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  • A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking

    This best-selling brief introduction to public speaking offers practical coverage of every topic typically covered in a full-sized text, from invention, research and organization, practice and delivery, to the different speech types. Its concise, inexpensive format makes it perfect not only for the public speaking course, but also for any setting across the curriculum, on the job, or in the community. This newly redesigned full-color edition offers even stronger coverage of the fundamentals of speechmaking, while also addressing the changing r...

    • ASIN: 1457670402
    • Brand: Bedford/St. Martin's

  • The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers

    This classic Berenstain Bears story is a perfect way to teach children about strangers and good decision-making!Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Sister has gotten into a bad habit of talking to strangers, and now it’s up to Papa, Mama, and Brother to show her the important rules of safety. Includes a list of Brother and Sister’s Rules for Cubs and over 50 bonus stickers!...

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  • Confessions of a Public Speaker

    In this hilarious and highly practical book, author and professional speaker Scott Berkun reveals the techniques behind what great communicators do, and shows how anyone can learn to use them well. For managers and teachers -- and anyone else who talks and expects someone to listen -- Confessions of a Public Speaker provides an insider's perspective on how to effectively present ideas to anyone. It's a unique, entertaining, and instructional romp through the embarrassments and triumphs Scott has experienced over 15 years of speaking to crowds o...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking with Learning Tools Suite (Student CD-ROMs 5.0, Audio Abridgement CD set, PowerWeb, & Topic Finder)

    Whether a novice or an experienced speaker, every student will learn how to be a better public speaker through Lucas' clear explanations and thorough coverage. By far the leading speech textbook of our time, The Art of Public Speaking has defined the art of being the best for more than six million students and instructors. The Lucas Learning Tools Suite offers even more tools and study options to fit the active lifestyles and diverse learning/teaching styles of today's students and instructors....

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  • Rodney Saulsberry's Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups: With Other Vocal-Care Tips

    Do you use your voice for work? Do you want to become a better voiceover actor, singer, or public speaker? This book, written by well-known and respected voice talent Rodney Saulsberry, contains fun and challenging tongue twisters and vocal warm-ups that prepare you to read commercial, promo, narration, trailer, and animation copy with the proper energy and vocal dexterity. Learn how to deal with mouth clicks and sibilance issues, breathe correctly, control plosive words, and master microphone technique. Plus, get great tips on everyday vocal c...

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  • What's Your Message?: Public Speaking with twice the impact, using half the effort

    "Congratulations Cam. Wonderful stories, delivered well. I wish you every success."- Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and author of 'Winning'    "Finally, a book on public speaking that's worth reading (and using)."- Seth Godin, Author, Tribes        The end of Public Speaking as we know it!This revolutionary method helps you think clearly, manage anxiety and speak persuasively. It gives you; A simpler way to control nerves.  A simpler way to structure your ideas.  A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills. Remov...

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  • Robert's Rules of Order in Action: How to Participate in Meetings with Confidence

    ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER—CONDENSED. Motion passed! Robert’s Rules of Order make meetings more productive and organized. Robert’s Rules of Order in Action is the quick and easy way to master the essentials. This book puts the most important parliamentary instructions, terms, and examples at your fingertips. All the essential rules for meetings, motions, debate, and voting are here, so you can take command of your next meeting and really get things done. Robert’s Rules of Order in Action includes: Well-rehearsed—Example scripts tell y...

    • ASIN: 1623156211

  • A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation

    "Takes the straitjacket off punctuation…Lukeman's wit and insight make this an instant classic." ―M. J. RoseThe first practical and accessible guide to the art of punctuation for creative writers. Punctuation reveals the writer: haphazard commas, for example, reveal haphazard thinking; clear, lucid breaks reveal clear, lucid thinking. Punctuation can be used to teach the writer how to think and how to write. This short, practical book shows authors the benefits that can be reaped from mastering punctuation: the art of style, sentence length...

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    • Brand: Lukeman, Noah

  • Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 Student's Text North American edition (North American Cambridge Latin Course)

    The North American Cambridge Latin Course is a well-established four-part Latin program whose approach combines a stimulating, continuous storyline with grammatical development, work on derivatives, and cultural information. There is also a complete Language Information section, plus numerous color photographs illustrating life in the Roman world. The Course has now been fully revised and updated in the light of feedback from user schools, and includes the very best in new research. The Fourth Edition continues to offer teachers and students al...

    • ASIN: 0521782287
    • Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

  • Woe is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English, 3rd Edition

    "Former New York Times Book Review editor and linguistic expert O'Conner...updates her bestselling guide to grammar, an invigorating and entertaining dissection of our ever-evolving language." - Publishers WeeklyIn this new edition of Woe Is I, Patricia T. O’Conner unties the knottiest grammar tangles and displays the same lively humor that has charmed and enlightened grateful readers for years. With new chapters on spelling and punctuation, and fresh insights into the rights, wrongs, and maybes of English grammar and usage, Woe Is I offers d...

