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  • The Effects of Globalization on World Income Inequality: Between and Within Country Income Inequality

    This book aims (1) to investigate whether globalization increased the income inequality in the world, (2) to analyze the between country income inequality, and, (3) to observe whether an improvement in the distribution of income between rich and poor countries was achieved. The estimations of combined cross-section times-series regressions using two inequality measures as dependent variables are presented in the book. First, Theil''s T statistic of industrial pay inequality is employed. The second measure is estimated household income inequalit...

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  • Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

    The New York Times-bestselling guide to how automation is changing the economy, undermining work, and reshaping our livesWinner of Best Business Book of the Year awards from the Financial Times and from Forbes"Lucid, comprehensive, and unafraid...;an indispensable contribution to a long-running argument."--Los Angeles TimesWhat are the jobs of the future? How many will there be? And who will have them? As technology continues to accelerate and machines begin taking care of themselves, fewer people will be necessary. Artificial intelligence is a...

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  • The Effect of Globalization on World Poverty and Income Inequality

    Bachelor Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Globalization, Political Economics, grade: 1,7, University of Mannheim, language: English, abstract: In this paper, we will try to determine if any of the theoretical camps are "right" and if so, which one. We will first review current literature to clarify which arguments frame the respective pro and con attitudes towards globalization. This will include theoretical approaches as well as previous studies done in the field. We will then empirically anal...

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  • Trouble in the Making?: The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development

    Technology and globalization are threatening manufacturing’s traditional ability to deliver both productivity and jobs at a large scale for unskilled workers. Concerns about widening inequality within and across countries are raising questions about whether interventions are needed and how effective they could be.Trouble in the Making? The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development addresses three questions:- How has the global manufacturing landscape changed and why does this matter for development opportunities?- How are emerging trends in tec...

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  • World of Work Report 2008: Income Inequalities in the Age of Financial Globalization

    The gap between "haves" and "have-nots" has dramatically widened over the past two decades. This timely, nontechnical volume assesses the extent of growing social inequalities, analyzing contributing factors in the workplace as well as the impact of widespread food and financial crises. The book provides a broad overview of the state of social inequalities in the world, in particular labor income versus profits and the highest incomes versus the incomes of the poorest families. Examining current patterns of inequality, it asks whether these are...

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  • Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer

    There has been an enormous upward redistribution of income in the United States in the last four decades. In his most recent book, Baker shows that this upward redistribution was not the result of globalization and the natural workings of the market. Rather, it was the result of conscious policies that were designed to put downward pressure on the wages of ordinary workers while protecting and enhancing the incomes of those at the top. Baker explains how rules on trade, patents, copyrights, corporate governance, and macroeconomic policy were ri...

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  • The Globalization of World Politics : An Introduction to International Relations

    The Globalization of World Politics, Seventh Edition, is the best-selling introduction to international relations, offering the most comprehensive coverage of key theories and global issues in world politics. The seventh edition features several brand new

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  • Grave New World : The End of Globalization, the Return of History

    A controversial look at the end of globalisation and what it means for prosperity, peace, and the global economic

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  • How Soccer Explains the World : An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

    This wide-ranging work of reportage is a unique and brilliantly illuminating look at the world's most popular sport as a new metaphor for the pressing issues of our age, from the clash of civilizations to

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  • How to Make $100,000 per Year in Passive Income and Travel the World : The Passive Income Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom - Features 14 Proven Passive Income Strategies and How to Use Them to Make $100K Per Year

    Whether your goal is to retire on a remote island or simply spend more time with your family, this book can you get you there. Discover 14 passive income strategies that everyday people are using

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  • The Effects of Globalization on World Income Inequality

    The Effects of Globalization on World Income

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  • Wd Mohammed’S Impact on World Globalization - eBook

    He presently still follows the tafsir of Imam W. D. Mohammed and is actively involved in the establishment of his Methab in America and the worldsomething he has been committed to from the time of

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  • Religious Pluralism, Globalization, and World Politics


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  • Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century

    Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st

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  • The Next Level Dropshipping Guide How to Elevate your Income and Create a Lucrative Long-term Business from Anywhere in the world with Facebook Advertising, Shopify, And Fulfillment Centers - eBook

    The claims are real!You can elevate your business. Are you frustrated that dropshipping hasn't freed you from your 9-5 yet?Are you looking for ways to make your dropshipping business sustainable and lucrative?Take the plunge. See what

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  • Views from the South : The Effects of Globalization and the WTO on Third World Countries

    Voices from the South is a collection of views and comments by leading voices of southern opposition to genetic engineering and tells stories of their struggles. It is our hope that it will break through

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  • Income Inequality and the Effects of Globalization - Learn Liberty

    The Effects Of Globalization On World Income Inequality
    Income inequality explained,income inequality,poverty,inequality,libertarian learn libe...

    Inequality: Globalisation

    The Effects Of Globalization On World Income Inequality
    Inequality,Globalisation,Eric Maskin,Maskin,Nobel Prize,Economics,Economic Sciences,Sve...

    "Global inequality: a new approach for the age of globalization" with Prof Branko Milanovic

    The Effects Of Globalization On World Income Inequality