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Monster High Doll Clawdeen Wolf Green Hair Shopping Deals on 13.11.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • Monster High Signature Look Core Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    The Monster High dolls are ready for the hallways dressed for the first day of school. Clawdeen Wolf doll is fabulous in her signature look. Flexibility at the shoulders and knees adds to the fun with more scary cool poses and storytelling possibilities. The daughter of a werewolf looks fashionably fierce in a green top with graphic pattern, purple animal-print pants and a black jacket with a furry purple collar. Clawesome fashion accessories include a gore-geous pair of golden booties, a golden moon necklace, a black bangle and purple clutch. ...

    • ASIN: B01DAA3VXO
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 887961369472

  • Monster High Coffin Bean Venus McFlytrap Doll

    Monster High Coffin Bean Venus McFlytrap Doll: The Monster High gang can let it all fang out at the Coffin Bean, one of their favorite haunts. Carrying her favorite ghoulish treat, Venus McFlytrap is ready to grab a table for some ghoul-talk with her beast ghoulfriends. And even though the dress code is comfy and casual, this monsterista is always a fierce fashionista. She wears graphic prints, a sleek silhouette and to-die-for accessories. Her coffee drink with handle fits in her clawesome hand. Collect all three dolls in the collection for a ...

    • ASIN: B00IVLIR8W
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 887961016680

  • Monster High Scarily Ever After Doll Little Dead Riding Wolf (Clawdeen Wolf)

    Enjoy hours of spooky fashion fun with Clawdeen from Monster High. This stylish teenaged werewolf looks lovely in a classic Little Red Riding Hood costume, complete with basket and a hairbrush.

    • ASIN: B008A20GRM
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 746775134587

  • Monster High New Scaremester Clawdeen Wolf Fashion Doll

    Monster High New Scaremester Clawdeen Wolf Doll: A new Scaremester is starting at Monster High - and that means new looks! Before Clawdeen Wolf can outfit the other ghouls, she has to look fierce herself. This outfit is completely ferocious! The sparkling dress features a drop waist, ruffled hem, touches of tulle and a sparkly animal print. A hip black jacket, tall "lace-up" boots and a golden belt are clawesome accessories for this daughter of the werewolf. A black and golden bag, bangles, necklace and earrings ensure she is the best-dressed, ...

    • ASIN: B00FM88L4W
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 885479759488

  • Monster High Monster Family Wolf Bunk Bed Playset and Dolls

    Monster High family doll packs help bring the ghouls' home lives to life. Get ready to let your imagination climb into bed with the wolf family in this play set -- it includes Pawla Wolf doll (the younger sister of Clawdeen Wolf), two Wolf family werepups, a bunk bed set and accessories to help ensure sweet dreams. These bunk beds are so clawesome, going to bed is fun, even for the little ones. Designed in bright colors, the set has monsteriffic touches like a ladder made of claws and bones, a curtain detail on the lower bunk bed and a railing ...

    • ASIN: B07538SV5Q
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 887961588927

  • Monster High A Pack Of Trouble Wolf Family 4 Doll Set

    Nothing shows scaritage like a Monster High Wolf Family portrait. The Wolf clan has gathered to capture the moment wearing their most clawesome outfits. Clawdeen Wolf in this Monster High doll pack is to-die-for in a purple and green dress with collared neck, striped bodice, animal print on the skirt, sheer purple peplum and golden strappy shoes. Howleen Wolf is killer in blue paw-print leggings, a pink leopard top, striped collared overshirt and black platform booties. Girls will howl over Clawd Wolf in his striped collared t-shirt, scary cool...

    • ASIN: B00MGG5JPM
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 887961016635

  • Monster High Freaky Fusion Neighthan Rot Doll

    Monster Mash-UpIn the Monster High movie, Freaky Fusion, an entirely new class of monsters is introduced - the hybrids! These unique characters come from two different monster parents and so are two monsters in one! The monster mash-ups mean new freaky flaws, new dual-personalities and spooktacular style. Mixing the unicorn heritage with zombie scaritage, hybrid Neightan Rot is twice the Manster trotting the howlways of Monster High....

    • ASIN: B00IVFCM2U
    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 887961011982

  • Monster High EXCLUSIVE WEREWOLF SISTER PACK w CLAWDEEN & HOWLEEN WOLF DOLLS, Diary & Pet CUSHION Daughters of the Werewolf (2011)

    Monster High EXCLUSIVE Werewolf Sister Pack Clawdeen Wolf & Howleen Wolf Daughter of the Werewolf is a 2011 Mattel production. INCLUDES: CLAWDEEN WOLF DOLL approx. 10.5" tall with purple Hair w/green streaks at front. Clawdeen Doll wears 2 Pairs of golden yellow Hoop Earrings in her "wolf ears", a golden yellow plastic Bracelet, a Dress that has a satiny green & purple pattern Top & black Skirt from under bust with gold tone "zipper" effect down front "sides", a green & purple pattern Sock on 1 foot, & a Pair of golden yellow High Heel Shoes wi...