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  • Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT 5th Edition (2013) (Volume 1)

    This is an OLD edition of our books. Search for Direct Hits Core Vocabulary to find our latest book!  ASIN: 1936551225ISBN-13: 978-1936551224.5th Edition Description Does developing a high-level vocabulary need to be a tedious, frustrating task? Direct Hits doesn't think so. Research has shown that a powerful and vibrant vocabulary has a high correlation with success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests, including the PSAT, SAT, SSAT, and AP exams. Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT offers a different approach....

    • ASIN: 1936551136
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  • TED Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from the Best TED Talks

    "Every speaker can put these ideas into practice immediately -- and they should!" ~ Dr. Richard C. Harris, Certified World Class Speaking Coach "An insightful read" ~Dennis Waller, Top 500 Reviewer "Superb communication advice" ~ Larry Nocella MASTER THE ONE THING ALL GREAT TED TALKS HAVE IN COMMON What is the secret to delivering a great TED talk? What is the magic ingredient that makes a TED talk captivating? And more importantly, how can you use those secrets to make your presentations more powerful, dynamic and engaging? To t...

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  • Practice Makes Perfect Mastering Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect Series)

    Helpful instruction and plenty of practice for your child to understand the basics of grammar and vocabulary Understanding grammar is essential for your child to speak and write with competence and clarity. Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Grammar gives your child bite-sized explanations of grammar and vocabulary, with engaging exercises that keep her or him motivated and excited to learn. They can practice the grammar skills that are challenging, polish skills they’ve mastered, and stretch themselves to explore skills they have not yet atte...

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    • Brand: McGraw-Hill

  • An Easy Guide to the Hawaiian Language

    A follow up to The Hawaiian Word Book, this handy, compact guide is perfect for students or anyone else interested in an easy introduction to the Hawaiian Language. Packed with basic, useful words and terms for everyday conversation, it is written in English-Hawaiian translation and organized by category for quick referencing. Complete with common definitions and pronunciation tips, this guide will help beginners become familiar with speaking Hawaiian....

    • ASIN: 1566477158

  • Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12

    Do you spend hours creating word lists and weekly vocabulary tests only to find that your students have "forgotten" the words by the following week? Janet Allen and her students were frustrated with the same problem. Words, Words, Words describes the research that changed the way she and many other teachers teach vocabulary. It offers educators practical, research-based solutions for helping students fall into new language, learn new words, and begin to use those words in their speaking and writing lives.This book offers teachers detailed strat...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking

    The Art of Public Speaking personalizes learning for every student no matter who they are or where they are, ensuring that they come to your public speaking class confident, prepared with the principle foundations, and

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  • 1001 Humorous Illustrations for Public Speaking : Fresh, Timely, and Compelling Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Speakers

    Drawn from a broad array of sources, the topics in this useful guide range from Ability and Acceptance to Words, Work, and Worship. Illustrations are categorized, alphabetized, and indexed for ease of use. Also features

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Art of Public Speaking - Audiobook

    Unlike what you might encounter with other public speaking guides, the work of Dale Carnagay and Joseph Berg Esenwein focus more on the actual promotion of the message during a speech. Packed with clear and

    • UPC: 286707799

  • The Art of public speaking - eBook

    Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals-primarily; it is not a matter of imitation-fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards-at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of

    • UPC: 812286647

  • Mastering the Art of Public Speaking - eBook

    Reading this book will help you to master the art of public speaking and gain confidence to speak effectively to the ear and not to the eye of your audience. Vital points that will equip

    • UPC: 608741869

  • Attorneys: The Art of Public Speaking - eBook

    “All the world’s a stage…”Attorneys are actors, stage center - the lead role in a life drama. But, in court, the moment you dread, step into the spotlight – you’re on! Your mouth is dry,

    • UPC: 252199941

  • The Art of Public Speaking - eBook

    Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals--primarily; it is not a matter of imitation--fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards--at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of

    • UPC: 980965354

  • The Art of Public Speaking: How to Develop Public Speaking Skills - eBook

    Speaking in public happens to all of us at one time in our lives. Whether in the high school speech class or in front of thousands at a major event, knowing how to speak to

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    Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals--primarily; it is not a matter of imitation--fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards--at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of

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  • The Art of Public Speaking - eBook

    The best way to become a confident, effective public speaker, according to the authors of this landmark book, is simply to do it. Practice, practice, practice. And while you're at it, assume the positive. Have

    • UPC: 688459765

  • The Art of Public Speaking Chapter 5

    The Art Of Public Speaking Chapter 5
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    Public Speaking - Chapter 5, 6, & 7 lecture

    The Art Of Public Speaking Chapter 5

    The Art of Public Speaking Chapter 6

    The Art Of Public Speaking Chapter 5
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