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  • Roman Soldier Operations Manual: Daily Life * Fighting Tactics * Weapons * Equipment * Kit

    The history of the Roman Empire and its technological and military prowess resounds through the ages. At its height, the empire covered five million square kilometres and held sway over 70 million people. How did a small city state in Latium achieve such prominence and carve an empire against which all other empires are measured? The answer is, in part, the Roman Legionary. It was Roman soldiers who carved out a foothold in Italy from warring neighbours. It was the legions who made safe the empire from external menaces – such as the Carthagi...

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  • Everyday Life in Ancient Rome

    In Everyday Life in Ancient Rome, Lionel Casson offers a lively introduction to the society of the times. Instead of following the standard procedure of social history, he presents a series of vignettes focusing on the "ways of life" of various members of that society, from the slave to the emperor. The book opens with a description of the historical context and includes examination of topics such as the family, religion, urban and rural life, and leisure activities. This revised edition of Casson's engaging work, originally published in 1975 a...

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  • The Man With Two Names: A Novel of Ancient Rome (The Sertorius Scrolls Series Book 1)

    To preserve his village, a man of peace must survive the cutthroat city of Rome. “Gripping and graphic… Davis’s narrative strengths lie in portraying the horrifying realities of war and in vivifying the ancient setting…” —Publishers Weekly Rome, 107 BC. Quintus Sertorius just lost his father and he may lose his home. When his rural village is stripped of its political status, he must leave his family to secure their food and protection from inside Rome's bloodthirsty government. As he transitions from countryman to politician, he's ...

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  • Storm of Steel (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

    The memoir widely viewed as the best account ever written of fighting in WW1A memoir of astonishing power, savagery, and ashen lyricism, Storm of Steel illuminates not only the horrors but also the fascination of total war, seen through the eyes of an ordinary German soldier. Young, tough, patriotic, but also disturbingly self-aware, Jünger exulted in the Great War, which he saw not just as a great national conflict but—more importantly—as a unique personal struggle. Leading raiding parties, defending trenches against murderous British inc...

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  • New Believer's Bible - New Testament: New Living Translation Version (New Believer's Bible: Nltse)

    The New Believer's Bible is uniquely designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. This New Testament includes features that help Christians develop and deepen their faith, while providing a foundation for their new life in Christ. Features and benefits: Clear, accurate New Living Translation Four Devotional Reading Tracks How to Study the Bible How You Can Know God Topical Index...

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  • Eastern Inferno: The Journals of a German Panzerjäger on the Eastern Front, 1941-43

    This book presents the remarkable personal journals of a German soldier who participated in Operation Barbarossa and subsequent battles on the Eastern Front, revealing the combat experience of the German-Russian War as seldom seen before.Hans Roth was a member of the anti-tank (Panzerjager) battalion, 299th Infantry Division, attached to Sixth Army, as the invasion of Russia began. Writing as events transpired, he recorded the mystery and tension as the Germans deployed on the Soviet frontier in June 1941. Then a firestorm broke loose as the We...

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  • Beware of Pity (New York Review Books Classics)

    Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig:  "I had never heard of Zweig...when I just more or less by chance bought a copy of Beware of Pity. I loved this first book.  I also read the The Post-Office Girl.  The Grand Budapest Hotel has elements that were sort of stolen from both these books. Two characters in our story are vaguely meant to represent Zweig himself — our “Author” character, played by Tom Wilkinson, and the theoretically fictionalised version of himself, played by Jude Law. But, in fact, M. Gustave, the main character who is played by...

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  • He Chose the Nails

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  • Daily Life in Ancient Rome

    This book, now available in paperback, concerns the everyday private and public lives of the citizens of ancient Rome. Drawing on a broad selection of contemporary sources, the author examines the institutions, actions and rituals of day to day life.

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  • The Lost Gospel of Barabbas: The Thirteenth Apostle

    When Darkness arises can he protect his family?Barabbas was an average boy living in a conquered land, ruled by Rome with brutal force. Surviving is already difficult at best fo his family.  Suddenly, without provocation, dark forces gather, hellbent to destroy all that he knows and loves.  How can he overcome so much?  Is it even possible to survive?The Lost Gospel of Barabbas: The Thirteenth Apostle is the first novel in a Trilogy about a boy of great destiny, coming of age and faced with the unthinkable. Do you ever wonder about the stor...

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  • Daily Roman Missal

    Burgundy padded leather cover with 6 ribbon markers. The new translation of Catholic text to be adopted by Catholic Mass to begin Advent

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  • Plutarch: Lives of the noble Grecians and Romans - eBook

    Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, commonly called Parallel Lives or Plutarch's Lives, is a series of biographies of famous men, arranged in tandem to illuminate their common moral virtues or failings, probably

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  • How to Be a Roman Soldier


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  • The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War 1861-1865

    Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War

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  • Plutarch : Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans - The Original Classic Edition

    Plutarch was a philosopher who used the examples of good and infamous men alike to reinforce his conception of morality and what the best in a man can truly

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  • The Life and Times of Cleopatra Queen of Egypt: A Study in the Origin of the Roman Empire - eBook

    In the following pages it will be observed that, in order not to distract the reader, I have refrained from adding large numbers of notes, references, and discussions, such as are customary in works of

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  • Life in the Roman World of Nero and St. Paul - eBook

    The reception accorded to my Life in Ancient Athens has led me to write the present companion work with an eye to the same class of readers. In the preface to the former volume it

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  • Plutarch: Lives of the noble Grecians and Romans - eBook thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. As geographers, Sosius, crowd into the edges of their maps parts of the world which they do not know about,

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  • The Life and Times of Daniel Boone - Hunter, Soldier and Pioneer - eBook

    DANIEL BOONE was the ideal of the American pioneer—brave, cool, self-reliant, a dead shot with his rifle, a consummate master of woodcraft, with sturdy frame, hopeful at all times, and never discouraged by disasters which

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  • The Daily Life of a Roman Family in the Ancient Times - Ancient History Books for Kids | Children's Ancient History - eBook

    If you open this book, you will discover how living in the Ancient Roman times and today are worlds apart. Everything is very different, including the way people dress, talk and even entertain themselves. Societies

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  • A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland

    The Daily Life Of A Roman Soldier
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    Everyday Moments in History - A Roman Soldier Prepares Dinner

    The Daily Life Of A Roman Soldier
    everyday moments in history,moments in history,roman army documentary,roman army struct...

    The Life of a Roman Soldier

    The Daily Life Of A Roman Soldier
    Roman Empire (Country),Roman Respubblica,Roman Republic (Country),Roman Army (Armed For...