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  • Big Data Science & Analytics: A Hands-On Approach

    We are living in the dawn of what has been termed as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which is marked through the emergence of "cyber-physical systems" where software interfaces seamlessly over networks with physical systems, such as sensors, smartphones, vehicles, power grids or buildings, to create a new world of Internet of Things (IoT). Data and information are fuel of this new age where powerful analytics algorithms burn this fuel to generate decisions that are expected to create a smarter and more efficient world for all of us to live ... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0996025537
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  • Student Workbook for Bennett's Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems, 5th


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  • Database Management Systems - eBook

    Database Management System Quick Learn: This book is specially written for people in Computer Engineering and IT FieldAlso every one with interest in database concepts can use this book.It covers most of the fundamental concepts

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  • Time Management Productivity System Project - eBook

    "HOW YOU CAN MASTER TIME IN ONE EVENING"In this book you will learn new  and pragmatic time management skills that you can actually use and benefit from. Learn how to create more time! Learn how

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  • Spatial Database Systems : Design, Implementation and Project Management

    Spatial Database Systems; Design, Implementation and Project

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  • Database Management System - eBook

    ★★★★★LEARNING STARTS WITH VIEWING THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY. ★★★★★Knowledge flow — A mobile learning platform provides Apps and BooksKnowledge flow provides learning book of Database Management System. This book is for all information technology, computer science

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  • Database Management System MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys) - eBook

    Database management system multiple choice questions has 588 MCQs. Database management system quiz questions and answers pdf, MCQs on RDBMS, SQL, SQL queries, ER diagram, entity relationship model, data modeling, architecture, normalization, DBMS MCQs with

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  • Introduction to Database Management System  - eBook

    The knowledge of database systems are an important part of an education in Computer Science. Without database, an organisation is blind. The book Introduction to Database Management System introduces concepts, design, applications and technologies of

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  • Database Management Systems - eBook

    More and more, the advance of enterprise computing and cloud technologies means that managers are responsible for retrieving data ad-hoc and constructing business reports for decision-making and storytelling. The technical competencies necessary for such tasks

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  • Multimedia Database Management Systems - eBook

    Multimedia Database Management Systems presents the issues and the techniques used in building multimedia database management systems.Chapter 1 provides an overview of multimedia databases and underlines the new requirements for these applications. Chapter 2 discusses

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  • Database Systems : A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management

    Database Systems is ideal for a one- or two-term course in database management or database design in an undergraduate or graduate level course. With its comprehensive coverage, this book can also be used as a

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  • Student Report Card System In C Programming With Source Code (C Projects)

    Student Database Management System Project In C
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    Student Information System in C Programming

    Student Database Management System Project In C
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    student management system with array structure in c?

    Student Database Management System Project In C
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