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  • My Life for the Poor: Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    In this inspiring book, one of the world's most famous women tells her own story: her childhood, her family, and her early years in Albania; her work and religious training as a nun; her years teaching in India; her call to leave her order to serve the poor; the establishment of her Missionaries of Charity; and the growth of her order, including their life together and the work they have done....

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  • Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta

    This historic work reveals the inner spiritual life of one of the most beloved and important religious figures in history--Mother Teresa.During her lifelong service to the poorest of the poor, Mother Teresa became an icon of compassion to people of all religions; her extraordinary contributions to the care of the sick, the dying, and thousands of others nobody else was prepared to look after has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the world. Little is known, however, about her own spiritual heights or her struggles. This collection of her ...

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  • TIME Mother Teresa: The Life and Works of a Modern Saint

    The inspiring story of Calcutta’s saintTwenty years after her death, Mother Teresa continues to inspire people around the world. TIME proudly presents this Special Edition, Mother Teresa: The Life and Works of a Modern Saint, with introduction by Rick Warren addressing her giving spirit and unconditional love. This photographic telling of the modern-day saint traces her life with powerful essays from the editors of TIME magazine, revealing her achievements and miracles for today’s readers. From her Albanian roots to her decades working with...

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  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love is the essential wisdom of Mother Teresa — the most accessible, intimate, and inspiring book of her teachings. Thematically arranged to present her revolutionary vision of Christianity in its graceful simplicity, the book features her thoughts on love, generosity, forgiveness, prayer, service, and what it means to be a Christian. A passionate testament to deep hope and abiding faith in God, No Greater Love celebrates the life and work of one of the world’s most revered spiritual teachers....

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  • Get Us Out of Here!!

    Maria Simma speaks with Nicky Eltz. "Dear reader, What you are now holding is a most interesting book. The world beyond is speaking. It is offering advice, asking for help, and giving answers. It exists and speaks about life - our life here and of possible consequences of our behavior. It tells us that it is not the same to be humble, loving, good, merciful, loyal and honest as it is to be proud, loveless, bad, merciless, betraying and dishonest. At death this is not forgotten but rather remembered in total clarity. Not only is the punishment, ...

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  • Forgiving Mother

    Forgiving Mother offers you practical guidance and spiritual wisdom to begin your journey to wholeness of spirit. Highly recommended! — Lisa M. Hendey, author, The Grace of Yes Marge Steinhage Fenelon knows the pain, fear, hopelessness, insecurity, resentment and anger of being raised by a troubled mother. She also knows the way out: Mary. In Forgiving Mother, Fenelon deftly explores the ways the Blessed Virgin can provide comfort and healing if you truly desire it. Drawing from personal experience as well as wisdom from Church documents, Scr...

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  • A Call to Mercy: Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve

    Published to coincide with Pope Francis's Year of Mercy and the Vatican's canonization of Mother Teresa, this new book of unpublished material by a humble yet remarkable woman of faith whose influence is felt as deeply today as it was when she was alive, offers Mother Teresa’s profound yet accessible wisdom on how we can show mercy and compassion in our day-to-day lives.   For millions of people from all walks of life, Mother Teresa's canonization is providentially taking place during Pope Francis's Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. This is en...

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  • The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

    "A religious fundamentalist, a political operative, a primitive sermonizer, and an accomplice of worldly secular powers. Her mission has always been of this kind. The irony is that she has never been able to induce anybody to believe her. It is past time that she was duly honored and taken at her word."Among his many books, perhaps none have sparked more outrage than THE MISSIONARY POSITION, Christopher Hitchens's meticulous study of the life and deeds of Mother Teresa. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient beatified by the Catholic Church in 2003, Mot...

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  • Jesus is My All in All: Praying with the "Saint of Calcutta"

    The postulator for Mother Teresa’s cause for sainthood, Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, has culled some of her most stirring words into a powerful book that her admirers will treasure. Jesus is My All in All follows the Roman Catholic novena format; derived from the Latin word for nine, the novena provides a nine-day rhythm of prayer and reflection. A prayer to Mother Teresa herself is the foundation for each day’s reflections, which illuminate such topics as:• Finding Jesus in your heart• Becoming convinced of Jesus’ love for you• Seeki...

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  • The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL

    “Meet my hero—Eric Greitens. His life and this book remind us that America remains the land of the brave and generous.” — Tom BrokawLike many young idealists, Eric Greitens wanted to make a difference, so he traveled to the world’s trouble spots to work in refugee camps and serve the sick and the poor. Yet when innocent civilians were threatened with harm, there was nothing he could do but step in afterward and try to ease the suffering. In studying humanitarianism, he realized a fundamental truth: when an army invades, the weak need ...

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  • Works of Love Are Works of Peace: Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaries of Charity

    More than four years in the making and published with the permission and cooperation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, this large format 224 page book offers the most comprehensive photographic documentation of the apostolic work and prayer life of the Missionaries of Charity yet published. Destined to serve as an important historical record, this "illustrated prayer book" vividly portrays the peace and joy that can come when "small things" are done with great love.The more than 180 fine art quality tri-tone photographs, along with spiritual counse...

