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  • The Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky (Civil War Series)

    On January 19, 1862, Confederate and Union forces clashed in the now-forgotten Battle of Mill Springs. Armies of inexperienced soldiers chaotically fought in the wooded terrain of south-central Kentucky as rain turned bloodied ground to mud. Mill Springs was the first major Union victory since the Federal disaster of Bull Run. This Union triumph secured the Bluegrass State in Union hands, opening the large expanses of Tennessee for Federal invasion. From General Felix Zollicoffer meeting his death by wandering into Union lines to the heroics of...

    • ASIN: 1609498291

  • The Greatest Civil War Battles: The Battle of Chancellorsville

    Includes pictures of important people, places, and events. Includes maps of the battle.Analyzes the generalship of the battle's most important leaders, including Robert E. Lee, Joe Hooker, JEB Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, and others. Includes descriptions of the fighting from the post-battle reports and memoirs of some of the leading generals, including Lee, Hooker, Darius Couch, JEB Stuart, and others.Includes a Bibliography for further reading.Includes a Table of Contents. "My God! It is horrible--horrible; and to think of it, 130,000 magnif...

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  • The Hammer: Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent It

    For thousands of years, dogs have established themselves in the homes and hearts of humans, coming to be viewed almost exclusively as loyal, friendly, and obedient... which is why it is often so alarming and unexpected to owners when a dog attacks.What causes dogs to act aggressively, and how can it be avoided? In this captivating work of non-fiction, Bryan Bailey, whose credentials include over thirty-five years of both studying and teaching the influence of wolves over modern dogs, sheds light upon the instincts that trigger aggressive behavi...

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  • Tempest At Ox Hill: The Battle Of Chantilly

    • ASIN: B009SAV2UA

  • The Angel of Marye's Heights

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  • The Iron Brigade (Men-at-Arms)

    This book examines the uniforms and equipment, history and organization of the Iron Brigade during the American Civil War (1861–1865). The major battles of Fredericksburg (1862), Chancellorsville (1863) and Gettysburg (1863) are all covered. Uniforms are shown in full color artwork.

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  • Surgeon in Blue: Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War Doctor Who Pioneered Battlefield Care

    Jonathan Letterman was an outpost medical officer serving in Indian country in the years before the Civil War, responsible for the care of just hundreds of men. But when he was appointed the chief medical officer for the Army of the Potomac, he revolutionized combat medicine over the course of four major battles—Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg—that produced unprecedented numbers of casualties. He made battlefield survival possible by creating the first organized ambulance corps and a more effective field hospital ...

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  • Pickett's Charge: A New Look at Gettysburg's Final Attack

    Main Selection of the History Book ClubThe Battle of Gettysburg, the Civil War’s turning point, produced over 57,000 casualties, the largest number from the entire war that was itself America’s bloodiest conflict. On the third day of fierce fighting, Robert E. Lee’s attempt to invade the North came to a head in Pickett’s Charge. The infantry assault, consisting of nine brigades of soldiers in a line that stretched for over a mile, resulted in casualties of over 50 percent for the Confederates and a huge psychological blow to Southern mo...

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  • Battle Cry (2013 Version)

    Battle Cry

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  • Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run

    The son of Civil War-obsessed parents, Stonewall Hinkleman spends his summers reenacting famous battles. One day, he travels back in time to the Battle of Bull Run. He soon discovers a Confederate reenactor is also

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  • Battle at Bull Run : A History of the First Major Campaign of the Civil War

    The first major history ever written on the first battle of the Civil War, this narrative describes the chaotic fighting by courageous amateurs that nearly resulted in Confederate

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  • At the Battle of Bull Run : An Interactive Battlefield Adventure

    This book explores various perspectives surrounding the first Battle of Bull Run in the Civil War. Readers are immersed in the action as their choices guide the

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  • Return to Bull Run : The Campaign and Battle of Second Manassas

    “This comprehensively researched, well-written book represents the definitive account of Robert E. Lee’s triumph over Union leader John Pope in the summer of 1862. . . . Lee’s strategic skills, and the capabilities of his

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  • At the Battle of Bull Run: An Interactive Battlefield Adventure - eBook

    This book explores various perspectives surrounding the first Battle of Bull Run in the Civil War. Readers are immersed in the action as their choices guide the

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  • Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run - eBook

    An exciting historical adventure, co-written by the New York Times bestselling author of the Origami Yoda series! Stonewall Hinkleman (yup, that's his real name) hates participating in historical reenactments with his Civil War-obsessed parents. Who wants to

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  • Fort Sumter & First Bull Run: The First Battles of the Civil War - eBook

    *Includes pictures of important people, places, and events.*Includes maps of the battles. *Includes accounts of the fighting at Fort Sumter and First Bull Run by important generals and leaders who fought there. *Includes a Bibliography

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  • Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Confederate Accounts of the Battle of Second Manassas or Bull Run - eBook

    In late August 1862 Robert E. Lees Army of Northern Virginia and John Popes Army of Virginia found themselves fighting over nearly the exact same land the South and North fought over in the First

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  • The Greatest Civil War Battles: The First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas) - eBook

    Includes pictures of the battle's important generals and locations.Includes several maps of the battle.Includes accounts of the fighting written by important generals like McDowell, Longstreet, Sherman, Beauregard, and more.Includes a Bibliography for further reading.Includes a

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  • General Edward Porter Alexander at First Bull Run: Account of the Battle from His Memoirs - eBook

    In the narrative of the Civil War, Edward Porter Alexander has loomed larger in death than in life. Just 25 years old when the war broke out, Porter Alexander had already served as an engineer

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  • Civil War - "The First Battle Of Bull Run" 1861 - A Concise History

    Outcome Of The Battle Of Bull Run
    battle of bull run,first bull run,manassas,stonewall jackson,Civil War,American Civil W...

    Battles of Manassas: The Civil War in Four Minutes

    Outcome Of The Battle Of Bull Run
    First Battle of Manassas,Stonewall Jackson,James Longstreet,Irvin McDowell,Joseph E. Jo...

    First Manassas: Battle Map

    Outcome Of The Battle Of Bull Run
    American Battlefield Trust,Civil War Trust,Battle of First Manassas,Battle of First Bul...