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  • Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World

    Discover a whole world of bolt-action military rifles as your authors take you on a country-by-country tour of these fascinating weapons. Never before has this subject been covered in such detail -- including an astounding 2,431 professional color photographs. Each rifle is shown in a number of large overall and close-up views, including serial numbers and mechanical variations. Small features like proof marks are blown up in massive, clear enlargements so every detail can be observed. Translations are provided when rifles are marked in another...

    • ASIN: 1931464391

  • Bolt Action Rifles, 3rd Expanded Edition

    Work out all the details of every major design since the Mauser of 1871 with this essential volume. Author Frank de Haas analyzes 121 turnbolt actions -- how they function, takedown/assembly, strengths and weaknesses and dimensional specs.

    • ASIN: 0873491688

  • Mauser Bolt Action Shop Manual M91 Through M98/No 8058

    The only really detailed gunsmithing and repair manual on these superb actions ever printed. 100's of crystal clear photos and illustrations. Covers troubleshooting & problem solving (including the cause of and remedy for safety-off fires); parts identification and inspection; parts fitting and replacement; complete repair; trigger work; rebarreling and chambering; magnum conversions; action shortening; bolt work; sight installation; data on reheat treating M98 receivers and bolts for optimum use in custom sporting rifles, and much more. Expand...

    • ASIN: 999396400X
    • Brand: Kuhnhausen Books & Videos
    • UPC: 715889000064

  • Winchester Bolt Action Military and Sporting Rifles, 1877 to 1937

    The world's most popular and respected Winchester expert presents the ultimate guide to Winchester bolt action rifles. From the famous Hotchkiss through to the popular Models 54 and 70, renowned Winchester authority Herbert G. Houze covers both civilian and military bolt actions, starting off with five full chapters on the Hotchkiss. He then continues with eleven additional chapters about other exciting Winchester rifles, like the Murata Year 17 Rifle, the Model 1895 Winchester-Lee, the William Mason Straight Pulls, the T.C. Johnson Model A and...

    • ASIN: 0917218841

  • Mechanical Variations of Mauser Bolt Action Military Rifles

    Collecting these great historical battle rifles is great fun, but the serious novice will soon become confused, and then irritated. The Author, a veteran Mechanical Engineer, knows this, because it happened to him too. He actually wrote this book for his own use, from notes he made to avoid being cheated out of hard-earned gun-collecting investment funds, and now he shares it with you. Its Mauser Model identification procedure guides the new collector in sorting out a specific rifle identity from the world's hundreds of known physical variants,...

    • ASIN: 141967093X

  • The M1 Garand: Post World War II

    Volume 2, covering 1945-1956, is the story of the post World War II rebuild program, Korean War production and continuing development. Manufacture of M1 rifles by Springfield Armory, International Harvester and Harrington & Richardson is examined in depth. Inclusion of data sheets and extensive photographs chronicle production by all three manufacturers during the 50s. 8 1/2" x 11"....

    • ASIN: 1888722002

  • The Lee-Enfield Rifle (Weapon)

    The Lee-Enfield is one of the 20th century's most recognizable and longest-serving military rifles. It was adopted by the British Army in 1895 and only replaced by the L1A1 SLR in 1957; even then a sniper variant, the L42A1, was used until 1989, giving a service life of nearly a century. It saw combat from the Boer War onwards, and thousands are still in use today, notably by the Taliban in Afghanistan; it is estimated that 17 million have been produced. The Lee-Enfield featured an innovative detachable ten-round magazine; this large capacity, ...

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  • The Art of the Rifle: Color Edition Softcover

    Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen, says author Jeff Cooper. That is especially true now with fresh assaults on our freedoms and liberty from foreign and domestic sources. But before a rifle can be a tool of power, you must know how to use it well.Armed forces have almost abandoned the idea of serious riflecraft, and with the increasing urbanization of the world, fewer people grow up honing their rifle skills. It is time to set forth the art of the rifle before it becomes a thing of the past and something very ...

    • ASIN: 1610043863

  • Last Man Standing (Forever Free Book 1)

    Can one man survive when America falls apart?Oz Porter, a prepper and former Marine sniper, is a man who prepares for the worst. He thought he’d been to hell and back in Iraq, but when he arrives back in his home town of Copperville, his war is not over. Everything has changed, and nothing is as he remembered. What happened? Is this the end?When society breaks down, who will keep order?People are running scared, abandoning their homes, fleeing for their lives. Where is his wife, and is she alive or dead? There are no answers, only questions. ...

    • ASIN: B07BSRY7S9

  • The Arisaka Rifle (Weapon Book 70)

    Entering service in 1897, the Arisaka family of bolt-action rifles armed Japanese troops and others through two world wars and many other conflicts, including the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05. Issued in long and short versions – the latter for cavalry and specialists – the Type 30 was the first main Arisaka model, arming Imperial Japan's forces during the Russo-Japanese War, though after the war it was refined into the Type 38, which would still be in use in 1945. The main Arisaka rifle of World War II though was the Type 99. Lighter and...

    • ASIN: B07NY34K86

  • The Lee Enfield: Complete Buyers and Shooters Guide to Owning, Collecting, and Shooting the Fastest Bolt Action Military Weapon Ever Made! The Secrets of the World's Longest Serving Military Weapon!

