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  • Peanuts Comic Strips by Charles Schulz - ORIGINAL SUNDAY PHOTOSTAT PRINT - September 5, 1971 - "She's the only person I know who can name all the people in the world.."

    Original SUNDAY PHOTOSTAT Print dating back to 1971 (Photostats are photographic copies of the original strips, which were sent to newspapers prior to publishing.) United Features Syndicate sent this Sunday Photostat to Gene Persson, co-producer of the hit musical YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, to be used as source material for the development of a new PEANUTS musical. SNOOPY!!! THE MUSICAL premiered on December 9, 1975 at the Little Fox Theatre in San Francisco, CA....

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  • Only What's Necessary: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of Peanuts

    Charles M. Schulz (1922–2000) believed that the key to cartooning was to take out the extraneous details and leave in only what’s necessary. For 50 years, from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000, Schulz wrote and illustrated Peanuts, the single most popular and influential comic strip in the world. In all, 17,897 strips were published, making it “arguably the longest story ever told by one human being,” according to Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University. For Only What’s Necessary: Charles M. Schulz an...

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  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1967 Original Off-Broadway Cast)

    Here's the acclaimed original 1967 off-Broadway cast recording starring Gary Burghoff and Bob Balaban-plus a bonus 1966 demo, the very recording that composer Clark Gesner sent to Charles Schulz to obtain permission to create the show!

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  • Cheech Wizard's Book of Me

    Vaughn Bodé created Cheech Wizard—a hat with legs, a lascivious con-man who nevertheless possesses some degree of cosmic insight—in 1956, at the age of 15, and the character remained a constant companion for the rest of Bodé’s life: surfacing in his college paper, underground comics, National Lampoon magazine, and more. The Big Book of Me omnibus collects all of the psychedelic drug-inspired, underground Cheech Wizard comics for the first time....

    • ASIN: 1606998196

  • The Snoopy Treasures: An Illustrated Celebration of the World Famous Beagle

    Although it's not the "great American novel" written atop his doghouse, this book is pure Snoopy. The heart of the long-running, beloved comic strip Peanuts, Snoopy is an instantly recognizable character around the world. The pages in this comprehensive volume cover Snoopy's inspiration, first appearances, and his evolution into the lovable character from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm we're familiar with today. Get the scoop on his relationships with his best friend, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang. Snoopy fans will treasure the ...

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  • Blank Comic Book Notebook: Create Your Own Comic Book Strip, Variety of Templates for Comic Book Drawing, (Super Hero Comics)-[professional Bindi (Paperback)

    Buy With Confidence ***** My daughter is interested in making comics. This book was the perfect gift to get her started. -By B Stevens The Blank Comic Book Notebook - Variety of Templates Fun for

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  • Peanut Butter and Jelly (A Narwhal and Jelly Book #3) - eBook

    “Hilarious and charming. The most lovable duo since Frog and Toad.” —NYT-bestselling creator of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series, Dav PilkeyNarwhal's obsession with his new favorite food leads him into hijinks and hilarity

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  • Peanuts 2000 : The 50th Year of the World's Most Favorite Comic Strip Featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang

    A collection of "Peanuts" comic strips follows the adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the

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  • Comic Strips : Create Your Own Comic Strips from Start to Finish

    Kids love comic strips . . . and now they can devise their own imaginative illustrations and stories with this inspirational book in the Art for Kids series. Cartoon Network designer Roche gives kids lots

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  • Peanuts The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown Original Graphic Novel

    The Peanuts Gang is headed to outer space in an all-new original graphic novel! The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown! Charlie Brown and the gang have got space on the brain and Snoopy leads the

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  • Peanut Butter and Jelly (a Narwhal and Jelly Book #3) (Hardcover)

    "Narwhal and Jelly are back and Narwhal has a new obsession: peanut butter. He's so obsessed he even wants to change his name to--that's right...Peanut Butter. Ever-sensible Jelly isn't so sure that's the best idea,

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  • The Complete Peanuts : 1999-2000 and Comics & Stories Gift Box Set

    This box set collects the 25th and 26th (final!) volumes of the perennial, best-selling

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  • Snoopy to the Rescue (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 8) : A Peanuts Collection

    In times of struggle--an attack of crabbiness, a stolen piano, a depressed Woodstock--Snoopy's on the scene. Helping the Peanuts gang through various adventures (and misadventures), Snoopy continues his standoff with the Red Baron, finds every

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  • Woodstock: Master of Disguise (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 4) : A Peanuts Collection

    A collection of "Peanuts" comic strips centering on the irrepressible Woodstock finds him falling in love with a snowflake, crash-landing on the tip of Snoopy's nose, and finding a perfect place to

    • UPC: 39565621

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Newspaper Comic Strips

    "For over four years, Masters of the Universe had its own newspaper comic strip! This story continued the tales from the Filmation cartoon bridged the saga to the space-themed New Adventures of He-Man cartoon relaunch.

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  • Good Grief: A Peanuts Tale

    Original Name Of The Peanuts Comic Strip
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    65 YEARS IN 5 MINUTES: The History Of Peanuts (Snoopy & Charlie Brown)

    Original Name Of The Peanuts Comic Strip
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    Get an Inside Look at the Making of Peanuts!

    Original Name Of The Peanuts Comic Strip
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