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  • The Book of Signs: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse

    “The end times.” “The apocalypse.” “The day of judgment.” Terms such as these are both fascinating and frightening for any student of God’s Word. They point to key questions people have wrestled with for centuries, including:What does the Bible tell us about the future?How much can we understand about biblical prophecy and its application in our lives?What signs and signals will precede the end of everything as we know it?Which of those signs and signals have already come to pass, which are we experiencing now, and which are still...

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  • End of Days: An Encyclopedia of the Apocalypse in World Religions

    Covering religious traditions ranging from Buddhism to Christianity to Zoroastrianism and modern apocalyptic movements such as Arun Shinrikyo and the Branch Davidians, this book addresses prophesied end of days from a breadth of perspectives and includes material on often-neglected themes and genres.• Provides readers with an overview of apocalyptic themes in the world's religious traditions as well as detailed explanations of particular apocalyptic phenomena• Places popular apocalyptic motifs within the historical context of apocalyptic li...

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  • End Times Prophecy: Ancient Wisdom for Uncertain Times

    War and terror in the Middle East. Natural disasters and economic turmoil. The Bible predicted it all. But what does it mean? In this revised, comprehensive classic on the end times, one of the world’s greatest interpreters of biblical prophecy gives us insight into how the past, present, and future fit together into an amazing divine design. End Times Prophecy … •    Takes you verse by verse through hundreds of key prophecies from Genesis to Revelation •    Gives detailed insight into the prophecies that have been fulfilled and t...

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  • Uncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys for Unlocking What Scripture Really Says

    Can I know for sure what's in store for the future?With so much hype about the signs of the times, it's more important than ever to know what God really said was going to happen. It's not enough to take someone else's word for it. You must know how to uncover prophetic truths in the Bible for yourself. In this easy-to-read yet extremely helpful guide to understanding the nature and purpose of the prophetic passages in Scripture, Jeff Kinley will show you...the five biggest mistakes people make when it comes to Bible prophecyhow to sort fact fr...

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  • As It Was in the Days of Noah: Warnings from Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm

    The story of Noah is one of the most captivating in all the Bible. Yet most people remember it mainly as a children’s story found in picture books and heard in Sunday school classes. But this tragedy really took place―and widely overlooked is Jesus’ stunning prophecy that the final days of planet Earth would be just as it was in the days of Noah. His point? That there would be striking parallels between Noah’s day and the end times―with warnings of God’s imminent judgment upon the world. Is Jesus’ prophecy now being fulfilled? And...

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  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health

    This new edition for the twentieth anniversary of the groundbreaking national bestseller provides all the information you need to monitor your menstrual cycle—along with updated information on the latest reproductive technologiesAre you unhappy with your current method of birth control? Or demoralized by your quest to have a baby? Do you experience confusing signs and symptoms at various times in your cycle? This invaluable resource provides the answers to your questions while giving you amazing insights into your body.Taking Charge of Your F...

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  • End Times Bible Prophecy: It's Not What They Told You

    Are We Living in the Last Days?Are you confused by all the speculation out there about the End Times?Are you frustrated with how often the predictions fail?Has the Left Behind interpretation left you unsatisfied?Do you want to know what Jesus really said about the End of the Age?Then this controversial hard-hitting book of shocking revelations is for you!What Does the Bible Really Say about the End Times? There are so many Christians teaching outrageous speculation about End Times Bible prophecy these days. It’s enough to frustrate the seriou...

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  • New Babylon Rising: The Emerging End Times World Order

    What New Babylon Reveals to Us About the End Times   What will the world look like in the last days? One significant clue the Bible offers is a fascinating look at New Babylon. More than one-tenth of the book of Revelation is devoted to prophecies about this city—the center of the antichrist’s world government. But are we to understand these prophecies symbolically or literally?   In New Babylon Rising, trusted prophecy expert Ron Rhodes offers insight into what God’s Word tells us about the worldwide influence of New Babylon in the end...

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  • How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy: Developing Discernment for These Last Days

    We are living in a day when countless multitudes have lost their way both morally and spiritually. Like a ship without anchor, this last day's generation is being tossed to and fro by a flood of deception and wrong influences that is tragically causing people to lose their moorings. What should we do to make sure we don't get sucked in to the chaotic swirl of moral and spiritual confusion sweeping the world today? That is the vital question prolific author and Greek scholar Rick Renner answers in this riveting and timely book.  ...

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  • The Book of Signs Study Guide: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse

    What are the signs that the end times are near?Do you find yourself disheartened when you hear the news events of the day? Wars raging across the world. Crisis after crisis occurring in the homeland. Moral decay seemingly celebrated in the media outlets. Just when it seems things can't get any worse . . . they do. These uncertain times cause us to wonder what tomorrow holds and if the end is truly near.Thankfully, God has graciously filled His Word with signs of the future to help us understand His purpose and plans for us. Even so, these si...

