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Money Spent In Iraq And Afghanistan War Shopping Deals on 23.09.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan

    “In Fool’s Errand, Scott Horton masterfully explains the tragedy of America’s longest war and makes the case for immediate withdrawal. I highly recommend this excellent book on America’s futile and self-defeating occupation of Afghanistan.” — Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower and author of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner“The real story of the disastrous U.S. war in Afghanistan must be written so that future generations may understand the folly of Washington’s warmongers. Scott Horton’s A...

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  • Art Attack Red White & Blue American Flag Soldier America War Veteran USA July 4th Jacguard Music Weave Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Ukulele Strap

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  • Why We Lost : A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

    A high-ranking general’s gripping insider account of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how it all went

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  • The Mirror Test : America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan

    A New York Times Editors' ChoiceA Military Times Best Book of the Year J. Kael Weston spent seven years on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan working for the U.S. State Department. Upon returning home,

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  • A Few Good Women : America's Military Women from World War I to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

    "The never-before-told story of the U.S. women's military corps: the women who fought for the right to defend their country by serving in our armed forces with full military rank and benefits-- a fight fight

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  • War in Afghanistan and Iraq: The Daily Life of the Men and Women Serving in Afghanistan and Iraq (Hardcover)

    "The daily life of the men and women serving in Afghanistan and

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  • Air Policing: Case Studies of Employment and Evolution of British Air Policing from 1919 to 1934, Inverted Blockade, Third Afghan War, Somaliland, Mesopotamia, Aden, Comparison to Iraq COIN - eBook

    This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. Currently, the United States finds itself in a very similar predicament to what Great Britain experienced after emerging from the First World

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  • Understanding the U.S. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2016Investigates the causes, conduct, and consequences of the recent American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Understanding the United States' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is essential to understanding the United

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  • Soldiers of Misfortune? Blackwater USA, Private Military Security Contractors (PMSCs), Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Counterinsurgency (COIN) Campaigns, DynCorp, Zapata, Kroll - eBook

    The long counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have made two facts abundantly clear about military contractors: 1) The U.S. Army has become dependent upon them; and, 2) They frequently create problems for, and sometimes

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  • Why the Weak Win Wars: A Study of the Factors That Drive Strategy in Asymmetric Conflict - Analysis of U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq War, Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan, Vietnam War - eBook

    This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. This report builds on the research and ideas of the school of thought that believes strategy is the most important factor in

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  • The Roots and Evolution of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) - Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan, 9/11, China, Southeast Asia, Sea Power, ANZUS, ANZAM, SEATO - eBook

    This work investigates the roots and evolution of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the circumstances that have shaped Australian maritime policy since WWII. Its primary purpose is to provide present day policy experts with

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  • Risky Business: Reducing Moral Hazard in Airlift Operations - Analysis of Vietnam War Experience at Dien Bien Phu, Khe Sanh, Iraq and Afghanistan, Doctrinal Solutions - eBook

    This excellent report, professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, examines the role of moral hazard in airlift operations. The author turns to the world of economics and insurance to define moral hazard and

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  • Headlines: Iraq and Afghan wars to cost $4 to $6 trillion

    Money Spent In Iraq And Afghanistan War

    Report: U.S. dollars wasted in Iraq, Afghan wars

    Money Spent In Iraq And Afghanistan War

    Bilmes Says Iraq War Costs Won't Peak for 30-to-40 Years: Video

    Money Spent In Iraq And Afghanistan War