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  • The Creative Capital of Cities: Interactive Knowledge Creation and the Urbanization Economies of Innovation (Studies in Urban and Social Change Book 78)

    This book challenges the new urban growth concepts of the creative class and creative industries from a critical urban theory perspective. Critiques Richard Florida's popular books about cities and the creative class Presents an alternative approach based on analyses of empirical research data concerning the German urban system and the case study regions, Hanover and Berlin Underscores that the culture industry takes a leading role in conforming with neoliberal conceptions of labor markets ...

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  • A Letter to My Anxious Christian Friends: From Fear to Faith in Unsettled Times

    The last few years have seen dizzying social change in the United States. Many of these changes—such as the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage—seem to challenge or overturn long-standing Christian teachings, while disputes over issues such as immigration, racism, and the abuse of police authority create uncertainty and confusion about what a faithful Christian response looks like. Small wonder, then, that the dominant mood among many Christians is anxiety about what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the world today.In a clear a...

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  • SEO FORMULAS 2016: Wordpress website creation and building private blog networks (2 in 1 bundle)

    Power up your SEO today! Inside you'll learn WORDPRESS SEO NINJA- create a website in 60 minutes or less- search engine optimizatin checklist- the best plug ins to use to get higher google rankings Private Blog Network (PBN) NINJA- how to rank for keywords for $33 Or Less- best way to find a domain for free- best dirt cheap hosting companies - $1 dirt cheap- the exact metrics I use to find domains that are being sold for $100-$500 (you can easily buy it for $11 and sell for hundreds ) GET THIS BUNDLE TODAY!...

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  • Summer of Love: Art, Fashion, and Rock and Roll

    Featuring a wide array of iconic rock posters, period photographs, music memorabilia and light shows, “out-of-this-world” clothing, and avant-garde films, this catalogue celebrates San Francisco’s rebellious and colorful counterculture that blossomed in the years surrounding the 1967 Summer of Love. This book explores, through essays and a succession of thematic plates, the visual and material cultures of a generation searching for personal fulfillment and social change. Presenting key cultural artifacts of the time, Summer of Love introd...

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  • Employment Guarantee Programme and Dynamics of Rural Transformation in India: Challenges and Opportunities (India Studies in Business and Economics)

    This book offers an assessment of the performance, impact, and welfare implications of the world’s largest employment guarantee programme, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). Launched by the Indian government, the programme covers entire rural area of the country. The book presents various micro-level analyses of the programme and its heterogeneous impacts at different scales, almost a decade after its implementation. While there are some doubts over the future of the scheme as well as its magnitude, nature a...

    • ASIN: B07DMGG4XD

  • Personal Knowledge Capital: The Inner and Outer Path of Knowledge Creation in a Web World (Chandos Information Professional Series)

    Intangible value leads to new insights and ideas, and higher levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Personal knowledge capital focuses on the knowledge worker, knowledge creation, and third generation knowledge management. A focus on the ‘inner and outer’ aspects of personal knowledge capital creates a balanced approach in order to produce creative solutions. As such this forms part of a synthesis of mind versus body thinking in relation to knowledge creation theory within knowledge management. This title is divided into two sections...

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  • Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: or, How Capitalism Works--and How It Fails

    In Talking to My Daughter About the Economy, activist Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister and the author of the international bestseller Adults in the Room, pens a series of letters to his young daughter, educating her about the business, politics, and corruption of world economics. Yanis Varoufakis has appeared before heads of nations, assemblies of experts, and countless students around the world. Now, he faces his most important―and difficult―audience yet. Using clear language and vivid examples, Varoufakis offers a seri...

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  • Human Capital Creation in an Economic Perspective

    The past few decades have seen a revolutionary increase in interest in the economic role of education and training at the societal, business, and individual levels. This is mainly due to the strong post-war growth in industrialized economies, which has been driven by rapid technological progress and far-reaching structural change and, in the end, has resulted in increasingly skill-intensive production and growing demandfor more educated labour. Today it is frequently argued that with the increasing importance of the role of know-how, the workfo...

