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  • Black Sea Deluge - A Flood Myth Short Story (The Historic Noah Flood Series Book 1)

    Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 18 pagesKu-aya led a joyful life with her parents and her three younger brothers. Her days were spent tending to the fields of wheat, watching over the herd of sheep, and dancing along the banks of the salt-river which ran through the center of her beautiful sprawling village. Every dawn brought new blessings from the Sky Father above.But The Striker, god of storms and change, could have a callous streak. With each passing year the salt-river grew ever wider, dividing their t...

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  • Voyage to Alpha Centauri: A Novel

    Set eighty years in the future, this novel by the best-selling author Michael O'Brien is about an expedition sent from the planet Earth to Alpha Centauri, the star closest to our solar system. The Kosmos, a great ship that the central character Neil de Hoyos describes as a "flying city", is immense in size and capable of more than half light-speed. Hoyos is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who has played a major role in designing the ship.Hoyos has signed on as a passenger because he desires to escape the seemingly benign totalitarian government...

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  • IMAGINE... The Great Flood (Imagine...Series Book 1)

    IMAGINE...The ocean swirled around the boy and pulled him down with unrelenting power. Heavy water churned and tugged at his flailing body like unseen hands yanking him into the watery depths. The fight was finally over. Even though he’d tried to stand up to the enemy, the waves were about to swallow him whole.   The last thing ten-year-old Corey remembers (before the world as he knew it disappeared) was the searing pain in his head after falling while chasing his dog Molly into the woods. What happens next can't be explained as Corey wakes...

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  • The Toddler's Bible

    The Toddler's Bible, with a fresh cover and all-new artwork, gives parents an ideal way to begin instilling God's Word into their child's heart.Short stories plus captivating, colorful illustrations make this a keepsake parents and their children will cherish. Geared for infants to three-year-olds, its lessons will make a lasting impression. This perennial best-seller, first published in 1992, is a wonderful introduction to the main events and people in Scripture, including Noah and the flood, Jonah and the whale, Moses and the Ten Commandments...

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  • Kidnapped by the SEAL (HERO Force Book 7)

    Navy SEAL Noah Ryker thinks he’s prepared for anything when he goes to his sister’s condo on Hilton Head Island to deal with her death. But he stops to be a good Samaritan and finds himself in desperate need of medical attention in a town that’s been evacuated for an approaching hurricane.Dr. Hannah Fielding just wanted to get her young son home before the storm when a last minute stop at a corner store throws her life careening into the desperate SEAL’s. But their paths are about to collide on a much grander scale, one that will threat...

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  • The Babylonian Story of the Deluge as Told by Assyrian Tablets from Nineveh

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  • The Treasured Brides Collection: Three Timeless Romances from a Beloved Author (Love Endures)

    Take a step back to a slower paced life the 1930s and 40s, and discover the joy of old-fashioned romance as penned by one of America’s most beloved authors. Lightly updated for today’s reader, this collection of three romances—including The Big Blue Soldier, Found Treasure, and The Patch of Blue—is the perfect pathway to discovering a timeless author. Grace Livingston Hill created enduring characters who go through every human emotion. They are realistic individuals looking to fit in and find a place of contentment in life. Love meets t...


  • The Bible Amazing Short Stories: Noah and the Flood

    This book is one of the many amazing short stories found in the Bible. Noah and the Flood is one of the most famous stories ever told, popular on most of the children's story book. Noah's story will serve as a reminder that God had once vanish the evil in this world through the great flood. May this story continue to guide and inspire you in your day to day living....

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  • The Bosphorus - A Flood Myth Short Story (The Historic Noah Flood Series Book 2)

    Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 13 pagesKu-aya was wrapped in nervous concern. Uncle Uselli and Uncle Kuwari had been gone for a full week. Perhaps it was folly for them to follow the salt river upstream into the high mountains to explore its source. What if The Striker grew angry and unleashed his fury on the village?She could not know that what would come next would be beyond her wildest imaginings ...* * *The Bosphorus is the second book in my short story series set in the Black Sea region during the Cop...

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  • Fountains of the Deep

    Tiras’ grandfather is building an Ark. The enormous boat has been there, in the background, nearing completion, his entire life. Now it’s almost ready to occupy – it sits on dry ground empty, waiting for what his grandpa says will be a massive influx of animals, even now migrating here from all over the planet – and a small handful of humans who are willing to stake their lives on its power to save them from the coming Judgment.Naturally the whole world thinks Noah is crazy. Tiras says he believes, wants to believe, but deep inside he j...

