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  • Nature's Experts: Science, Politics, and the Environment

    "With clarity and grace, Stephen Bocking tackles the complicated question of the role of scientific expertise in environmental policy making. Nature’s Experts is a timely and important book."—David H. Guston, author of Between Politics and Science: Assuring the Integrity and Productivity of Research"This book by Stephen Bocking is as much about deliberative democracy as it is about science and the environment. Stephen Bocking’s treatment is deep, perceptive, and profoundly wise. He has caught the heart of present and future enviro...

    • ASIN: B000TVTZBK

  • Uneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor Disputes (Urban and Industrial Environments)

    Louisiana annually reports over eight tons of toxic waste for each citizen. Uneasy Alchemy examines the role of experts―lawyers, economists, health professionals, and scientists―in the struggles for environmental justice in the state's infamous Chemical Corridor or "Cancer Alley." This legendary toxic zone between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is home to about 125 oil and chemical plants; cancer and respiratory illness rates there are among the highest in the nation. The efforts of residents to ensure a healthy environment is one of the most ...

    • ASIN: 0262511347

  • Science and Environment in Chile: The Politics of Expert Advice in a Neoliberal Democracy (Urban and Industrial Environments)

    The politics of scientific advice across four environmental conflicts in Chile, when the state acted as a “neutral broker” rather than protecting the common good.

    • ASIN: 0262535637

  • Climate Change (A Ladybird Expert Book) (The Ladybird Expert Series Book 1)

    Part of the new Ladybird Expert series, Climate Change is a clear, simple and enlightening introduction to one of the most important issues facing our world today.From HRH The Prince of Wales, environmentalist Tony Juniper and climate scientist Dr Emily Shuckburgh, it explains the history, dangers and challenges of global warming and explores possible solutions with which to reduce its impact. You'll learn about the causes and consequences of climate disruption; heatwaves, floods and other extreme weather; disappearing wildlife; acid oceans; th...

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  • Expert Systems: Applications to Urban Planning

    ***e FACHGEBIET*** Mathematical Geology, Computer Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Urban Economics and Regional Economics ***INTERESSENTENGRUPPE*** Of interest to Urban and Regional planners, civil engineers, geographers; computer scientists; operations researchers; landscape architects; and advanced students in the above disciplines.- Level: Technical Book, Monograph ***URHEBER*** T.J. Kim, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL; L.L. Wiggins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA; J.R. Wright, Purdue University, Lafaye...

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  • Natures Experts - Science, Politics, & the Environment (04) by Bocking, Stephen [Paperback (2004)]

    Natures Experts - Science, Politics, & the Environment (04) by Bocking, Stephen [Paperback (2004)]

    • ASIN: B008AUK99O

  • Changing the Atmosphere: Expert Knowledge and Environmental Governance (Politics, Science, and the Environment)

    In recent years, Earth systems science has advanced rapidly, helping to transform climate change and other planetary risks into major political issues. Changing the Atmosphere strengthens our understanding of this important link between expert knowledge and environmental governance. In so doing, it illustrates how the emerging field of science and technology studies can inform our understanding of the human dimensions of global environmental change. Incorporating historical, sociological, and philosophical approaches, Changing the Atmosphere pr...

    • ASIN: 0262632195

  • The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts'" Lies

    A scientist takes on the distortions and outright lies foisted on the public!Robert G. Williscroft firmly establishes that the sky is not falling. By using scientific research and solid reasoning, he explains some of the most disturbing problems facing our nation including global warming, the safety of nuclear power, the politics of education, and the oxymoron of government efficiency. With a clear message, he discerns what is true from what is merely Chicken Little gibberish....

    • ASIN: B005I2N1JC

  • Dealing with Risk: Why the Public and the Experts Disagree on Environmental Issues

    For decades, policymakers and analysts have been frustrated by the stubborn and often dramatic disagreement between experts and the public on acceptable levels of environmental risk. Most experts, for instance, see no severe problem in dealing with nuclear waste, given the precautions and safety levels now in place. Yet public opinion vehemently rejects this view, repudiating both the experts' analysis and the evidence. In Dealing with Risk, Howard Margolis moves beyond the usual "rival rationalities" explanation proffered by risk analysts for...

