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  • Real Estate Analysis in the Information Age: Techniques for Big Data and Statistical Modeling

    The creation, accumulation, and use of copious amounts of data are driving rapid change across a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. This ‘Big Data’ phenomenon is the result of recent developments in computational technology and improved data gathering techniques that have led to substantial innovation in the collection, storage, management, and analysis of data. Real Estate Analysis in the Information Age: Techniques for Big Data and Statistical Modeling focuses on the real estate discipline, guiding researchers and practi...

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  • An Introduction to Contemporary Remote Sensing

    A PRACTICAL, FULL-COLOR GUIDE TO REMOTE SENSING Written by an internationally renowned expert in the field, An Introduction to Contemporary Remote Sensing introduces the latest developments in remote sensing and imaging science. This book covers basic principles and discusses essential technologies, such as aerial photography, radar, Lidar (light detection and ranging), photogrammetry, satellites, thermal radiation, and much more. Full-color images illustrate the concepts presented, and review questions at the end of each chapter help reinforce...

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  • Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)

    This is the second volume of a book series that provides a modern, algori- mic introduction to digital image processing. It is designed to be used both by learners desiring a ?rm foundation on which to build and practitioners in search of critical analysis and modern implementations of the most important techniques. This updated and enhanced paperback edition of our compreh- sive textbook Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach Using Java packages the original material into a series of compact volumes, thereby s- porting a ?exible seq...

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  • Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation from Scanned Images (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Imaging Sciences Series)

    Cutting-Edge Techniques to Better Analyze and Predict Complex Physical PhenomenaGeometric Modeling and Mesh Generation from Scanned Images shows how to integrate image processing, geometric modeling, and mesh generation with the finite element method (FEM) to solve problems in computational biology, medicine, materials science, and engineering. Based on the author’s recent research and course at Carnegie Mellon University, the text explains the fundamentals of medical imaging, image processing, computational geometry, mesh generation, visuali...


  • BPR in Practical Application: Utilizing BPR Techniques Within a Conference Room Pilot Methodology (BPR and Technological Innovation Book 1)

    This book is written for those individuals working within a corporation that are looking for some structure that may assist them when given the unenviable task of “Re-Engineering” the corporation’s business processes and information systems in an effort to follow new directional and operational strategies developed by the corporation’s leadership body.The goals of this book are to provide a structural framework to approaching this Business Process Re-Engineering effort, to provide insights as to how best to complete the work that needs ...

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  • Optimization Techniques in Computer Vision: Ill-Posed Problems and Regularization (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

    This book presents practical optimization techniques used in image processing and computer vision problems. Ill-posed problems are introduced and used as examples to show how each type of problem is related to typical image processing and computer vision problems. Unconstrained optimization gives the best solution based on numerical minimization of a single, scalar-valued objective function or cost function. Unconstrained optimization problems have been intensively studied, and many algorithms and tools have been developed to solve them. Most p...


  • Optical Filter Design and Analysis: A Signal Processing Approach (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering Book 57)

    A Unique, Cutting-Edge Approach to Optical Filter Design With more and more information being transmitted over fiber-optic lines, optical filtering has become crucial to the advanced functionality of today's communications networks. Helping researchers and engineers keep pace with this rapidly evolving technology, this book presents digital processing techniques for optical filter design. This higher-level approach focuses on filter characteristics and enables readers to quickly calculate the filter response as well as tackle larger and more co...

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  • Image Processing and Analysis: A Primer (Primers in Electronics and Computer Science Book 3)

    This textbook guides readers through their first steps into the challenging world of mimicking human vision with computational tools and techniques pertaining to the field of image processing and analysis. While today's theoretical and applied processing and analysis of images meet with challenging and complex problems, this primer is confined to a much simpler, albeit critical, collection of image-to-image transformations, including image normalisation, enhancement, and filtering.It serves as an introduction to beginners, a refresher for under...

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  • Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Analysis, Restoration, and Reconstruction of Ancient Artworks (Digital Imaging and Computer Vision)

    This edition presents the most prominent topics and applications of digital image processing, analysis, and computer graphics in the field of cultural heritage preservation. The text assumes prior knowledge of digital image processing and computer graphics fundamentals. Each chapter contains a table of contents, illustrations, and figures that elucidate the presented concepts in detail, as well as a chapter summary and a bibliography for further reading. Well-known experts cover a wide range of topics and related applications, including spectra...

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  • Advanced Procrustes Analysis Models in Photogrammetric Computer Vision (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences Book 590)

    This book gives a comprehensive view of the developed procrustes models, including the isotropic, the generalized and the anisotropic variants. These represent original tools to perform, among others, the bundle block adjustment and the global registration of multiple 3D LiDAR point clouds. Moreover, the book also reports the recently derived total least squares solution of the anisotropic Procrustes model, together with its practical application in solving the exterior orientation of one image. The book is aimed at all those interested in disc...

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  • The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis : Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling

    The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and

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  • Statistical Performance Analysis and Modeling Techniques for Nanometer VLSI Designs - eBook

    Since process variation and chip performance uncertainties have become more pronounced as technologies scale down into the nanometer regime, accurate and efficient modeling or characterization of variations from the device to the architecture level have 

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  • Non-functional Requirements in Systems Analysis and Design - eBook

    This book will help readers gain a solid understanding of non-functional requirements inherent in systems design endeavors. It contains essential information for those who design, use and maintain complex engineered systems, including experienced designers, teachers

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  • Matrix Methods in the Design Analysis of Mechanisms and Multibody Systems - eBook

    This book is an integrated approach to kinematic and dynamic analysis. The matrix techniques presented are general and fully applicable to two- or three-dimensional systems. They lend themselves to programming and digital computation and can

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  • Systems Analysis and Design: Techniques, Methodologies, Approaches, and Architecture - eBook

    For the last two decades, IS researchers have conducted empirical studies leading to better understanding of the impact of Systems Analysis and Design methods in business, managerial, and cultural contexts. SA & D research has

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  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information Systems : Modeling with Uml, Ocl, and Ifml


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  • Research in Systems Analysis and Design: Models and Methods


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  • Geometric Control of Simple Mechanical Systems : Modeling, Analysis, and Design for Simple Mechanical Control Systems

    Geometric Control Of Mechanical Systems: Modeling, Analysis, And Design For Simple Mechanical Control

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  • Design and Analysis of Mathematical Model for Human Respiratory System

    Design and Analysis of Mathematical Model for Human Respiratory

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  • Application of Dimensional Analysis in Systems Modeling and Control Design

    Application of Dimensional Analysis in Systems Modeling and Control Design provides an introduction to the fundamentals of dimensional analysis for control

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  • Chapter 5 Data and Process Modeling Part 1

    Modelling Techniques In System Analysis And Design
    DFDs,Data Flow Diagrams,Data and Process Modeling,leveling DFDs,Context Diagram,Diagram...

    requirement modeling | object oriented software engineering |

    Modelling Techniques In System Analysis And Design
    requirement modeling in ooad,what is requirement modeling

    Chapter 6 Object Modeling Part 1

    Modelling Techniques In System Analysis And Design