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  • One Heart Full of Love: Mother Teresa

    One Heart Full of Love gathers together stirring addresses and interviews given by Mother Teresa to her Missionaries of Charity and other groups worldwide on such topics as self-giving, the call to love our neighbor, spiritual poverty in the West, and a life of joy-filled sacrifice. Here is spiritual food that will nourish your heart and soul. A Servant Book....

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  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    Saint Teresa of Calcutta lived a heroic life of charity dedicated to spreading God's love to those poor and most in need. From her earliest days in her native Albania to the day she died in her adopted city of Calcutta, Mother Teresa saw Jesus in the eyes of those who were abandoned, unwanted, and dying.Regardless of a person's race or religion, Saint Teresa of Calcutta reached out with unconditional love to everyone God placed in her path. This lavishly illustrated book for children 9 years and up tells the inspiring story of her life and how ...

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  • The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey

    When Henri Nouwen left the world of academe and headed for the village of Trosly in France, he sought a place that would lead him "closer to the heart of God." Arriving at L'Arche community in Trosly, he felt as if he had finally "come home." Indeed, it was destined to change his life forever.The Road to Daybreak is Henri Nouwen's intimate diary that records his poignant year at L'Arche, which began in the summer of 1985, a precious time of inner renewal and self-discovery. With simplicity and honesty, he describes how the experience changed hi...

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  • The Coming Three Days of Darkness

    “There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights... He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot... The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.” (Blessed Anna Maria Taigi) What is the prophecy of the three days of darkness? Sacred Scripture, saints, and prophets, have foretold days of darkness to encompass the earth towards the end of times. What is the significance and meaning of this prophecy...

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  • My Life As JoJo Siwa Doll, 18-inch Soft Torso Doll with Blonde Hair, Dance Party 2019 Release

    Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the My Life As JoJo Siwa Dance Party Doll. This doll will surprise and delight your child and is sure to become their new best

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  • My Life As 18" Poseable Emma Doll, with Blonde Hair

    Finally, a doll that looks like me! Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the My Life As Emma Doll. This doll will surprise and delight your child and is sure to

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  • My Life As 18" Poseable School Girl Doll, Blonde Hair

    Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the My Life As School Girl Doll. This doll will surprise and delight your child and is sure to become their new best friend in

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  • My Life As Snorkel Toy Accessories Play Set for 18-inch Dolls, 20 Pieces

    Help your little one's love for the ocean blossom with the My Life As Snorkel Toy Accessories Play Set for 18-inch Dolls. Perfect for the child who loves swimming , this accessory set includes everything

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  • My Life As 18-Inch Palomino Horse Toy, Tan Coat with White Mane

    Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the 18-Inch Palomino Horse Toy by My Life As. This cheerful horse is the perfect addition to your little one’s dollhouse or farm set-up. This

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  • My Life As 5-Piece Crutch and Cast Accessory Set, for 18" Doll

    Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the My Life As Crutch and Cast Accessory Set. This set includes all of the accessories your son or daughter needs to outfit their favorite

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  • My Life As 18" Poseable Cowgirl Doll, Brunette Hair with a Soft Torso

    Set your little one’s imagination free when you bring home the My Life As Cowgirl Doll. This doll will surprise and delight your child and is sure to become their new best friend in no

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  • My Life As Science Lab Toy Play Set for 18-inch Dolls, 23 Pieces

    Help your little one's love for science blossom with the My Life As Science Lab Toy Play Set for 18-inch Dolls. Ideal for the child who loves space, this toy accessory set includes everything your

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  • My Fancy Life Bathing Fun for Barbie dolls and dollhouse

    My Fancy Life Bathing FunBuyer will receive exactly as pictured above- One Bath Tub With Back Panel- One Attached Flat Panel TV- One Toilet & Lid Can Be Opened- One Bath Sink With Back Panel,

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  • My Brittany's Set of Three Bunny Underwear for American Girl Dolls and My Life as Dolls-18 Inch American Girl Doll Clothes

    Bunny Underwear for Dolls

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  • My Life for the Poor : Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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  • My Life for the Poor: Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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  • My Life for the Poor : The Story of Mother Teresa in Her Own Words-ExLibrary

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  • My Life for the Poor : Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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  • Come Be My Light - Mother Teresa Song / Hymn (St Teresa of Kolkata [Calcutta])

    My Life For The Poor Mother Teresa
    Catholic,Hymn,Song,Catholic Education,Saint Teresa,Mother Teresa of Calcutta,Mother Ter...

    Stories of Mother Teresa l The Poverty of Loneliness

    My Life For The Poor Mother Teresa
    Catholic Relief Services,CRS,Mother Teresa,India,Missionaries of Charity

    The Unfortunate Truth About Mother Teresa

    My Life For The Poor Mother Teresa