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  • Praying Throughout the Day : A Book of Hours for Those with Addictions

    Anyone with an addiction will find comfort in this hourly structure that nourishes them from the start of the day, through their working hours, and into the safety and peace of nighttime. Praying Throughout the

    • UPC: 26807190

  • Silence of the Tongue : A Testimony of Words and Unity

    Keeping a preacher quiet is like stealing a painter's brushes. Although his tools may be gone, he still finds a way to release the passion within. Satan tried to steal Pastor Eric Zeidler's tongue, with

    • UPC: 53395679

  • Tongues - Praying IN the Spirit or WITH the Spirit? - eBook

    A masterful discourse on the proper use of tongues with never before used angles and points of view.IntroductionFalse Traditions-Benny Hinn-Costi Hinn-Personal Experience-Supporters & TV Networks-ConclusionDeception in the Church-Elder Veneration-Call of Paul-ConclusionDeceiving Spirits-Peter--Conscience-Judas--Summary-James & John-Mother of

    • UPC: 879301468

  • How & Why to Pray for Healing, Pray in Tongues & Give Prophecy - eBook

    Is praying for miraculous physical healing biblically appropriate? Is speaking in tongues of God? Can Christians really hear God talk and give prophecy?If you are confused about spiritual gifts and their merit or validity for

    • UPC: 663858770

  • Benefits of Praying in Tongues : Kingdom Dynamics for Breakthrough

    Benefits of Praying in Tongues: Kingdom Dynamics for Breakthrough Height : 0.10 In Length : 8.50 In Width : 5.50 In Weight : 0.15

    • UPC: 53396159

  • Is it Okay to Pray in Tongues in Church? - eBook

    Is It Okay To Pray In Tongues In Church? Fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus, God began His New Testament Church with an event that has caused controversy ever since. It was on the

    • UPC: 361888979

  • The Little Book of Hours: Praying with Community of Jesus - Revised Edition

    Learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in the Benedictine monastic

    • UPC: 5300830

  • Praying the Liturgy of the Hours - eBook

    Father Timothy Gallagher, loved for his popular guides to Ignatian spirituality, shares in this informative, inspiring volume his own experiences and insights into the daily prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, which he has

    • UPC: 898036545

  • Praying the Hours - eBook

    In Praying the Hours Suzanne Guthrie offers us a contemporary way to practice the ancient tradition of hallowing time throughout the day by marking the hours with prayer and thanksgiving. With humor and wisdom she

    • UPC: 170736438

  • Soul Inspiration : The Triumphant Testimony of a Praying Wife

    Books : Soul Inspiration: The Triumphant Testimony of a Praying Wife

    • UPC: 694197025

  • What Happened When I Prayed in Tongues for 15 Hours

    Praying In Tongues For Long Hours Testimonies
    Steven Brooks,Kenneth Hagin,Kenneth Copeland,Miracles,Sid Roth,Its supernatural,Word of...

    My testimony of praying in tongues

    Praying In Tongues For Long Hours Testimonies

    Power and Testimonies of praying in tongues

    Praying In Tongues For Long Hours Testimonies
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