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  • The End of World War I: The Treaty of Versailles and Its Tragic Legacy (World War I: Remembering the Great War)

    Marking the 100th anniversary of World War I, this series takes a detailed look at the course of events in the Great War and the conflict's lasting impact on the world. Includes documents, artifacts and first-person accounts that will help young readers relate to the subject, as well as informative sidebars, short biographies, fact boxes, timelines and stimulating text-dependent questions that will keep readers engaged and motivated. Simultaneous....

    • ASIN: 0778703940

  • Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

    • ASIN: 1416590315
    • Brand: Simon & Schuster

  • Pachinko (National Book Award Finalist)

    A New York Times Top Ten Book of the Year and National Book Award finalist, Pachinko is an "extraordinary epic" of four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family as they fight to control their destiny in 20th-century Japan (San Francisco Chronicle). NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF 2017 * A USA TODAY TOP TEN OF 2017 * JULY PICK FOR THE PBS NEWSHOUR-NEW YORK TIMES BOOK CLUB NOW READ THIS * FINALIST FOR THE 2018 DAYTON LITERARY PEACE PRIZE* WINNER OF THE MEDICI BOOK CLUB PRIZE Roxane Gay's Favorite Book of 2017, Washington Post NEW YORK TIME...

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    • Brand: Grand Central Publishing

  • The Hideaway

    Now a USA TODAY and Amazon Charts Bestseller!“A story both powerful and enchanting: a don’t-miss novel in the greatest southern traditions of storytelling.” —Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling authorWhen her grandmother’s will wrenches Sara back home to Sweet Bay, Alabama, she learns more about Margaret Van Buren in the wake of her death than she ever knew in life.After her last remaining family member dies, Sara Jenkins goes home to The Hideaway, her grandmother Mags’s ramshackle B&B in Sweet Bay. She intends to quick...

    • ASIN: 0718084225
    • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.

  • Warrior: Book 2 of The Legacy Fleet Series

    We repelled the Swarm, for now.But they won’t stop: they’re inhuman. They have no inhibitions. No conscience.And no mercy.But from the crucible of battle has risen an unlikely hero. Captain Timothy Granger, at the helm of another time-tested battleship, will take the fight to the enemy. He’ll discover their secrets. Find their homeworld. Destroy it before they destroy ours. He will save us all. He must.Or we’ll die.WARRIOR...

    • ASIN: B01843ZDJC

  • Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America

    The author of the acclaimed bestseller Area 51 reveals the explosive dark secrets behind America's post-WWII science programs.In the chaos following World War II, some of the greatest spoils of Germany's resources were the Third Reich's scientific minds. The U.S. government secretly decided that the value of these former Nazis' knowledge outweighed their crimes and began a covert operation code-named Paperclip to allow them to work in the U.S. without the public's full knowledge.Drawing on exclusive interviews with dozens of Paperclip family me...

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    • Brand: Back Bay Books
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  • Constitution: Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Series

    The year is 265075 years ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth.Without warning. Without mercy.We were not prepared. Hundreds of millions perished. Dozens of cities burned.We nearly lost everything.Then, the aliens abruptly left.We rebuilt. We armed ourselves. We swore: never again.But the aliens never came back.Until now.With overwhelming force the aliens have returned, striking deep into our territory, sending Earth into a panic. Our new technology is useless. Our new ships burn like straw. All our careful preparations are wasted.Now, only one ma...

    • ASIN: B010L6JTO0

  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Dungeons & Dragons)

    Fight the War Against Draconic Oppression in this Adventure for the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together...

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    • Brand: Dungeons and Dragons
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  • Eternally Bound (The Alliance, Book 1)

    Over the centuries, anything Ronan once found pleasure in has been replaced by blood and death.Every morning, he wonders if that will be the day he succumbs to the savage side of his vampire nature.As a born hunter, Kadence has never stepped beyond the walls of her home.She’s not happy with her life, but she accepted it long ago... just as she’s accepted her impending marriage to a man the elders chose for her. However, when a vampire murders her father, Kadence is determined to escape the walls that have kept her caged.After she’s attack...

    • ASIN: B01MR0K0V8

  • Kantovan Vault: (The Spiral Wars Book 3)

    The UFS Phoenix is on a mission to find a lost data-core that may contain the secret to defeating the alo-deepynine alliance. But the means to find the data-core is hidden deep in tavalai space, in a highest-security vault where the tavalai's manipulative State Department keep all their most treacherous secrets. To recover it, Phoenix must pull off the most daring heist the Spiral has ever seen. But Phoenix will need help -- in the form of a rebellious faction of the tavalai Fleet; a fanatical parren mystic who lusts mostly for power; a cyni...


  • Drysine Legacy: (The Spiral Wars Book 2)

    The legendary battle-carrier UFS Phoenix is on the run in Outer Neutral Space. Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande and Major Trace Thakur are determined to use neutral territory to broker a peace between humanity’s warring factions, away from Fleet’s strong arm. But as machinations in Fleet Command send a legendary warrior from Trace’s past on a sworn path to kill her, there arises in the territory of an insectoid foe an ancient enemy from the nightmares of Spiral history, bent on Phoenix’s destruction…...

