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  • Technology and Literacy in the 21st Century: The Importance of Paying Attention (Studies in Writing and Rhetoric)

    Part critique of existing policy and practice, part call-to-action, Technology and Literacy in the Twenty-First Century explores the complex linkage between technology and literacy that has come to characterize American culture and its public educational system at the end of the twentieth century.To provide a specific case study of this complex cultural formation, award-winning educator Cynthia L. Selfe discusses the Technology Literacy Challenge, an official, federally sponsored literacy project begun in 1996 that has changed—at fundamentall...

    • ASIN: B00U3O0XMS

  • Teaching the New Writing: Technology, Change, and Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom (Language and Literacy Series)

    How has the teaching of writing changed in the 21st century? In this innovative guide, real teachers share their stories, successful practices, and vivid examples of their students’ creative and expository writing from online and multimedia projects, such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, electronic poetry, and more. The book also addresses assessment: How can teachers navigate the reductive definitions of writing in current national and statewide testing? What are teachers’ goals for their students’ learning―and how have they changed in the p...

    • ASIN: 0807749648
    • Brand: Teachers College Press

  • Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape (The 21st Century Fluency Series)

    This resource examines how the digital landscape is transforming teaching and learning, why informed leadership is so critical, and how instruction can support traditional literacy skills alongside 21st-century fluencies.

    • ASIN: 1412938449
    • Brand: Corwin

  • The Teacher's Guide to Media Literacy: Critical Thinking in a Multimedia World

    Use media literacy to reach all students! The Teacher's Guide to Media Literacy starts by asking, "What does it mean to be literate in today's world, and how can those literacy skills be developed?" The authors

    • ASIN: 1412997585
    • Brand: Corwin

  • What's Worth Teaching?: Rethinking Curriculum in the Age of Technology (Technology, Education--Connections (The TEC Series))

    This important contribution to the future of education, by bestselling author and renowned cognitive scientist Allan Collins, proposes a school curriculum that will fit the needs of our modern era. Offering guidelines for deciding what is important to learn in order to become a knowledgeable person, a good citizen, a thoughtful worker, and a valuable friend in the 21st century, Collins considers the qualities needed for a healthy and productive life. Taking a close look at how advances in technology, communication, and the dissemination of info...

    • ASIN: 0807758655
    • Brand: Teachers College Press

  • Digital and Media Literacy: Connecting Culture and Classroom

    Integrate the power of media for a cutting-edge curriculumThis book by a leading authority on media literacy education shows secondary teachers how to use media to help students access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate messages in a wide variety of forms. The author demonstrates how to incorporate media literacy into the secondary classroom, providing the tools teachers need to: Effectively foster students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills Integrate media literacy into every subject Select meaningful media text...

    • ASIN: 1412981581
    • Brand: Corwin

  • Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity

    A must-read for incorporating digital literacy into your classroom! Equip your students with essential 21st-century media literacy skills, as they read, write, speak, and create art within the context of digital storyt

    • ASIN: 1452268258
    • Brand: Corwin

  • Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills: Research and Applications (Educational Assessment in an Information Age)

    This book provides a detailed description of research and application outcomes from the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills project, which explored a framework for understanding the nature of these skills. The major element of this new volume is the presentation of research information from the global assessment of two 21st century skills that are amenable to teaching and learning: collaborative problem solving, and learning in digital networks. The outcomes presented include evidence to support the validity of assessment of 21st cen...

    • ASIN: B07796WZM2

  • [Technology and Literacy in the Twenty-first Century (Studies in Writing and Rhetoric)] [Author: Cynthia L. Selfe] [November, 1999]

    • ASIN: B00FBYOCX6

  • Technology and Literacy: 21st Century Library Programming for Children and Teens (Ala Editions Special Report)

    Technology may not be a magic wand, but innovative technology programming can genuinely help children become adept at navigating our increasingly wired world while also helping them develop deductive reasoning, math, and other vital literacy skills. One of the simplest and most powerful tools for technology-based public library programming is called Scratch. It s a free, easy-to-use programming language that can be used to create everything from 3-D animation and graphics to music-enhanced presentations and games. This bookExplains how to use S...

