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  • The Human Body Coloring Book: The Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide

    An essential workbook that will appeal to all students of anatomy, The Human Body Coloring Book takes an interactive approach to human anatomy that will help users learn, understand, and revisit the subject with ease. Drawing on an unparalleled library of state-of-the-art specialist anatomical illustrations, The Human Body Coloring Book is structured system by system for ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of the human body from cell to system. The Human Body Coloring Book is a unique study aid that provides students with an innovative app...

    • ASIN: 0756682347
    • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
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  • Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 2: The Circulatory System

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  • Introduction to the Human Body

    Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition offers a balanced introduction to the human body, especially developed to meet the needs of the one-semester A&P course. It provides an effective blend of stunning art and clearly written text to illuminate the complexities of the human body. Class-tested pedagogy is woven into the narrative and illustrations to ensure that students gain a solid understanding of the material....

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  • THE HUMAN BODY: 25 FANTASTIC PROJECTS Illuminate How the Body Works (Build It Yourself)

    Kids will be amazed at all the action that’s going on right inside their own bodies, from understanding just how that apple turns into energy to how the “leftovers” make their exit. The Human Body: 25 Fantastic Projects Illuminate How the Body Works will engage kids with hands-on activities that will show them all the fantastic, well-orchestrated systems at work in their very own bodies—they’ll see exactly how smoke affects the lung, how the heart really acts as a liquid pump, and how the different joints are structured and serve differ...

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  • Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 3: The Nervous System

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  • The Chemistry and Wonders of the Human Body

    2013 Reprint of 1921 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. George Washington Carey (1845-1924) was an American physician known for a number of his 'Chemistry of Life' publications, a subject which he referred to as biochemistry, particularly in his 1919 "The Chemistry of Human Life". Carey combined a mixture of religion, astrology, physiology, anatomy, and chemistry, themed particularly with a mineral-based theory of human disease, to develop his theories. Carey is popular among the n...

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  • Head to Toe Science: Over 40 Eye-Popping, Spine-Tingling, Heart-Pounding Activities That Teach Kids about the Human Body

    Untangle the Mystery of Human Hair! Listen to a Heart Throb! SniffOut Why Stinky Feet Stink! SCIENCE THAT REALLY GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN! Explore the amazing human body, from the hair on your head to yourstinky feet * Smell like a salmon * Build a balloon intestine * Mix up a batch of fake blood * Crack your genetic code How much air do your lungs hold? How are your bones like a roll oftoilet paper? Where does all your old dead skin go? How can youfigure out how tall a person is from the size of his or her feet?You ll find out the answers in He...

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  • DK Eyewitness Books: Human Body: Explore How the Human Body Works from the Smallest Cells to the Systems That Keep Us Alive

    Focusing on contemporary and historical developments in the study of human anatomy, Eyewitness: Human Body features clear, age appropriate text, photographs, charts, graphics, and 3-D models highlighting the inner workings of our bodies — from the framework of our skeleton to the millions of tiny cells that make our bodies work. In this updated edition, kids can discover how muscles and joints help us move, find out how x-rays work, see the network of nerves inside the human head and more in a format that makes complex scientific concepts eas...

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  • Information Graphics: Human Body

    The second in a visually stunning series, Information Graphics: Human Body shows just how interesting and humorous scientific information can be. Complex facts about the human body are reinterpreted as stylish infographics that astonish, amuse, and inform. Researched by the Guardian’s Datablog expert and designed by the father of infographics, Peter Grundy, this is a book of the highest pedigree....

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  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping - Now Revised and Updated

    • ASIN: B0037NX018

  • Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey

    The latest Professor Astro Cat adventure is perfect for curious young scientists who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the human body!Are our ears supposed to be a weird shape? Why do we sneeze? What is the point in having skin? The human body is one of the most complicated things in the Universe. Join Professor Astro Cat and the whole gang as they journey through all the wondrous parts of the human body, with the help of writer Dominic Walliman himself! From head to toe and everywhere in-between, there's nothing left out of this fas...

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  • The Spark of Life: Electricity in the Human Body

    A lively exploration of the surprising role that electricity plays in our bodies. What happens during a heart attack? Can someone really die of fright? What is death, anyway? How does electroshock treatment affect the brain? What is consciousness? The answers to these questions lie in the electrical signals constantly traveling through our bodies, driving our thoughts, our movements, and even the beating of our hearts. The history of how scientists discovered the role of electricity in the human body is a colorful one, filled with extraordinary...

