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  • You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less

    • ASIN: B004MYFV0O

  • How to Draw Cool Stuff: A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students

    How to Draw Cool Stuff shows simple step-by-step illustrations that make it easy for anyone to draw cool stuff with precision and confidence. These pages will guide you through the basic principles of illustration by concentrating on easy-to-learn shapes that build into complex drawings. With the step-by-step guidelines provided, anything can become easy to draw. This book contains a series of fun, hands-on exercises that will help you see line, shape, space and other elements in everyday objects and turn them into detailed works of art in jus...

    • ASIN: B074CDJPNK

  • Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days

    A contemporary paint-every-day watercolor guide that explores foundational strokes and patterns and then builds new skills upon the foundations over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces. This beautifully illustrated and inspiring guided watercolor-a-day book is perfect for beginning watercolor artists, artists who want to improve their watercolor skills, and visual creatives. From strokes to shapes, this book covers the basics and helps painters gain confidence in themselves along with inspiration to develop their own style over the...

    • ASIN: 0399579729

  • The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for drawing people, animals, flowers and nature

    This is the book that can teach anyone to draw (yes, even you!)If you're not getting the kind of true-to-life results you want in your drawings (or if you can't even draw a straight line), Carrie and Rick Parks can help. As award-winning teachers, they have a proven game plan for helping artists of all levels overcome common problems and see immediate improvement in their work. As professional composite artists, they know the tricks and tools for achieving incredibly lifelike results. In this friendly, foolproof guide to drawing, they share it ...

    • ASIN: B005C5TKPO

  • 70 Animals to Trace, Draw, Color and Sketch: Teach Yourself to Draw Realistic Animals

    Fun-Schooling Art & Science for ALL AGES! If you are looking for one activity that all of your children can do together every day, ages 3 to adult, this is a perfect activity book. Each child will trace, color or draw each animal. You can watch a video or read about each animal that you are learning to draw. Did you know that homeschooling could be this easy? This beautiful little book of realistic animals will bring joy and pleasure to young artists who love horses, reptiles, sea creatures, wild cats, kittens, eagles, owls, bugs and butterflie...

    • ASIN: 1500328022

  • Drawing for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear & Easy Guide to Successful Drawing (Art for the Absolute Beginner)

    This inspiring book makes drawing in a realistic style easier than you may think and more fun than you ever imagined!Authors Mark and Mary Willenbrink (Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner) cover it all—from choosing materials and the correct way to hold your pencil, to expert advice on the tricky stuff, like getting proportions and perspective right, drawing reflections, and designing strong compositions. (It's not as scary as it sounds…not with Mark and Mary as your guide!)At the heart of this book, a series of fun, hands-on exercises hel...

    • ASIN: B003YJEYDS

  • Sketch Your Stuff: 200 Things to Draw and How to Draw Them

    Grab your pencil and Sketch your Stuff!Learn how to turn the everyday objects that fill your life into subjects for your sketchbook, allowing you to work on your drawing skills at any moment of the day or night. You'll find over 200 prompts to help you build up strong art skills as you work though the book. These everyday objects are small enough to sketch in minutes, so you can practice quickly and often. Everything you need to know about perspective, observation of shape and form, light and shade, and composition in included. Sketch Your Stuf...

    • ASIN: 1631592661
    • Brand: Quarry Books

  • Teach Yourself to Draw - Horses, Ponies and Donkeys: For Artists and Animals Lovers of All Ages (Teach Yourself to Draw - Series 3) (Volume 2)

    Our method of drawing instruction teaches carefulobservation while developing skills and talent for creating detailed and accurate illustrations. There are five different drawing activitiesin each "Teach Yourself to Draw" lesson. First they will begin by matching the pencil strokes and detail work found in these high quality drawings.Next, by tracing the image and filling in what is missing from the professional drawing the students will naturally advance in their abilities.After this the student will complete a more complex drawing puzzle and ...

    • ASIN: 1500273767

  • Portfolio: Beginning Drawing: A multidimensional approach to learning the art of basic drawing

    Discover and master the fundamentals of drawing with professional tips and expert instruction.Designed especially for aspiring artists, Beginning Drawing, the third title in Walter Foster's new Portfolio series, offers a well-rounded introduction to the art of basic drawing. In this concept-and technique-driven approach, beginning artists will discover the fundamentals of the craft and how to put those skills into practice for creating realistic works of art. From selecting and working with the tools of the trade to learning a range of basic te...

