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  • Kids' Travel Guide to the Beatitudes

    The Kids’ Travel Guide Series takes children from kindergarten through 5th grade on life-impacting explorations that engage them with activities, stories, prayer, and much more. Each of the seven themed Kids’ Travel Guides includes 13 imaginative, interactive Bible lessons. Lead your Sunday school or midweek program on a travel adventure packed with fun activities, creative options, and take-home pages that kids tuck into their very own travel journals. Jesus left no doubt that being a Christian can be
hard, but because of God’s promise...

    • ASIN: 1470704234
    • Brand: Group Publishing

  • Boy Meets Squirrels (The Dead Sea Squirrels)

    The Dead Sea Squirrels are alive! In book 2 of Mike Nawrocki’s hilarious new series, the two petrified squirrels Michael brought home from Israel are awake and ready to dive into the 21st century. Turns out, the squirrels lived during the time of Jesus and love sharing the lessons they learned from his teaching in their own quirky way. Missteps and misadventures abound as Merle and Pearl help Michael and his friends confront a bully, using lessons from the Sermon on the Mount....

    • ASIN: 1496435028
    • Brand: Tyndale House Publishers

  • The Be-Attitudes, Teaching Kids To Live Lives Approved By God, Bible Curriculum, Bible Lessons (Sermon on the Mount: The Be-Attitudes, Volume 1)

    A digital version is also available from the publisher. Sunday School Network presents: The Beatitudes, they teach us how a follower of Jesus should think, act and "be". They are concerned with one's inner life and attitudes. They also tell us what rewards are in store for those who abide by them. It is the goal of this series to help you teach the children in your ministry how to make the Beatitudes their daily attitudes and to live their lives approved by God! Teacher's book includes 16, one-hour sessions, Christian Crafts, Bible Games, Memor...

    • ASIN: B0077QFWYY

  • Jesus Teaches on the Mountain: Sermon on the Mount Children Sunday School Lessons

    Includes 30 individual lessons on virtually every portion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount! Help your students understand and follow Jesus’ teachings more thoroughly than ever before!1. Beatitude 1 - Blessed are the Poor in Spirit2. Beatitude 2 - Blessed are those who Mourn3. Beatitude 3 - Blessed are the Meek4. Beatitude 4 - Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness5. Beatitude 5 - Blessed are the Merciful6. Beatitude 6 - Blessed are the Pure in Heart7. Beatitude 7 - Blessed are the Peacemakers8. Beatitude 8 - Blessed are the ...

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  • Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Kids Vol. 2, Bible Curriculum for Children's Ministry, Bible Lessons

    A digital version is also available from the publisher. The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus' most famous sermon--primarily directed to Jesus' followers--it is the foundation of Christian moral and ethical principles. As children of the King of Kings, we have special blessings and privileges, as well as standards to live by. Through the use of Bible lessons, crafts, games, skits and various enrichment ideas, children will learn about their position--you are the salt of the earth--and mission--you are the light of the world--for living in God's king...

    • ASIN: B0077Q5LYA

  • My Sermon Notes Journal. A Workbook for Sermon Notes. Learnings, Reflections & Prayers.

    My Sermon Notes Journal. A Workbook for Sermon Notes. Learnings, Reflections & Prayers.This Journal features:Size 6 x 9 in (15.2 x 22.9 cm)100 pages Each two-page spread has guided space for you to write down your Sermon notes, learnings, reflections and prayersBook industry standard professional bindingThis Sermon Notes Journal is great to take notes of your learnings, reflections and prayers on each Sermon attended. A wonderful way to keep inventory of the learnings and apply them to daily lives. Great pocket size for you to keep along a...

    • ASIN: 1791773575

  • Design for Living : Lessons on Holiness from the Sermon on the Mount

    In a day when modern society worships tolerance and conformity, Dr. Pentecostshows how the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 calls Christians to a higherstandard of

    • UPC: 53370113

  • The Sermon on the Mount and Other Bible Stories - eBook

    A selection of Bible stories for children, simply retold and wonderfully illustrated. Read about Jesus and His twelve disciples, the good samaritan and the miracle of the two fish and five

    • UPC: 975109339

  • The Sermon on the Mount for Children - eBook

    The Sermon on the Mount of Jesus(Matthew 5-7) shows what kind of life the people of God should live. However, natural human beings cannot live as Jesus teaches. In order for us to live according

    • UPC: 707043305

  • Children's Sermons to Go : 52 Take Home Lessons about God

    Children's Sermons to Go is a collection of 52 sermons for children. Each sermon first gives a Bible verse and then illustrates that verse with a short anecdote. Each sermon lists easy-to-find household materials the

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  • Francis of Assisi's Sermon on the Mount : Lessons from the Admonitions

    Talbot applies the timeless words of St. Francis to our troubled times. In the United States and across the world, we are experiencing polarization, anger, and violence. But God is still in control, and it

    • UPC: 724555762

  • Christian Principles : Raising the Bar: Engaging Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount

    Here you will find an in depth and insightful look into the profound teachings of the Sermon on the

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  • Object Lessons for Children (Object Lesson Series) - eBook

    A collection of vivid object lessons for children's sermons, Sunday school, or homeschooling that will help the children in your life learn and remember important biblical

    • UPC: 381156799

  • Bible Animals : And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children

    "We enter now on a new course of sermons for the young. The subject of these sermons will be Bible Natural History. We shall take up one after another of the different beasts and birds

    • UPC: 6003885

  • Blatant Christianity --Living by the Sermon on the Mount

    Yes, Jesus came to rescue us from ourselves by cancelling the sins against us, but He also came to transform us to be like Himself, because it is God's goal to have many sons like

    • UPC: 29325509

  • Super Easy Sermons : Topical Children's Sermons with Meaningful Object Lessons

    Super Easy Sermons: Topical Children's Sermons with Meaningful Object

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  • Jesus and The Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5 | Sunday School Lesson and Bible Story for Kids |HD|

    Sermon On The Mount For Kids Lessons
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    God's Story: Sermon on the Mount

    Sermon On The Mount For Kids Lessons
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    Beatitudes - Sermon On The Mount | Stories Of Jesus | Bible Story for Kids| Holy Tales Bible Stories

    Sermon On The Mount For Kids Lessons
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