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  • 21st Century U.S. Military Manuals: Leadership for American Army Leaders - FMFRP 12-17 (Value-Added Professional Format Series) - eBook

    Part of our value-added professional format series, Leadership for American Army Leaders was written by a seasoned leader for the purpose of providing a leadership primer for the thousands of newly commissioned officers of the

    • UPC: 488594894

  • The First Soldier : Hitler as Military Leader

    A leading expert reexamines history to offer a stunningly original portrait of Hitler as a competent military commander and

    • UPC: 156995486
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Montezuma Red

    In September 1939, Effie Reinhardt Kohl is like every other seventeen-year-old German youth. She has her circle of friends, her family, her dates, and her enjoyment of all things important to teenage girls. But as

    • UPC: 750818049

  • The Program : Lessons from Military Special Operations for Creating and Sustaining High Performing Leaders and Teams


    • UPC: 544064485

  • Gentlemen from Hell: Men of the 487th Bomb Group : Leaders of the Largest Eighth Air Force Mission of World War II

    This book is a touching compilation of personal accounts of the men who served in the 487th Bomb Group during World War II. These accounts exemplify the dedication and sacrifice these men made in the

    • UPC: 47321646

  • Bleeding Talent : How the US Military Mismanages Great Leaders and Why It's Time for a Revolution

    "This book will shape the debate on how to save the military from itself. The first part recognizes, indeed celebrates, what the military has done well in attracting and developing leadership talent. The book then

    • UPC: 20931620
    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Leader's Bible (US Army Cadet Command) by Military Chaplains

    The Leader's Bible(U.S. Army Cadet Command), by Military Chaplains, contains the New Tyndale Version New Testament, illustrates Scripture with Cadet Command photos. It contains the 7 Principles of Leadership, Cadet Command Prayers, Founding Fathers on

    • UPC: 447468920

  • Charles Martel : The Military Leader and Frankish Defender

    Charles Martel is generally considered as the Frankish Military Leader who defeated the Moslem army and stopped the great movement of Arab conquest in Europe. His victory during the battle of Tours (also called the

    • UPC: 676428837

  • Platoon Leader : A Memoir of Command in Combat

    This story of a young man's indoctrination into combat as an infantry platoon leader in the famed 173rd Airborne Brigade has become a classic in the literature of America's war in Vietnam.

    • UPC: 1983943

  • 100 Military Leaders Who Shaped World History

    The book is for anyone interested in military history. It covers a lot of the great leaders of our country and it shows why the United States is independent today. Our country pays great gratitude

    • UPC: 52857481

  • Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler, an exhibition at the British Museum

    Montezuma Was A Military Leader Of The
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    Army Ranks and Promotion (Aztec History)

    Montezuma Was A Military Leader Of The
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    Fall of Tenochtitlan (1521) - Spanish-Aztec War DOCUMENTARY

    Montezuma Was A Military Leader Of The
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