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The Constitution Of The United States Of 1789 Shopping Deals on 14.12.2019 at TOPPIDUS

  • The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation

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    • Brand: Hill and Wang

  • Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 (Oxford History of the United States)

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    • Brand: imusti

  • The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 (Oxford History of the United States)

    The first book to appear in the illustrious Oxford History of the United States, this critically acclaimed volume--a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize--offers an unsurpassed history of the Revolutionary War and the birth of the American republic.Beginning with the French and Indian War and continuing to the election of George Washington as first president, Robert Middlekauff offers a panoramic history of the conflict between England and America, highlighting the drama and anguish of the colonial struggle for independence. Combining the political ...

    • ASIN: 019531588X
    • Brand: Oxford University Press

  • The U.S. Constitution And Fascinating Facts About It

    In The U.S. Constitution & Fascinating Facts About It you'll see the entire text of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence–and much more! You'll find interesting insights into the men who wrote the Constitution, how it was created, and how the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution in the two centuries since its creation. ...

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  • The United States Constitution: What It Says, What It Means: A Hip Pocket Guide

    Affordable, readable, and indispensable,The United States Constitution: What it Says, What it Means allows you to put the most important document in American history in your back pocket. In conjunction with Justice Learning and The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands and with an introduction written by Caroline Kennedy and an afterword written by David Eisenhower, this pocket guide appeals to the broadest possible audience. Each Article and each Amendment is followed by a clear and concise explanation, in plain English, that is suitable fo...

    • ASIN: 0195304438
    • Brand: Oxford University Press

  • The Penguin Guide to the United States Constitution: A Fully Annotated Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Amendments, and Selections from The Federalist Papers

    A unique and handy guide to the law of land from one of America's most esteemed constitutional scholars. Known across the country for his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Professor Richard Beeman is one of the nation's foremost experts on the United States Constitution. In this book, he has produced what every American should have: a compact, fully annotated copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and amendments, all in their entirety. A marvel of accessibility and erudition, the guide also features a history of ...

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  • Declaration of Independence (Books of American Wisdom)

    Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28, 1776, the Declaration of Independence summarizes America's founding political philosophy. At once a cherished symbol of liberty and an expression of Jefferson's monumental talents as a writer, the document captures in unforgettable phrases the ideals of individual liberty that formed the backbone of American's Revolutionary movement. In setting forth these "self-evident truths" alongside a list of grievances against King George's Britain, the Declaration of Independence justified the brea...

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    • Brand: Lossing, Benson John/ United States Declaration of Independence (COR)

  • Alexander Hamilton

    A New York Times Bestseller, and the inspiration for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton!Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow presents a landmark biography of Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father who galvanized, inspired, scandalized, and shaped the newborn nation.In the first full-length biography of Alexander Hamilton in decades, Ron Chernow tells the riveting story of a man who overcame all odds to shape, inspire, and scandalize the newborn America. According to historian Joseph Ellis, Alexander Hamilton is “a robust full-lengt...

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    • Brand: Penguin Books

  • The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution (Penguin Civic Classics Book 1)

    What is the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court really allowed to do? This unique and handy guide includes the documents that guide our government, annotated with accessible explanations from one of America's most esteemed constitutional scholars. In one portable volume, with accessible annotations and modernizing commentary throughout, Richard Beeman presents The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Beeman has created a fascinating apparatus for understanding the most important document in American history...

    • ASIN: B0081KZ27C

  • The Framers' Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution

    Americans revere their Constitution. However, most of us are unaware how tumultuous and improbable the drafting and ratification processes were. As Benjamin Franklin keenly observed, any assembly of men bring with them "all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views." One need not deny that the Framers had good intentions in order to believe that they also had interests. Based on prodigious research and told largely through the voices of the participants, Michael Klarman's The Frame...