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  • EarthTalk: Expert Answers to Everyday Questions About the Environment

    From the authors of the leading environmental handbook Green Living, the best of E's nationally syndicated Q&A column, EarthTalkKnowledge of environmental issues and sustainability is increasingly important as industrialization and climate change continue to wreak havoc on our ecosystems and our psyche. As temperatures rise—and icecaps shrink and storms lash our coastal areas into oblivion—being smart about carbon footprints, waste streams and consumer choices becomes increasingly important for all of us. That’s where EarthTalk comes in...

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  • Winning Back the Words: Confronting Experts in an Environmental Public Hearing

    Winning Back the Words chronicles the politics of the environmental public hearings on the Alberta-Pacific bleached kraft pulp mill in northern Alberta, and illustrates how the public challenged the authority of experts. Drawing from their own experiences in the hearings, the authors recreate the power struggles among participants over the words and discourses used to debate the impact of the mill on the environment. Controversies about science and values, sustainable development, and local knowledge suggest promising new directions in environm...

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  • Planet Earth The Future: what the experts say

    BBC4’s Planet Earth is the most spectacular look at our planet that has ever been broadcast, making millions of viewers aware of the breathtaking beauty and variety of life on our planet, and just as importantly, how fragile that life can be. Now, the book, Planet Earth — The Future, will highlight environmental and conservation issues from some of the Planet Earth program sequences, and put these issues to leading commentators including James Leape (WWF International). Jeffrey McNeely (World Conservation Union), and the Archbishop of Cante...

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  • Rationality and the Environment: Decision-making in Environmental Politics and Assessment

    Environmental assessment and management involve the production of scientific knowledge and its use in decision-making processes. The result is that within these essentially rational, political assessment frameworks, experts are creating and applying scientific knowledge for decision and management purposes that actually have strong ethical and aesthetic dimensions. Yet these rational political frameworks lack the tools to provide guidance on ethical and aesthetic issues that affect the wider public. This revolutionary work argues that ethical ...

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  • Nature's Experts : Science, Politics, and the Environment

    It seems self-evident that science plays a central role in environmental affairs. Regulatory agencies, businesses, and public interest groups all draw on scientific research to support their claims. Some critics, however, describe science not as

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  • Unsettled Waters : Rights, Law, and Identity in the American West

    "In the American West, water adjudication lawsuits are adversarial, expensive, and lengthy. Unsettled Waters is the first detailed study of water adjudications in New Mexico. The state envisioned adjudication as a straightforward accounting of water

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  • Has protection of the environment now become the single most important issue in British Politics? - eBook

    Essay from the year 2007 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Environmental Policy, grade: A/1st mark/1, University of London, course: Themes&Issues in British Pitics since 1945, 30 entries in the bibliography, language: English,

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  • Environment and Resettlement Politics in China - eBook

    The Three Gorges dam, currently being constructed on the Yantgze River in China, is controversial both inside and outside China, particularly because of the large number of people to be resettled (officially 1.2 million) and

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  • Interwoven Cities - eBook

    Proposing a renovation of the metaphor of the urban fabric, Interwoven Cities develops an analysis of how cities might be woven into alternative patterns, to better sustain social and ecological

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  • Solar Energy, Mini-Grids and Sustainable Electricity Access


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  • Science and Environment in Chile : The Politics of Expert Advice in a Neoliberal Democracy

    The politics of scientific advice across four environmental conflicts in Chile, when the state acted as a "neutral broker" rather than protecting the common

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  • Environment and Society in Ethiopia - eBook

    Ethiopia is facing environmental and poverty challenges, and urgently needs effective management of its environmental resources. Much of the Ethiopian landscape has been significantly altered and reshaped by centuries of human activities, and three-quarters of

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  • Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in California


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  • 97% of Climate Scientists Really Do Agree

    Natures Experts Science Politics And The Environment
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    The diet that helps fight climate change

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    Environmental Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering

    Natures Experts Science Politics And The Environment