    • ASIN: 0838911080

  • Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students (Corwin Teaching Essentials)

    Building 21st Century communication skills  Students are expected to be innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. But what if they can′t communicate their ideas persuasively? Knowing how to share ideas is as crucial as the ideas themselves. Unfortunately, many students don’t get explicit opportunities to hone this skill.  Cultivating Communication in the Classroom will help educators design authentic learning experiences that allow students to practice their skills. Readers will find: Real world insights into how students wil...

    • ASIN: 1506356370

  • Foundations of Multiliteracies: Reading, Writing and Talking in the 21st Century

      Using the concept of multiliteracies and multimodality, this book provides foundation knowledge about the new and continuously changing literacies of the 21st century. It details the five semiotic systems (linguistic, visual, auditory, gestural and spatial) and how they contribute to the reading and writing of increasingly complex and dynamic texts that are delivered by live, paper or digital technologies. One of the main tenets of the book is that social, cultural and technological developments will continue to give rise to changing litera...

    • ASIN: 1138079901

  • Reimagining Reference in the 21st Century (Charleston Insights in Library, Archival, and Information Sciences)

    Reference service, the idea that librarians provide direct assistance to users, has been a central function of libraries for over a century. Today’s libraries are even more complex and intimidating to new users than libraries of the past, and the technical and social contexts in which users experience their library’s resources add to this complexity. The availability of a friendly librarian who helps users find materials, search for information on a topic, interpret citations, identify quality information, and format bibliographies has beco...

    • ASIN: 1557536988

  • Overcoming Textbook Fatigue: 21st Century Tools to Revitalize Teaching and Learning

    Overcoming textbook fatigue means reaching within and beyond the textbook to access all sorts of 21st century tools, the same ones that students will be using in college, careers, and daily life.–ReLeah Cossett LentTextbook fatigue is a malaise that negatively affects teachers and students. It is the result of scripted programs and step-by-step teachers’ manuals that dismiss the individualization of schools, teachers, and students. Because textbooks provide a one-way distillation of information aimed at a broad, generic population, they off...

    • ASIN: B00A823NLS

  • Literacy 2.0: Reading and Writing in 21st Century Classrooms

    Literacy 2.0 is where traditional literacy and technological literacy meet. Students in the 21st century still need to develop the reading and writing skills that were the aim of literacy 1.0 instruction, but they must go beyond those skills and learn how to use technology for communicating and collaborating in new ways.Constantly evolving technologies and new 21st century frameworks for what students should know and be able to do present great challenges for today’s teachers. In this book, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Alex Gonzalez offer ...

    • ASIN: B003O86P04

  • Literacy Coaching : Transforming Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools and Technology

    What does it mean to be an effective literacy coach? Former teacher and veteran literacy coach Stephanie Affinito shares a core set of beliefs about literacy coaching and how it can transform teacher and student

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  • Teaching Middle School Language Arts : Incorporating Twenty-First Century Literacies

    This is the first book on teaching middle school language arts for multiple intelligences and related 21st century literacies in technologically and ethnically diverse communities. Roseboro's book provides an entire academic year of inspiring theory

    • UPC: 13318326

  • Inventing Bitcoin: The Technology Behind the First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained (Paperback)

    Bitcoin may well be the greatest invention of our time, and most people have no idea what it is, or how it works. Walking through its invention step by step, this short two hour read

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  • Reading the Web, First Edition : Strategies for Internet Inquiry

    This book's topics and examples all have the classroom teacher in mind. Each reader-friendly chapter is formatted with key ideas, sidebars, and a chapter summary. Practical tools include sample Web pages, self-tests, project plans, and

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  • Growing Up with Technology : Elementary Computer Lab Manual, First Edition

    Computer Concepts for Liberian Schools, Jr. High Lab Manual: First Edition takes a unique approach to instruction by teaching computer application software the way students actually experience it in real life. The lab manual is

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  • Love at First Sight: Positive Affirmations for Young Girls of Color


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  • DNA (Grade 5)

    "Twins can look identical. And siblings or children may look similar to other people in their family. Even kittens can have the same markings as other kittens in a litter. But why? The answer is

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  • Developing Media Literacy in Cyberspace : Pedagogy and Critical Learning for the Twenty-First-Century Classroom

    Combines recent communication and educational scholarship on telecommunications technology with theoretical visions and pragmatic possibilities for the Internet-supported

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