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  • Relationships That Work : Four Ways to Connect (and Set Boundaries) with Colleagues, Students and Parents

    Teaching is an extremely gratifying profession, but it can also be draining if you don't have fulfilling relationships and the ability to avoid toxic, negative people. This unique book, written by bestselling author and psychologist

    • UPC: 45055356

  • Where to Draw the Line : How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day

    A practical handbook designed to help readers establish and maintain healthy boundaries in a wide array of situations furnishes a collection of insights, concepts, tools, and case studies that explain how to create boundaries within

    • UPC: 783398
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Talking to a Loved One with Borderline Personality Disorder : Communication Skills to Manage Intense Emotions, Set Boundaries, and Reduce Conflict

    Communicating with a loved one who has borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be fraught with explosive emotions and intense conflict. In this compassionate guide, Jerold Kreisman—bestselling author of I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me—offers a

    • UPC: 934524204

  • Lie for Me: A Spellbinding Thriller with a Heart Stopping Twist at the End (Paperback)

    WOULD YOU KILL TO SAVE YOUR DAUGHTER'S LIFE? PERFECT FOR FANS OF GONE GIRL AND GIRL ON THE TRAIN Emma Dixon has a great life. Loving husband and perfect daughter. But she gets an email

    • UPC: 863147656
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Codependence and the Power of Detachment : How to Set Boundaries and Make Your Life Your Own

    Casey takes readers through the steps of detaching from a codependent relationship. Her unique treatment of codependency focuses not on naming or on cause, but on the individual's own power to detach from the bad

    • UPC: 10219901

  • No Set Boundaries: Eleven Stories of Life, Travel, Misadventure (Townsend 11, Vol 2) - eBook

    The Townsend 11 collective of award-winning writers is back again with eleven true stories that will delight, entertain, amuse, and inspire readers of all ages. If you like the essays published in Travelers’ Tales, Lonely

    • UPC: 196992007

  • Boundaries In Relationships: Learn When To Say Yes, Make Your Life Healthy, Set Boundaries Between Relationships - eBook

    Get To Know About "Boundaries In Relationships"Have you struggled with relationship problems - This book gives you the step by step introduction on how to set Boundaries in each relationshipBoundaries In Relationships Guide IncludesWhat Are

    • UPC: 935468397

  • Relationship Growth: Key Advice that Dating or Married Couples can Use to Improve their Communication, Set Healthy Boundaries and Restore the Lost Magic - eBook

    Have you ever felt that your relationship is in a less than ideal place? Have you ever felt "stuck" and ready to give up?Whether you're in a new relationship or have been several years married,

    • UPC: 362071249

  • How to Communicate Personal Greeting Boundaries A Handshake, A Hug or None at All - eBook

    This GREETING Communication Boundary Activity and Self Help Questionaire is a Book Designed to:**Bring awareness to your greeting behaviors.**Help you build confidence when greeting others.**Questions will help assess your personal comfort level when greeting others

    • UPC: 424723851

  • 898 Mental Triggers To Recognize And Set Healthy Boundaries - eBook

    Do you need a Miracle? Yes, this is possible! This book is specially configured (order of words) for you to Recognize And Set Healthy Boundaries. Quick effects. Some people reported beneficial effects from the very

    • UPC: 808947412