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  • The End: A Complete Overview of Bible Prophecy and the End of Days

    The end times have seen a great amount of interest within the last two decades, but there hasn’t been a comprehensive overview of biblical prophecy and eschatology for more than five decades. Mark Hitchcock’s book is that comprehensive resource for the twenty-first century The End will do for eschatology what Randy Alcorn’s Heaven did for people’s understanding of heaven. It will provide a solid biblical foundation for Christians to explore the essential truths around this topic―the end of the world....

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  • Signs of the End: Amazing Proof that we are in the last days

    How can we be sure we are in the last days before Jesus Christ returns to earth? This book reveals ten major prophecies all due to take place in the last days. Ten stunning predictions uttered thousands of years ago that are openly manifesting before us now having never occurred before in history. God is warning planet earth through these unprecedented events. But are we listening? We ignore them at our peril....

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  • Are We The Generation That Will See Christ's Return?: Ten Signs of our Times Pointing to the Imminent Return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    In the Olivet Discourse, presented in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, the authoritative teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to His disciples on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Jesus gives us converging signs of the last days that would take place prior to His second coming to this earth. I discuss these signs in detail and show supporting passages in the scripture that we are the generation that will see Christ's return to this earth, and how we should be prepared to meet him....

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  • Giants, Fallen Angels, and the Return of the Nephilim: Ancient Secrets to Prepare for the Coming Days

    Are you prepared for what is about to happen?Giants, Fallen Angels and the Return of the Nephilim will discuss Biblical prophecies of giants on the earth, the Last Days demonic plot of engineering genetic hybrids, and what all of it has to do with Israel and the Middle East.In this book, you will receive answers to these questions and more…Have tribes of giants ever walked this Earth?Why are there massive and precise “prehistoric” megalithic structures throughout the world?Was early man a Neolithic Stone Age caveman or did he receive know...

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  • We Destroy Arguments

    Have you ever had your faith challenged by an unbeliever to where you felt helpless and without an answer? If so, this book is for you. Whether the challenge comes from unsaved loved ones, co-workers, college professors, or TV personalities, you can be certain that such challenges will come to every Christian. Knowing this, the Bible commands every Christian to be ready. The purpose of this book is to help Christians to always be prepared to make a defense for the hope that is within them (1Peter 3:15). Yet, if we are to properly achieve this g...

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  • One Day, the End.: Short, Very Short, Shorter-Than-Ever Stories (Hardcover)

    A little girl with a big imagination imparts her adventures on the way to school in a story that blends text that becomes progressively sparser as the story goes along and elaborate illustrations before the

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  • The Kids' Pocket Signing Guide : The Simple Way to Learn to Sign Using Everyday Phrases

    This hands-on resource for communicating in sign features easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions for the most commonly used phrases and an extensive index for easy

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  • Signs Preceding the End of the World

    First published as Seanales que precederaan al fin del mundo in

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  • Is This the End? : Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World

    The world seems more fractured each day. People are asking, 'Is this the

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  • Ending Your Day Right : Devotions for Every Evening of the Year

    A pocket-sized daily devotional in the tradition of Starting Your Day Right covers such topics as letting go at the end of the day, counting one's blessings, realizing one's dreams and hopes, and giving thanks.

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  • End of Watch (Blu-ray + Digital HD)

    From the writer of Training Day comes a gripping, action-packed cop drama starring Academy Award® nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. In their mission to abide by their oath to serve and protect, Officers Brian

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  • Signs of the End : Amazing Proof That We Are in the Last Days

    Signs of the End: Amazing Proof That We Are in the Last

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  • Is This the End? : Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World

    This study guide, which accompanies the book of the same name, will help believers delve more deeply into the prophecies concerning the end times and give them a clear path

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  • Apocalypse Rising : Chaos in the Middle East, the Fall of the West, and Other Signs of the End Times

    After decades of research, bestselling author Timothy Dailey connects the dots between history, archeological findings, and Scripture, warning that end-time events are closer than we know. With piercing insight, he reveals the evil forces behind

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  • End Everyday Pain for 50+ : A 10-Minute-A-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening and Movement to Break the Grip of Pain

    END MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN You've probably heard that as you get older, you are guaranteed to have more muscle and joint pain. That's simply not true. These chronic ailments arise from years of decreased

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  • Recognize the Signs of the End-Times

    Signs Of The End Days In The Bible
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    The End Times - In the Words of Jesus - Classic Collection - 3398

    Signs Of The End Days In The Bible
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    Signs Of The End Days In The Bible
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