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  • America's Constitution: A Biography

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  • The Return of George Washington: Uniting the States, 1783-1789

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"An elegantly written account of leadership at the most pivotal moment in American history" (Philadelphia Inquirer): Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson reveals how George Washington saved the United States by coming out of retirement to lead the Constitutional Convention and serve as our first president.After leading the Continental Army to victory in the Revolutionary War, George Washington shocked the world: he retired. In December 1783, General Washington, the most powerful man in the country, stepped...

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  • Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789-March 3, 1791: The Diary of William Maclay and Other Notes on Senate Debates (Volume 9)

    Awarded the Thomas Jefferson Prize by the Society for History in the Federal Government."This unique eyewitness account of the launching of the government under the Constitution is also one of the great American diaries, consistently entertaining and compulsively readable." -- Richard B. Bernstein, Constitution...

    • ASIN: 0801835356

  • The American Revolution: A Captivating Guide to the American Revolutionary War and the United States of America's Struggle for Independence from Great Britain

    Explore the Captivating History of the American RevolutionFree History BONUS Inside!In an era where political discourse is becoming increasingly polarized, it is worth reflecting on the circumstances of America’s foundation. This captivating history book presents a general outline of the American Revolution, focusing largely on the period between the outbreak of rebellion in 1765 until the ratification of the US Constitution in 1789. In homage to the original thirteen colonies, the book is divided into thirteen chapters. Chapter 1 outlines th...


  • George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution

    When George Washington beat a hasty retreat from New York City in August 1776, many thought the American Revolution might soon be over. Instead, Washington rallied—thanks in large part to a little-known, top-secret group called the Culper Spy Ring. He realized that he couldn’t defeat the British with military might, so he recruited a sophisticated and deeply secretive intelligence network to infiltrate New York.Drawing on extensive research, Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger have offered fascinating portraits of these spies: a reserved Quaker m...

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    • Brand: Don Yaeger Brian Kilmeade

  • The Constitution of the United States of America, with the Bill of Rights and All of the Amendments; The Declaration of Independence; And the Articles

    Collected here in one affordable volume are the most important documents of the United States of America: The Constitution of the United States of America, with the Bill of Rights and all of the Amendments;

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  • The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence

    The essential, 45-page, pocket-size edition of the greatest gift from our Founding Fathers: the two most fundamental documents for Americans. This quick, easy reference for our federal government's structure, powers, and limitations includes: The Constitution

    • UPC: 849377089

  • Pocket Edition of the Constitution of the United States

    This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as

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  • The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America : Including Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom

    Never in history have 1,322 words held out such extraordinary determination to be free as those found in the Declaration of Independence. In 1787, "We the people" were the three words that not only engendered

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  • The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States

    Contains the text of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all the

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  • The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America

    A pocket edition of America's founding

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  • The Constitution of the United States of America : Pocket Book

    This beautiful, pocket sized 4x6 inch version of the Constitution of the United States is great to read at home or take with you on-the go! This 57-page pocket book includes The Constitution of the

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  • The Constitution of the United States of America : The Proximate Causes of Its Adoption and Ratification: The Declaration of Independence: The Prominent Political Acts of George Washington: And Other Interesting Matter: With an Alphabetical Analysis of

    The Constitution Of The United States Of

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  • An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States - eBook

    In this famous study, the author turned the hagiography of many earlier American historians on its head. Unlike those writers, who had stressed idealistic impulses as factors determining the structure of the American government, Beard

    • UPC: 143184179
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  • An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States

    This classic study -- one of the most influential in the area of American economic history -- questioned the founding fathers' motivations and prompted new perceptions of the supreme law of the

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  • United States Constitution · Amendments · Bill of Rights · Complete Text + Audio

    The Constitution Of The United States Of 1789
    US Constitution,English,Law,Amendments,United States,History,Audio,Lecture,Voice-over,L...

    Constitution of The United States of America - 1789

    The Constitution Of The United States Of 1789
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    The Constitution, the Articles, and Federalism: Crash Course US History #8

    The Constitution Of The United States Of 1789
    Articles of Confederation,Shays' Rebellion,Thomas Jefferson,patriot,tyrant,Alexander Ha...