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  • Salvation From Waters - A Flood Myth Short Story (The Historic Noah Flood Series Book 3)

    Book 3 / Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 13 pagesKu-aya's world was tumbling in around her. The warning her uncles had brought back from their travels had fallen on deaf ears. The villagers simply could not believe that the rising of the Salt River was anything more than an odd seasonal flooding which would soon abate.Ku-aya knew better.And she had to prepare for the worst.* * *Salvation From Waters is the third book in my short story series set in the Black Sea region during the Copper Age - around 5,600 B...

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  • Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue (Conjunctions Book 70)

    Exploring the myriad ways in which we go about preserving what might otherwise be forfeited.   Whether trained specialists or lay people who care about something, preservationists come from every stratum of life. The archivist, the linguist, the local town historian. The paleontologist, the heirloom seed-saver, the family photographer, the Monuments Men. Old two-by-two Noah and taxonomist Linnaeus. The suburban girl who collects enough yard sale books to build up a library and thereby safeguards that most fragile of things: knowledge. All can ...

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  • Building the Ark - A Flood Myth Short Story (The Historic Noah Flood Series Book 4)

    Book 4 / Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 14 pagesKu-aya was on a mission - and she knew the dire consequences if she were to fail. Everyone she knew in her entire village would perish in a watery grave. She was determined to do whatever it took to save them all.To her surprise, it was not her constant suitor Pu-Dagan who joined her at her effort. Instead, the reclusive Burrukam emerged from his self-imposed isolation to labor without complaint at her uncle's side.And this was only the first event to cause h...

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  • Bible For Kids: Great Bible Stories For Kids

    Bible stories are exciting. Many kids don't understand the big words written in the Bible. Having a book that is Bible based but puts words on their levels would be great. Children can watch the pages of the Bible come to life through illustrations and words they can understand. There's no reason why ever child wouldn't want a book about a man being eaten by a fish or a little boy killing a giant....

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  • The Sound of the Flute - A Flood Myth Short Story (The Historic Noah Flood Series Book 5)

    Book 5 / Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 13 pagesKu-aya's world was changing faster than she could keep up with. It wasn't just that the components for the Ark were quickly piling up alongside her tholos. It was more than that.It was the snap of anger in Pu-Dagan's gaze, and his insistence that she abandon her foolish task.And it was in the steady warmth of Burrukam's faith in her ...* * *The Sound of the Flute is the fifth book in my short story series set in the Black Sea region during the Copper Age - ar...

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  • It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime : Stories from a South African Childhood (Adapted for Young Readers)


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  • The Story of Noah Sticker Book

    The story of Noah is retold with 130 stickers to fill in the gaps in the story. With a large scene from the tale to color, children will love this addition to the Candle Bible

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  • Baby's First Bible Boxed Set : The Story of Jesus, Noah's Ark, the Story of Moses, Adam and Eve

    With simple language, and bright clear pictures, Baby's First Bible series provides an ideal first introduction to the Bible, its stories and characters for infants and

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  • Flood : The Story of Noah and the Family Who Raised Him

    FLOOD is a visionary retelling of Noah and the worldwide flood with a fantasy twist. Beginning before Noah is born and continuing on until the world is washed clean, follow Noah's family as they struggle

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  • The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood (Paperback)

    Books : The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood

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  • The Big Flood : The Story of Noah and the Ark

    The Big Flood is the biblical story of Noah and the great flood in a rhyming, fun format. It teaches how we can trust God even when we don't understand, so we can carry out

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  • Answers Book for Kids: Answers Book for Kids Volume 2: 22 Questions from Kids on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah (Hardcover)


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  • The True Story of Noah's Ark

    Recounts the story of Noah and the Flood, and explains what the Bible has to say about the date of the deluge and the appearance of the Ark as a structure that was more a

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  • Sinners and the Sea : The Untold Story of Noah's Wife


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  • From the National Geographic Archives: Egypt - Secrets of the PharaohsAnd the Quest for Noah's Flood (DVD)

    National Geographic commemorates 125 years of exploration by reintroducing timeless classics from its rich archives through specially-priced double feature releases. In the classic Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs, National Geographic travels to a land of

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  • Noah's Ark Bible Story For Kids - ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )| The Bible's True Story

    Short Story Of Noah And The Flood
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    Noah's Ark and The Flood | Book of Genesis I Children's Bible Stories | Holy Tales Bible Stories

    Short Story Of Noah And The Flood
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    God's Story: Noah

    Short Story Of Noah And The Flood
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