at

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  • The Wonder of Water: Water's Profound Fitness for Life on Earth and Mankind (The Privileged Species Series)

    From roaring waterfalls and crashing waves to gentle rain and billowing clouds, water pervades our planet’s majestic biosphere. It is easy to take for granted. But this ever-present substance is amazingly fit in a myriad of ways to sustain life on Earth, especially human life. Its unique properties allow it to fill many roles throughout the biological world, from forming the matrix of our cells, to regulating the temperature of our planet. In The Wonder of Water, biologist Michael Denton delves deep into this grand, untold story and explores ...

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  • Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe

    While others search the skies for extraterrestrial life, Michael Denton has examined the recent discoveries in all the sciences to ask - Could life elsewhere be substantially different from life on Earth? Drawing on a staggering knowledge of physics, biochemistry, geology, and evolution, Denton builds a step-by-step argument for human inevitability. Life requires water, DNA, and protein; it can only flourish in an Earth-like environment. Building on these claims -which, until recently, were impossible to defend - Denton dares to address the bol...

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  • The Darwinian Collapse: A crisis in the theory of evolution

    The Darwinian collapse makes a foray into the foundations of Darwinism and approach the many weaknesses of the theory of evolution that were hidden from the lay public. It is divided into ten chapters attractive when probe and reconsiders patent problems faced by Darwinists who today “protect” evolution as "fact" incontestable even before their encumbrance.Chapter 01: The history of Darwinism - Chapter 02: Proposed mechanisms of evolution Chapter 03: The reality of the fossil record - Chapter 04: Fossil suspects - Chapter 05: Effects of ...

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  • The Biology of the Baroque

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  • Impact

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  • Evolution : Still a Theory in Crisis

    The author revisits his earlier thesis about the inability of Darwinian evolution to explain the history of

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  • Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis (Audiobook)


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  • An Interview with Michael J. Denton

    Michael Denton Evolution Still A Theory In Crisis
    Creation–evolution Controversy (Literature Subject),Michael Denton,Origin of Species

    Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis | Michael Denton, PhD

    Michael Denton Evolution Still A Theory In Crisis
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    Now, Here’s Shapiro on Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis

    Michael Denton Evolution Still A Theory In Crisis
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