    • ASIN: 1633221423
    • Brand: Walter Foster

  • The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing: More than 200 drawing techniques, tips & lessons (The Complete Book of ...)

    The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing contains more than 200 drawing techniques, tips, and lessons for budding artists looking for a variety of subjects to practice drawing.The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing is a comprehensive hardcover guide to drawing a vast array of subjects, from landscapes and flowers to animals and portraits. This helpful resource begins with a thorough introduction to the essential tools and materials you need to get started, including different types of pencils, sketchbooks, papers, and other tools. Then learn ...

    • ASIN: 1633221040
    • Brand: Walter Foster Publications

  • How to Draw What You See

    The 35th anniversary edition of the classic how-to book that has helped millions of artists learn to draw.When it was originally published in 1970, How to Draw What You See zoomed to the top of Watson-Guptill’s best-seller list—and it has remained there ever since. “I believe that you must be able to draw things as you see them—realistically,” wrote Rudy de Reyna in his introduction. Today, generations of artists have learned to draw what they see, to truly capture the world around them, using de Reyna’s methods. How to Draw What Yo...

    • ASIN: 0823023753
    • Brand: Books

  • How to Draw (Dover How to Draw)

    Beginners can learn the basics of sketching by combining circles, ovals, rectangles, crescents, and other shapes to produce remarkable likenesses of a number of subjects. Simple, step-by-step diagrams — plus blank practice pages — make it easy for youngsters and would-be artists of all ages to draw fruit, fish, kittens, and other subjects. 30 projects....

    • ASIN: 0486472035
    • UPC: 800759472031

  • Lettering and Modern Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide: Learn Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering

    Learn to letter! Learn to letter and create beautiful designs with this beginner's guide and workbook! Every page is filled with tips, tricks encouragement and practice space to kickstart your lettering journey! Learn 5 different alphabet styles, upper and lower case letters, practice connections and dive into design and composition with this beautiful lettering book. At the end of this book, there are also 15 beautiful lettering projects to help you bring together your knowledge and skill and help you begin to create beautiful works of art! Yo...

    • ASIN: 1948209004
    • Brand: Paper Peony Press

  • How to Sketch: A Beginner's Guide to Sketching Techniques, Including Step By Step Exercises, Tips and Tricks

    HOW TO SKETCHA Beginner's Guide to Sketching Techniques, Including Step By Step Exercises, Tips and TricksDo you want to start sketching, TODAY? Do you always doodle on every piece of paper available on sight? Did you never get the chance to FINALLY commit to sketching and drawing?If you answered yes, then HOW TO SKETCH is the book you need!Inside this huge (300+ pages) book you will find step-by-step guidance from the moment you draw your first line, and until you are able to observe objects and joyfully sketch them. Liron is a great believer ...

    • ASIN: 1505583721

  • How to Draw Almost Everything: An Illustrated Sourcebook

    Not sure how to start your drawing of a flamingo or a flying squirrel? Businessman? Bat? Baobab tree? How to Draw Almost Everything is here to help! With over 2,000 images, this visual reference book offers instructions for drawing animals, people, plants, food, everyday objects, buildings, vehicles, clothing, and more. The section on people gives simple tricks for showing emotion (angry, surprised) and action (skipping, doing a handstand). There's also a section on clothing that shows how to draw coats and jackets, shoes and boots, bell-bott...

    • ASIN: 1631591401
    • Brand: Miyata Chika

  • Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days

    The friendly, tutorial style of this guide empowers beginning Web developers to create their own Active Server Pages quickly and easily. Using client-proven methods, ASP master Scott Mitchell covers the ASP and IIS fundamentals and

    • UPC: 27628794

  • Gorgeous Dark Blue Stain Heart and Floral Wood Inlay Music Box - Around the World in 80 Days (V.Young) - SWISS

    Gorgeous Dark Blue Stain Heart and Floral Wood Inlay Music

    • UPC: 773637055
    • Model: MBA18HEARTDB-30
    • Size: 030. Around the World in 80 Days (V.Young) - SWISS (+$35)030