    • ASIN: B00AAZN0WA
    • Brand: Monster High
    • UPC: 746775191214

  • Monster High Ghoul to Wolf Clawdeen Wolf Transformation Doll

    The Monster High dolls have so many talents - Clawdeen Wolf doll can go from gore-geous ghoul to clawesome werewolf and back again! Swing her tail to activate the transformation, and in an instant, she

    • UPC: 735321206
    • Model: FKP47
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll & Ghoul-la-la Locker Playset

    Experience life at Monster High with themed dolls and high school accessories. Each features a favorite character, a larger piece with working features and iconic accessories for storytelling fun. Clawdeen Wolf doll is ready to

    • UPC: 53372788
    • Model: DNX05
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Rating: 4.444

  • Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    The Monster High dolls are ready to soak up fun! Clawdeen Wolf doll wears a bathing suit with killer style. Play out moments at the beach, poolside or anywhere your imagination wants to splash around.

    • UPC: 289193165
    • Model: FJJ04
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll (Discontinued by manufacturer)

    This Monster High Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll is wearing a new travel outfit complete with jewelry. The Monster High Clawdeen Doll comes with a rolling suitcase and travel journal or sketchbook to capture those memorable

    • UPC: 22036883
    • Model: Y0379
    • Color: AssortedMulti
    • Size: onesize
    • Rating: 4.5

  • DVH23 Monster High Signature Look Core Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    The Monster High dolls are ready for the hallways dressed for the first day of school. Clawdeen Wolf doll is fabulous in her signature look. Flexibility at the shoulders and knees adds to the fun

    • UPC: 55794153
    • Model: DVH23
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Monster High Electrified Monstrous Hair Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    Amp up the fun with the Monster High Electrified hairstyling dolls! Clawdeen Wolf doll has monstrous hair, six cute accessories and a beastie friend figure for hair-raising fun. Bolting off the movie screen in bold

    • UPC: 172673928
    • Model: DVH70
    • Color: MulticolorMulti

  • Monster High Emoji Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    The Monster High fashion dolls turn trendy emojis into killer style! Fans will :-) over favorite characters like Clawdeen Wolf doll in a unique dress with a print featuring scary cute emojis representative of her

    • UPC: 130806841
    • Model: DWR98
    • Color: MultiGreen
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Monster High Welcome to Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    In the movie Welcome to Monster High, the students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the high school at the Dance the Fright Away celebration. Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile and

    • UPC: 51278919
    • Model: DNX19
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 4.692

  • Monster High Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll

    The Monster High Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll can provide your child with hours of fun and imaginative play time. She comes dressed in an R&B-inspired jumpsuit and includes a number of accessories. The jumpsuit

    • UPC: 25863345
    • Model: Y7693
    • Color: Assorted
    • Rating: 4.429

  • Monster High Voltageous Hair Frankie Stein Doll

    With UV light hair effects for her specially treated hair, Frankie Stein doll is ready for your electrifying hairstyle! Young stylists can use the Monster High UV light tool and included stencils to create voltageous

    • UPC: 51278913
    • Model: DNX36
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 4.448


    • UPC: 223524180200
    • Category: Other Mattel Dolls
    • Price: 13 USD


    • UPC: 273768062671
    • Category: Other Mattel Dolls
    • Price: 13 USD

  • Monster High Clawdeen The Wolf Doll Smooth Hair Green Shirt Gold Boots 12”

    • UPC: 173384702684
    • Category: Other Mattel Dolls
    • Price: 12 USD

  • Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Fashion doll with green hair & matching jacket-Rare

    • UPC: 293021077223
    • Category: Other Mattel Dolls
    • Price: 37 USD

  • Monster High CLAWDEEN WOLF Doll Nude Naked for OOAK or Custom Green Streak Hair

    • UPC: 143327759365
    • Category: Monster High
    • Price: 7 USD


    • UPC: 283439874268
    • Category: Monster High
    • Price: 14 USD

  • Monster High Doll Nude Clawdeen Green Hair Dawn of The Dance 2008 Earrings

    • UPC: 113768213306
    • Category: Monster High
    • Price: 5 USD

  • Monster High Clawdeen Killer Style Fashion Green Hair Highlights Dressed Shoes

    • UPC: 303212316099
    • Category: Monster High
    • Price: 7 USD

  • Monster High doll Clawdeen Wolf long mauve & green hair 1 pink top & 2 skirts

    • UPC: 253204452491
    • Category: Other Dolls
    • Price: 23 AUD

  • Monster High Freak du Chic Twyla & Clawdeen Wolf Deluxe Doll Unboxing Review

    Monster High Doll Clawdeen Wolf Green Hair
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    Monster High Doll Clawdeen Wolf Green Hair
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    Review - 17" tall Monster High Dolls - Clawdeen Wolf - Frightfully Tall Ghouls

    Monster High Doll Clawdeen Wolf Green Hair
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