    • ASIN: B019H7KFEW

  • The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age

    In 2015, Russian hackers tunneled deep into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee, and the subsequent leaks of the emails they stole may have changed the course of American democracy. But to see the DNC hacks as Trump-centric is to miss the bigger, more important story: Within that same year, the Russians not only had broken into networks at the White House, the State Department, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but had placed implants in American electrical and nuclear plants that could give them the power to switch off vast ...

    • ASIN: 0451497899

  • One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps

    "Masterly" -- The New Yorker A Smithsonian Magazine Best History Book of the YearA groundbreaking, haunting, and profoundly moving history of modernity's greatest tragedy: concentration campsFor over 100 years, at least one concentration camp has existed somewhere on Earth. First used as battlefield strategy, camps have evolved with each passing decade, in the scope of their effects and the savage practicality with which governments have employed them. Even in the twenty-first century, as we continue to reckon with the magnitude and horror of t...

    • ASIN: 0316303593

  • Legacy (First Colony Book 3)

    Hold the line.After narrowly defeating the invading enemy fleet, there is evidence that the attack isn’t over.Thousands have died and all that stands between human extinction and the invaders are the remnants of the colonial military.Connor must find a way to rally the colony using every scrap of ingenuity to stop the invaders. But will he succeed when he finds himself pitted against mankind’s ultimate enemy? This could be mankind’s final hour . . . or its greatest victory....

    • ASIN: B076QD5N7N

  • It Ain't Easy (The Valens Legacy Book 10)

    With his home now secure, Sean can take the time to start catching up on the million and one things he's been meaning to do, but never quite seemed to have the time. However, life is really never that simple. Sean's two armies, run by his friend Chad and his great uncle Maitland are coming across a few things hinting that the Vestibulum aren't ready to give up the fight quite yet.The government and its minions are still not quite sure what to make of Sean or the lions he claims to represent. Divisions exist at the highest levels, and when the p...

    • ASIN: B07HMR3WS8

  • Air Apaches : The True Story of the 345th Bomb Group and Its Low, Fast, and Deadly Missions in World War II

    Historian and aviator Jay Stout follows up his spellbinding account of the U.S. 303rd Bomb Group—Hell’s Angels—with the equally remarkable story of the Air Apaches in the Pacific. Air Apaches reconstructs the war of the

    • UPC: 163051714

  • The Field of Fight : How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies

    The Instant New York Times Bestseller.A war is being waged against us by radical Islamists, and, as current events demonstrate, they are only getting stronger. Al-Qaeda has morphed into a much more dangerous, menacing threat:

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • First Into Nagasaki : The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War

    George Weller was a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who covered World War II across Europe and boldly set out to explore the devastation inflicted on Nagasaki. His never-before-published reports provide a moving, unparalleled look at the

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    • Rating: 4.4

  • The War with Hannibal : Books XXI-XXX of The History of Rome from Its Foundation

    In The War with Hannibal, Livy chronicles the events of the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage, until the Battle of Zama in 202 BC. He vividly recreates the immense armies of Hannibal, complete

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  • DK Eyewitness Books: Civil War : Witness the War That Turned a Nation Against Itself from the Brutal Battles to its Legendary Commanders

    Examines aspects of the Civil War, including the issue of slavery, secession, the raising of armies, individual battles, the commanders, Northern life, Confederate culture, the surrender of the South, and the

    • UPC: 39966059
    • Rating: 4.6

  • Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War" : How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World

    In this monumental and provocative history, Buchanan makes the case that, if not for the blunders of British statesmen--Winston Churchill first among them--the horrors of two world wars and the Holocaust might have been

    • UPC: 10969324

  • Silent Witness : The Civil War through Photography and its Photographers

    Compiled by an acclaimed Civil War historian, this beautiful volume explores how photography shaped the way contemporary people viewed the war, and the way it still shapes our view of the conflict to this day.

    • UPC: 55744286

  • The End of World War I : The Treaty of Versailles and Its Tragic Legacy

    Explores the events that occured after the armistice of 1918 ended World War I, describing the outcome of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 that would create bitter resentment in Germany and pave the way

    • UPC: 33648578

  • Civil War Places : Seeing the Conflict Through the Eyes of Its Leading Historians

    Much has been written about place and Civil War memory, but how do we personally remember and commemorate this part of our collective past? How do battlefields and other historic places help us understand our

    • UPC: 363922550

  • The History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, Etc., a Biographical Directory of Its Citizens, War Record of Its Volunteers in the Late Rebellion ... History of the Northwest, History of Illinois ... Con

    This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact,

    • UPC: 999861142

  • Roots: The Civil War and Its Legacy | History

    The End Of The War And Its Legacy
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    The End of the War and Its Legacy

    The End Of The War And Its Legacy

    Murray Rothbard: The Civil War and Its Legacy (American Economy Lecture #1)

    The End Of The War And Its Legacy