  • Gorgeous Baby Grand Musical Piano With Bench - Circle of Life (Lion King)

    Exclusive, truly a one of a kind miniature Grand Black piano! Made with quality wood, this piano is guaranteed to last in your family for generations to come!This box comes with the wonderful 18 note

    • UPC: 116110219
    • Model: 215102-BLK-77
    • Size: 7777. Circle of Life (Lion King)
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Incredible Wood Tone Miniature Replica Of A Baby Grand Piano With Bench, Music Selection - American DreamThe - SWISS

    Incredible Wood Tone Miniature Replica Of A Baby Grand Piano With BenchDetailing such as pedals, pianos keys, moveable fall (cover), stool, lid & lid prop. Matte wood tone grand piano replica with matching stool.DimensionItem Dimension:5.75"

    • UPC: 535612133
    • Model: 215102-BRN-20
    • Size: 20. American Dream. The - SWISS20

  • Astonishing Hi Gloss Wood Tone Petite Music Box - Born Free - SWISS

    Bring a smile to a loved one today with the magical gift of sound! A gift fit for just about anyone, a music box has been bringing joy to people's lives for centuries.This incredibly striking

    • UPC: 867407427
    • Model: MBA-MB03-58
    • Size: 58. Born Free - SWISS58

  • Sophisticated 18 Note Miniature Musical Hi-Gloss Black Grand Piano With Bench, Music Selection - Adeste Fideles (0 Come, All Ye Faithful)

    Sophisticated 18 Note Miniature Musical Hi-Gloss Black Grand Piano With BenchPackage content: 1 x Sophisticated 18 Note Miniature Musical Hi-Gloss Black Grand Piano With BenchDimensionItem Dimension w/ stand: 8" x 5.75" x 4.75"Gift Box Dimension:

    • UPC: 896899725
    • Size: 8. Adeste Fideles (0 Come, All Ye Faithful)8

  • Vibrant Royal Blue Floral Wood Inlay Music Box - Aloha Oe, H.M.O - SWISS

    A truly remarkable work of art , this royal blue floral music box is perfect for that someone special. It's timeless appeal is why it will be cherished for years to come. This amazing music

    • UPC: 691905205
    • Model: MBA18FLORAL-DB-14
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 01014. Aloha Oe, H.M.O. - SWISS (+$45)

  • Astonishing Hand Inlay Of An Irish Celtic Shamrock Sorrento Musical Box, Music Selection - Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

    This festive music box will fill bring a smile to anyone! This beautiful music box will not only make that special someone's day but also fill them with Irish pride! The luck of the Irish

    • UPC: 278311247
    • Model: MBA17CELTICSHAM-74
    • Size: 74. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire74

  • 3" X 2" Wallet Size White Lacquer Photo Frame Music Box With New Pop-Out Lens System - Yankee Doodle

    New "Pop-Out" lens with quick release system - photo frame music boxFits 3" x 2" (Wallet) photo print size18 note mechanical movement inside - please see "item options" for available tunesCentered mirror, Inside lined with

    • UPC: 674661584
    • Model: MBA-30LN-Whitelaq-440
    • Color: White
    • Size: 440440. Yankee Doodle
    • Rating: 3.0

  • 3" X 2" Wallet Size Black Lacquer Photo Frame Music Box With New Pop-Out Lens System - Yankee Doodle

    New "Pop-Out" lens with quick release system - photo frame music boxFits 3" x 2" (Wallet) photo print size18 note mechanical movement inside - please see "item options" for available tunesCentered mirror, Inside lined with

    • UPC: 592415441
    • Model: MBA-30LN-Blacklaq-440
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 440440. Yankee Doodle

  • Day 1! Can Professor Bill Learn-To-Draw in 30-Days?

    Teach Yourself To Draw In 30 Days
    How To Draw With Mark Kistler,How To Draw In 30 Days,How To Draw Spheres,you can draw i...

    Learn to draw in 30 days!!! Just 20 minutes a day!

    Teach Yourself To Draw In 30 Days
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    Learn to Draw in 30 Days

    Teach Yourself To Draw In 30 Days
    Learn to Draw,How to Draw,Practiving Drawing,Drawing the Joker,Goal Guys,Drawing Comics