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  • Utterly Amazing Human Body

    An eye-catching pop-up book packed with amazing facts, games, and activities, Utterly Amazing Human Body takes children into the truly awe-inspiring workings of the human body. From bulging muscles to the inside of the brain, readers can find out how the digestive system works, explore the five senses, learn about fingerprints, genetics, how hair grows, and more in this ultra-modern follow-up from the successful Utterly Amazing Science.Using innovative paper tricks to create stunning effects, Utterly Amazing Human Body brings the human body to ...

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  • The Human Body: Get Under the Skin with Science Activities for Kids (Build It Yourself)

    Did you know that your brain has up to 100 billion nerve cells? Wow! What else is going on in your body? In The Human Body: Get Under the Skin with Science Activities for Kids, middle schoolers learn about the different bodily systems that keep people breathing, moving, thinking, and staying healthy! Kids get a good look at all the action that's going on right inside their own bodies, from understanding just how that apple turns into energy to how the "leftovers" make their exit. By studying the circulatory system, the digestive system, muscles...

    • ASIN: 1619308010

  • Investigating the Human Body: Life Science (Science Readers)

    Readers will learn about the way our body works to keep us moving and healthy in this stimulating book that features a variety of colorful, vivid images, easy-to-read text, a helpful glossary and index, and fascinating facts. This book will have readers captivated as they learn about the various systems in our bodies, including the digestive system, skeletal system, circulatory system, muscular system, endocrine system, and immune system. An engaging lab activity is featured to aid in further understanding of how our bodies help us in everyday ...

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  • Your Inner Fish : A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body

    From the scientist who made the groundbreaking discovery of the fish with hands, here is a lively, thoroughly engrossing chronicle of evolutionary history that unearths the often startling secrets behind why humans look and behave

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  • Surviving the Extremes : What Happens to the Body and Mind at the Limits of Human Endurance

    A physician, NASA consultant, and expert on the extreme conditions that confront the human body journeys into six inhospitable environments--underwater, water surface, jungle, desert, high altitude, and outer space--to examine the reaction of the body

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  • Pocket Anatomy & Physiology : The Compact Guide to the Human Body and How It Works

    Combines clear illustrations of body regions, organs, cells, and physiological events with simple explanatory text that focuses on the function of relevant systems and structures, as well as normal body function and the dysfunction found

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  • The Story of the Human Body : Evolution, Health, and Disease

    In this landmark book of popular science, Daniel E. Lieberman gives us a lucid and engaging account of how the human body evolved over millions of years. He illuminates the major transformations that contributed to

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  • The Human Body : An Illustrated Guide to Every Part of the Human Body and How It Works

    Documents every part, organ, and system of the human body and explains how they work, and includes descriptions of common disorders and ailments, a glossary of terms, and more than seven hundred color illustrations with

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  • The Human Body Book : An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Function, and Disorders


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  • The Human Body Atlas: How the Human Body Works

    The Human Body Atlas presents the human body and how it works, explaining the amazing work done behind the scenes by each part of the body. The human body is a complicated thing, but now

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  • Anatomy : A Complete Guide to the Human Body, for Artists & Students

    "Illustrated with the original drawings from the classic Gray's

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  • Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 3 : The Nervous System

    Translation of: Survival in the human body 3 (Comic survival science series 27). Seoul, South Korea: Mirae N Co., Ltd.,

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  • Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 1 : The Digestive System

    The first volume in a series that takes readers on an epic journey through the human body. OWhat better way to understand the human digestive system than to take a trip through it? The madcap

    • UPC: 21671358

  • Chemistry of Life Part 1 Basics of Atoms, Chemicals Reactions.wmv

    The Chemistry Of Life The Human Body

    The Recipe For Life…

    The Chemistry Of Life The Human Body
    science,life,chemistry,periodic table,pbs digital studios,joe hanson,it's okay to be sm...

    Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life (Part 1.1)

    The Chemistry Of Life The Human Body
    Chemistry,Anatomy,Physiology,Ion,Proton,Neutron,Electron,Chemical reaction,Ionic bond,C...