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  • Of the Liberty of Thought and Discussion

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  • The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech

    From Kim Strassel-one of the preeminent political columnists writing today and member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board-comes an insightful, alarming look at how the Left, once the champion of civil liberties, is today orchestrating a coordinated campaign to bully Americans out of free speech. For nearly 40 years, Washington and much of the American public have held up disclosure and campaign finance laws as ideals, and the path to cleaner and freer elections. This book will show, through first-hand accounts, how both have been hijacke...

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  • John Stuart Mill's On Liberty: A Translation into Modern English (ISR Business & the political-legal environment studies Book 6)

    An easier-to-read current language translation of the 1859 classic – with a new extended editorial foreword. Annotated.This modern language version of John Stuart Mill’s essay greatly improves its readability and understandability. The translation by Industrial Systems Research is substantive but retains literalness and original word order and grammar as far as possible.Mill's primary concern in the essay is with individual liberty. He is fully aware that personal freedom is only a part of freedom. People live in societies and their perso...

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  • Determinism and Freewill: Anthony Collins' A Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Human Liberty (Archives Internationales D'Histoire Des Idées Minor)

    The Philosophical Inquiry concerning Human Liberty of Anthony Collins' was considered by Joseph Priestley and Voltaire to be the best book written on freewill up to their own time. Priestley admitted that it convert­ ed him to determinism and it had a powerful effect on Voltaire in the same direction. It seems important to place in its wider historical context a book which so influenced such men and which greatly impressed the philosophes in general. Therefore - and because such an account has value in itself - the Introduction contains a surv...

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  • Mikey and the Magic Medicine

    Mikey and the Magic Medicine tells the tale of a boy who comes down with a nasty case of the flu and although he feels awful and risks getting the rest of his family sick, Mikey is grossed out by his medicine and doesn't want to take it. As the germs spread across his body and his family's home, Mikey eventually does the right thing and becomes a hero as the magic medicine stomps out the evil germs and saves the day. This colorful, wonderfully-illustrated adventure can be a fun way to teach an important lesson to young children who may be hesit...

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  • America's Potential Fall from Democracy: Thoughts and Discussions

    America's Potential Fall from Democracy" lists the main accomplishments - and failings - of the Democratic and Republican parties over the last decade while acknowledging the latest political hot-button issues. The authors passionately detail their views on election transparency in government, political rhetoric, economic policies, the impact of the religious right, Super PACs, the role of the media, and the squeezing of the middle class. Along with pointing out the issues, the authors offer suggestions for solutions to governmental problems su...

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  • My Little Book of Big Freedoms

    A classic picture book edition of My Little Book of Big Freedoms illustrated by award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell, published in partnership with Amnesty International.We all want a good life, to have fun, to be safe, happy, and fulfilled. For this to happen, we need to look after each other and stand up for the basic human rights that we often take for granted. This book features 16 different freedoms, each accompanied by beautiful illustrations. It shows why our human rights are so important--they help to keep us safe. Every day....

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  • Remembering Mog (An Avon Flare Book)

    Just two years ago, Annie's sister Mog was happily looking forward to graduation day, the excitement of college, and planning for the future.But all Mog's dreams ended on the eve of her graduation. She was murdered.Now Annie is about to finish high school. But how can she just go on, right at the point where her sister's life ended? Annie's not alone in her grief, but she finds little help from those who share her loss.Her mother, unable to accept the tragedy, never speaks of what happened. Mog's boyfriend Bobby has become a good friend to Anni...

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  • WeciBor Men's Colorful Funny Novelty Crazy Combed Cotton Casual Socks Packs (0052-67)

    Why we need a pair of nice socks According to scientific statistics,in average,we need wear socks 8-10 hours a day at's more closed with you than your family. So we need to change socks and wash it every day. WeciBor have focused on socks for a long time. Each sock must pass through our strict inspection. The top thing we care is the quality,the composition and the pattern of the socks. We insist on developing high quality socks to satisfy our customers. About WeciBor socks Material This item contains 80% Cotton,15% Nylon,5% Spandex...

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  • Camp Talk Board Games

    The winner of the Dr. Toy Top 10 Games, iParenting Media, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice award, Camp Talk is the game for you! Featuring 50 thought provoking and silly questions, Camp talk offers wild circumstances to encourage imagination and allow players to embrace their inner camper. Whether you are at the table heading to your favorite campsite, sunbathing at a park, or taking a road trip, Camp Talk is just the thing to get everyone involved. Coming complete with a durable clip, Camp t...

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  • John Stuart Mill - On Liberty - Chapter 2 (AudioBook)

    Of The Liberty Of Thought And Discussion
    John Stuart Mill,On Liberty,Audiobook,Of The Liberty of Thought And Disscusion,chapter ...

    John Stuart Mill - On Liberty

    Of The Liberty Of Thought And Discussion
    John Stuart Mill,JS Mill,academy of ideas,liberty,freedom of speech,freedom of action,L...

    Mill thought and discussion

    Of The Liberty Of Thought And Discussion