    >>>The Lee Enfield Rifle is the fastest military bolt action ever produced and battle tested in conflicts all over the globe. It is also the longest serving military weapon ever produced, and there were 17 million of them made!This weapon gave good account of itself and was the weapon for soldiers in the Commonwealth, and beyond.It is easily one of the most popular weapons for hunting and shooting ever produced. Everyone loves their Lee Enfield for it's accuracy, power, and dependability.It has a ten round magazine! Whats not to love about that...

    • ASIN: B00YFDSEB0

  • Tide of Battle

    Michael Z. Williamson returns with his second collection of short fiction, essays, and provocations. Sure to thrill, entertain, and scandalize.Collected short fiction from multiple bestseller Michael Z. Williamson.  After a brutal car crash, a disabled young man beats all odds to pursue his dream of crewing the first starship. Outnumbered and outgunned, a Freehold warship must use guile, expert maneuvering and sheer courage to survive a pursuing UN fleet. Meanwhile, other Freeholders resort to terrifying psyops to destroy their invaders' moral...

    • ASIN: 1481483366

  • 100 Military Inventions That Changed the World

    Nothing ensures the rapid development of new technology like the involvement of the military. From the trebuchet and the cannon to the tank and the ballistic missile, military research programs have produced the most devastating weapons imaginable—but military masterminds are also responsible for a number of surprises along the way. Radar, walkie-talkies, and the jet engine are more obvious examples of military inventions that are now in everyday use around the world, but there are plenty of items with which all of us come into contact on a ...

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  • Rifles & Machine Guns

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  • Bolt Action: World War II Wargames Rules

    The second edition of the simple, yet enjoyable, Bolt Action World War II Wargaming

    • UPC: 51491219
    • Model: OSPBOLT080
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Sterling Silver 16" .8mm 3D Single Shot Bolt Action Hunters Rifle Military Pendant Necklace

    Sterling Silver Lightweight 16" .8mm Wide Box Chain Necklace With 3D Single Shot Bolt Action Deer Hog Elk Bear Hunters Rifle Pendant. Great Pendant For Someone Who Likes Hunting Or Who Is In One Of

    • UPC: 726005166
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 16

  • Bolt Action Rifle Owner's Manual - eBook

    This manual provides the basic operator the specifics of handling a bolt action rifle safely. Basics on care and maintenance for each bolt action rifle you own. Overall safety considerations, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and common

    • UPC: 287254143

  • Mauser Military Rifles of the World

    The definitive book on the subject, Mauser Military Rifles of the World, 5th Edition, is the masterwork of Robert Ball, the world's foremost authority on Mauser rifles. No other work on Mausers contains more details

    • UPC: 15082446

  • Crosman Rifle 52004 Spring Piston, Bolt Action AirSoft Rifle, 29 round magazine, 350 fps

    GameFace airsoft 529 bolt-action sniper rifle is a key piece of your team's arsenal. The GF529 shoots up to 350 feet per second with 20gr airsoft BBs and has one-piece precision metal barrel for long-range

    • UPC: 29329659
    • Model: 52004
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 9.2509.250000in. x 3.000000in. x 39.500000in.
    • Rating: 3.762

  • Crosman Carbine 52004S Spring Piston Bolt Action AirSoft Rifle

    New GameFace Airsoft 529 bolt-action sniper rifle is a key piece of your team's arsenal. The GF529 shoots up to 350fps with 20gr airsoft BBs (425fps with 12gr) and has one-piece precision metal barrel for

    • UPC: 37951423
    • Model: 52004S
    • Rating: 3.563

  • Sling Swivel Mounting Hardware Bolt Action Rifles

    Allen Co makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment or if you are a recreational user, Allen Co will fit the lifestyle of

    • UPC: 43332037
    • Model: 14424
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Small arms Firearms 19th century military breech action 1 Martini-Henry 2 Lee-Metford British magazine rifle 3 Gras 4 Mauser 5 Mannlicher From The National Encyclopaedia published c1890 Canvas Art - K

    Small arms Firearms 19th century military breech action 1 Martini-Henry 2 Lee-Metford British magazine rifle 3 Gras 4 Mauser 5 Mannlicher From The National Encyclopaedia published c1890 Canvas Art -

    • UPC: 182295082
    • Model: CNVDPI2430433LARGE

  • Semi-automatic M1 Carbine a standard firearm for the US military in the World War II era Poster Print (8 x 10)

    Semi-automatic M1 Carbine. was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original.Brand New and Packaged carefully in a oversized protective tube. This item Ships Rolled

    • UPC: 443154431
    • Model: MINPSTACH100397M
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 8 x 10

  • Sterling Silver 7" 4.5mm Charm Bracelet With Attached 3D Single Shot Bolt Action Hunters Rifle Gun Military Charm

    Sterling Silver 7" 4.5mm Italian Made Charm Bracelet With Attached 3D Single Shot Bolt Action Deer Hog Elk Bear Hunters Rifle Charm. Great Charm For Someone Who Likes Hunting Or Who Is In One Of

    • UPC: 737515785
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 7

  • Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World - All Color, New! Free Shipping!

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  • Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World

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  • Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World - All Color, New! Free Shipping!

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  • Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World by Stuart C. Mowbray; Joe Puleo

    • UPC: 254279578396
    • Category: Nonfiction
    • Price: 65 USD

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