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  • The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen

    National BestsellerDon’t despair. Don’t retreat. Fight back.The stunning election of Donald J. Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores of citizens, including the nearly sixty-five million voters who supported Hillary Clinton, feeling bereft and powerless. Now, Gene Stone, author of The Bush Survival Bible, offers invaluable guidance and concrete solutions they can use to make a difference in this serious call-to-arms—showing them how to move from anger and despair to activism as the Trump presidency is in full swing an...

    • ASIN: 0062686488
    • Brand: DEY STREET

  • Bomb: The Race to Build--And Steal--The World's Most Dangerous Weapon (Paperback)

    This gripping Newbery Honor Book and National Book Award finalist chronicles the race between Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviets during World War II to create the first atomic bomb. OA superb tale

    • UPC: 37783196
    • Rating: 4.444

  • Parasite Rex (with a New Epilogue) : Inside the Bizarre World of Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures

    A look inside the often hidden world of parasites turns the clock back to the beginning of life on Earth to answer key questions about these highly evolved and resilient life

    • UPC: 1247407
    • Rating: 3.75

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    The most dangerous game is a tense story pitting man against man and the hunted against the hunter. Sanger Rainsford falls from a yacht on route to Rio de Janeiro to hunt jaguars. He manages

    • UPC: 53284257
    • Rating: 3.0

  • The Most Dangerous Duke in London

    Hunter has created an intelligent, fast-paced romance, chock-full of sensuality and spiced with

    • UPC: 55461629
    • Rating: 4.167

  • Watch Out!: The World's Most Dangerous Creatures (Paperback)

    Kids love learning about animals. And the more dangerous and threatening, the better. In this book, youngsters can read all about the blue box jellyfish, the green anaconda, the tiger shark, and

    • UPC: 14829315
    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Most Dangerous Game - Richard Connell's Original Masterpiece


    • UPC: 8143105
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Ghost Stories : 10 Bad and Dangerous Ghost Stories

    Be scared--be very scared. These 10 spooky, creepy, and slightly gruesome tales will introduce children to the many pleasures of a ghost story. Kids will feel chills as they read about haunted houses, ghosts frightening

    • UPC: 104194788

  • Zero Footprint : The True Story of a Private Military Contractor's Covert Assignments in Syria, Libya, And the World's Most Dangerous Places

    NATIONAL BESTSELLER A dramatic insider account of the world of private military contracting. Armored cars, burner phones, top-notch weaponry and top-secret missions--this is the life of today's private military contractor. Like author Simon Chase, many

    • UPC: 55186752

  • A Strange Place to Call Home : The World's Most Dangerous Habitats & the Animals That Call Them Home

    Poetic text looks at fourteen animals who defy the odds by living and thriving in Earth's most dangerous

    • UPC: 40793622
    • Rating: 3.25

  • Most Dangerous : Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War

    "The story of Daniel Ellsberg and his decision to steal and publish secret documents about America's involvement in the Vietnam

    • UPC: 45758134
    • Rating: 4.7

  • Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019

    Ten Most Dangerous Airports In The World
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    Ten Most Dangerous Airports In The World
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    Most Dangerous Airports In The World

    Ten Most Dangerous Airports In The World
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