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  • The Role of Internal Competition in Knowledge Creation: An Empirical Study in Japanese Firms (Kreatives Management)

    This book is about how to implement creative competition within an organization. It examines the conditions under which internal competition can promote knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing. The book describes a number of studies of sales departments in Japanese firms. Sales departments in Japanese firms were studied because internal competition is getting fiercer in these departments following the recent introduction of performance-based compensation. Exploratory case studies of ORIX Corporation and Japan Computer were conducted in orde...

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  • Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War

    This reprint makes one of America's greatest humorists--and one of America's greatest humorous characters--available again to the public.

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  • The Principles of Knowledge Creation: Research Methods in the Social Sciences

    The Principles of Knowledge Creation is an essential guide to the various methods of collating, explaining and understanding research data. It provides an overview of the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the research world, and demonstrates the pluralism of scientific approaches and methods. The book explores research tools and techniques in the context of objectifying and interpreting science, and the application of critical science methods. An exhaustive range of research methods is examined by subject specialists from varied soc...

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  • Exchange Rate Deregulation and Human Capital Development in Nigeria, 1986-2015

    This research investigates exchange rate deregulation and human capital development in Nigeria from 1986-2015. Data were collected from the Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin. The study examines the stochastic characteristics of each time series by testing their stationarity using Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) and Philip Peron (PP) tests. The study also employed ECM for estimation. Variables used in this study included exchange rate, government expenditure on education, government expenditure on health, interest rate, inflation rate, ...

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  • Valuing human and social capital - eBook

    Seminar paper from the year 2004 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 2,3, European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel, course: Seminar Finance & Banking, 42 entries in the

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  • Value Creation, Reporting, and Signaling for Human Capital and Human Assets - eBook

    The issues discussed in this book are the building blocks needed for an interdisciplinary theoretical framework that will allow for value creation and reporting by the most important assets organizations have, its human

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  • Value Creation, Reporting, and Signaling for Human Capital and Human Assets: Building the Foundation for a Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Level Theory


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  • Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia - eBook

    This book presents recent findings about the consequences and policy implications of economic stress for human capital development and family well-being in Asia. The scope of the chapters goes beyond the impact of current financial

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  • Social Class and Transnational Human Capital - eBook

    Due to globalization processes, foreign language skills, knowledge about other countries and intercultural competences have increasingly become important for societies and people’s social positions. Previous research on social inequality, however, has dominantly focused on the

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  • The Human Factor in Social Capital Management : The Owner-Manager Perspective

    "This book is about the management of social capital processes as they are accomplished-understood, experienced and shaped-by owner-managers. The aim of the book is to develop a deeper understanding of these management processes, and thereby

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  • Social Capital, Resilience and Adaptation on Small Islands - eBook

    The book deals with the role of social capital regarding its potential to increase small islands’ adaptive capacity to climate change. The case study of the Isles of Scilly, UK, shows how social structures can

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  • Creation and Returns of Social Capital - eBook

    The idea of a social capital research program has become increasingly significant within the social sciences. This collection of essays contributes to a theoretical integration as well as standardization of measurement instruments and co-ordination of

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  • Urban Social Capital - eBook

    This volume presents a kaleidoscopic view of the norms and forms of contemporary city life, focusing especially on the processes of social capital (de)formation in the urban milieu. It brings together studies from highly diverse

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  • Anti-Capital: Human, Social and Cultural - eBook

    The notion of capital has enjoyed a rich career in the social sciences, its use across a range of subjects and in diverse academic and professional contexts having served to establish its conceptual status as

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  • Social Capital Theory

    Social Capital In The Creation Of Human Capital
    Social Capital (Literature Subject),Social Capital theory,IFB101,Impact of IT,School of...

    Human Capital Theory

    Social Capital In The Creation Of Human Capital

    Thomas Sowell on Wealth Creation, Human Capital & Colonialism

    Social Capital In The Creation Of Human Capital
    Thomas Sowell,Race,African American,Black,White,America,SJW,Triggered,Wealth,capital,hu...