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  • I Gave Up Men For Lent: The story of a jaded, hopelessly romantic, health-conscious party girl's search for meaning

    Kacie Main woke up on a blurry Saturday morning, put a hand to her throbbing head, and started to recall the events from the night before. Oh shit, she thought as the evening played back spottily in her head like a Netflix movie during a storm. I can't believe I made out with David. She pulled a pillow over her face and tried to go back to sleep, not yet ready to face those consequences. By most definitions, Kacie lived a social, fulfilling life. She had a good job, great friends, solid family. Aside from the 30-something-and-single combination...

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  • Faces Around the Cross: Lenten Devotional Guide

    A beloved spiritual asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” No, we weren’t there, but we have the next best thing. We have the stories of those who were there when Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time. We know who they were, what they said, what they did, and in many cases, we know why they did it. Ray Pritchard leads us on the journey that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Along the way, he introduces us to the many faces around the cross. Expand your faith and increase your joy by joining us on this Le...


  • Give Up Something Bad for Lent : A Lenten Study for Adults

    Wrap your arms around the "Good News" for

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  • Divine Friendship : Reflections for Lent

    Many of us spend our lives searching for something to satisfy our deepest longings. Yet we will never find complete satisfaction in human relationships, possessions, or personal power. Lent offers us the opportunity to deepen

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  • Bread & Wine : Readings for Lent and Easter

    Though Easter (like Christmas) is often trivialized by the culture at large, it is still the high point of the religious calendar for millions of people around the world. And for most of them, there

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  • Give Up Worry for Lent! : 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ


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  • Journey with Jesus Through Lent

    Practical, prophetic, and inspiring, this unique resource will transform your congregation's experience of the Lenten season by following in Jesus' footsteps on the road to Jerusalem and the cross. The book consists of seven weeks

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  • Surrounded by Grace : A Bible Study for Lent

    Surrounded by Grace: A Bible Study for

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  • Word in the Wilderness : A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter

    For every day from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Day, the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite chooses a favourite poem from across the Christian spiritual and English literary traditions and offers incisive reflections on it. A scholar

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  • The Promise of Lent Devotional : A 40-day Journey toward the Miracle of Easter

    Lent is a time of remembering Christ's sacrifice, and yet it is not meant to be depressing. The 40-day holy season is one of transition when believers turn their eyes away from fading disappointments and

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  • The Ignatian Workout for Lent : 40 Days of Prayer, Reflection, and Action

    Tim Muldoon offers readers 40 brief spiritual exercises to bolster their faith during Lent through the lens of Ignatian

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  • Do I Really Have to Give Something Up for Lent?

    Learn about a variety of opportunities to celebrate Lent, such as: giving up something meaningful, doing something for others, and sacrifice and sharing with others. With the thoughtful suggestions in this pamphlet, you will discover

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  • Giving Up Something For Lent With Kids

    Purpose Of Giving Up Something For Lent

    Picking a Thing For Lent

    Purpose Of Giving Up Something For Lent
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    Don't Give Up Anything For Lent

    Purpose Of Giving Up Something For Lent
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