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  • Of Mice and Men

    A controversial tale of friendship and tragedy during the Great Depression   They are an unlikely pair: George is "small and quick and dark of face"; Lennie, a man of tremendous size, has the mind of a young child. Yet they have formed a "family," clinging together in the face of loneliness and alienation. Laborers in California's dusty vegetable fields, they hustle work when they can, living a hand-to-mouth existence. For George and Lennie have a plan: to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own. When they land jobs on a ranch ...

    • ASIN: 0140177396
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Penguin Books

  • Happy Dreams

    From one of China’s foremost authors, Jia Pingwa’s Happy Dreams is a powerful depiction of life in industrializing contemporary China, in all its humor and pathos, as seen through the eyes of Happy Liu, a charming and clever rural laborer who leaves his home for the gritty, harsh streets of Xi’an in search of better life.After a disastrous end to a relationship, Hawa “Happy” Liu embarks on a quest to find the recipient of his donated kidney and a life that lives up to his self-given moniker. Traveling from his rural home in Freshwind ...

    • ASIN: B01NAHCK4B

  • Recursion: A Novel

    • ASIN: B07HDSHP7N

  • Dead End Girl: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller (Violet Darger FBI Thriller Book 1)

    Her body is broken. Wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. She is the first. There will be more.The serial killer thriller that "refuses to let go until you've read the last sentence."The most recent body was discovered in the grease dumpster behind a Burger King. Dismembered. Shoved into two garbage bags and lowered into the murky oil.Now rookie agent Violet Darger gets the most important assignment of her career. She travels to the Midwest to face a killer unlike anything she's seen. Aggressive. Territorial. Deranged and driven.A...

    • ASIN: B06Y2H1KM9

  • Digger, Dozer, Dumper

    Each truck and big machine in these enticing rhyming poems is different — and little readers are invited to find a vehicle that’s like them.Sixteen boisterous, rhyming poems — each one highlighting the job and personality of a different vehicle, from a backhoe to an ambulance to a snowplow — invite young children to meet their favorite trucks face-to-face. Cheerful illustrations show each one in action, digging (or dozing, or dumping) away. Engaging visual details like an anxious turtle crossing the street just ahead of a steamroller ar...

    • ASIN: 0763688932
    • Brand: Candlewick Press

  • Merry Inkmas

    Enjoy this festive romance by Talia Hibbert, author of A Girl Like Her. Christmas just got sexy…"There's a beast inside of me. I keep it caged. You drive it wild.”Cash Evans has come a long way since his troubled childhood, but all the wealth he's earned as a tattoo artist can't fix the hole in his heart. He knows that the sweet barista who haunts his dreams is off-limits... But life doesn't always go to plan.”There isn’t a man on earth who could ruin me.”Bailey Cooper is determined to learn from her mother's mistakes. She's seen how ...

    • ASIN: B077NTCPVP

  • Mooseletoe

    Named one of the 20 Most Romantic Books Ever! -- BookBubOver 1200 reviews on Bookbub.  Alaska's matchmaking moose, Bullwinkle, has his sights set on a most unlikely pair. Holly Noelle Snow loves Christmas so much she could be one of Santa's elves, and Reese Sutton might as well be Scrooge. But there is no way BW will allow these two to ruin his perfect track record. Even if he has to bind them together with Christmas lights.Police Chief Reese Sutton is haunted by his Christmas past, and he's determined not to fall for Holly, the sexy shop own...

    • ASIN: B01N0DCJGC

  • Magic For Nothing (InCryptid Book 6)

    The sixth book in New York Times-bestselling Seanan McGuire's witty urban fantasy InCryptid series about a family of cryptozoologists who act as a buffer between humans and the magical creatures living in secret around us."The only thing more fun than an October Daye book is an InCryptid book." —Charlaine Harris, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Sookie Stackhouse seriesImprobable, adjective:                1. Not very likely to happen; not probable.                2. Probably not a very good idea anyway....

    • ASIN: B01H17UAT0

  • Pretty Venom

    From bestselling author Ella Fields comes a new standalone, enemies to lovers romance.Callum Welsh perfected the art of hating me when we were two kids who believed we’d be forced into marriage.He thought I wanted it, but my only wish had been for him to leave me alone.Then one afternoon, he stole my first kiss.Despite all he’d done, everything changed after that. As the years passed, our hearts thawed, and he no longer hated me. In fact, he loved me enough to make me his wife.Until I ruined everything with one stupid mistake. That hatred ...

    • ASIN: B07G39LN8P

  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park

    • ASIN: B01HO0ZEPE
    • Brand: Gameloft

  • Never Let Go

    He was more than just a man…Dr. Elizabeth Parker didn’t like wild, dangerous men…yet she still found herself falling for sexy Navy SEAL Sawyer Cage. He was her exact opposite—a man she should definitely stay away from, a man who lived for the thrill of danger…but he was also the man she found herself wanting more than any other.But their secret relationship ended in heartbreak when Sawyer was killed on a mission. Grieving for him, the last thing Elizabeth ever expected was to find Sawyer listed as a test subject for the top secret ...

    • ASIN: B074VGYW7G

  • Every Little Thing (Butler, Vermont Series Book 1)

    He came home to get his bearings and found his forever.“Force has become one of my favorite authors. I devour her books when they come out and always look forward to reading more. Another five star read!”—Recommended read from Romance JunkieGrayson Coleman has just moved home to Butler, Vermont after spending years working for a high-powered law firm in Boston. He’s looking for a simpler, less stressful existence in the sleepy little mountain town where he grew up with his siblings and Abbott cousins. Once the holidays are over, he pla...

    • ASIN: B01NGZ1VPU

  • Hunted by the Dragon Duke (Dragon's Council Book 2)

    Sexy, royal and one of the ferocious black dragons… he’s way out of her league. Orphaned and forced to live under the cruel eye of her stepmother, Saskia spends her days and most of her nights sewing gowns for rich dragonesses to wear to balls she will never see. When a chance encounter brings her into contact with the handsome Callan, Duke and cousin to the Queen, she thinks nothing of it. After all, what royal duke would want a woman with a broken, mad dragon?But when the otherworldly intervenes, Saskia gets her chance to go to the ball, ...

    • ASIN: B072KXXMLC

  • Timid (Lark Cove Book 2)

    Willa Doon has always been shy. Her quiet demeanor was something she’s always embraced. That is, until Jackson Page moves to town. The one man she desperately wants to take notice struggles to remember her name. Year after year, Willa stands by, watching as the bartender slash playboy drowns his demons in beer and sex. Then one night, he shows up at her door, suddenly aware that the girl he’s seen around Lark Cove is now a beautiful woman. Except what he doesn’t remember is that this visit isn’t his first. They spent a night together on...

    • ASIN: B07DMBVZN1

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  • Of Mice and Men Themes - Dreams

    Of Mice And Men Hopes And Dreams
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    Hopes and Dreams - Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice And Men Hopes And Dreams

    Of Mice and Men (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Plan Is Set (1992) HD

    Of Mice And Men Hopes And Dreams
    of mice and men,of mice and men second and sebring,of mice and men when you can't sleep...