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  • Guardian of Destiny: Fae Fantasy Romance, Book 2 (A Fae Realms Novel) (Fae Realms Series)

    She has a Destiny, and he has sworn to Guard her…Running from the evil that has chased her since she was a young girl, as her powers teeter out of control and threaten to expose her, Kenzie fears this may be the one time she doesn’t succeed…Running from the frivolous exploits of the Fae Queen, sexy Guardian of the Fae, Colin, takes on an easy assignment to get away from the Fae court and his ex. He expects to fetch a troubled teenage brat for the Queen, not the strong independent woman he encounters. When he meets Kenzie, he realizes she ...

    • ASIN: B0742H38H7

  • Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean (The Tir Na Nog Trilogy Book 1)

    Abducted by the fae, unlikely hero Conor Kelly, a wheelchair-bound teen, is transported back in time to the shadowy past of Ireland’s long lost legend. In a race to find the mystical Four Treasures of Eirean before the Otherworld flickers out of existence, Conor discovers he is not the only one seeking their power. But power is danger, and magic brings perilous consequences which threaten everything Conor has ever known or believed in.***Get a FREE book when you sign up to my mailing list! See inside for details!***...

    • ASIN: B008T8A7SK

  • Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People (Paperback)

    Exploring the myths, legends, and evidence surrounding the origins and existence of fairies, Eason takes readers on a journey throughout the world and introduces the many different varieties of these mysterious beings. She also provides

    • UPC: 1861714

  • Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series - Into The Magical Realm

    Dungeons & Dragons - Intothe Magical Realm [DVD] 68390450990

    • UPC: 15105501
    • Color: YOther

  • Tales from the Perilous Realm

    The definitive collection of Tolkien’s classic “fairie” tales, in the vein of The Hobbit, illustrated by Oscar winner Alan LeeNever before published in a single volume, Tolkien’s four novellas (Farmer Giles of Ham, Leaf by

    • UPC: 10088914
    • Rating: 4.0

  • The Gate: Book Seven of the Triads of Tir na n'Og - eBook

    As the Triads race to save humankind, Ironwolfe and his allies watch their dreams crumble and schemes smash to pieces against the unstoppable Hut, his trolkien legions, and the armies of faerie creatures he has

    • UPC: 903888495

  • The Ironlords: Book Six of the Triads of Tir na n'Og - eBook

    The Triads have flushed their prey into the open. Now at last the secret is out: the conspiracy to overthrow the all-powerful Fey is driven by the Ironlords, the Feys mightiest servants and avatars. Led

    • UPC: 417893936

  • The Red Triad: Book Three of the Triads of Tir na n'Og - eBook

    The Fey of the Red Faction chose three young heroes for their new Triad and set the living on the trail of the dead…Riven from the Blue and Green Triads by the magic of the

    • UPC: 815309034

  • The Triads: Book Two of the Triads of Tir na n'Og - eBook

    In Tir na nOg, the Greater Fey rule over Man and Fey alike, their will enforced by teams of hand-picked human champions called Triads...Three Triads, each serving a different faction of the quarrelsome Fey, are

    • UPC: 980219861

  • La Fontaine de Tir Na Nog - eBook

    Après une journée de cours particulièrement ennuyeuse, Agatha Howlett, adolescente gothique de 14 ans, reçoit la visite d’un corbeau doué de parole. Ce dernier a un message pour elle et la plonge dans une nouvelle

    • UPC: 596111873

  • The Healing Power of Eggnog - eBook

    Will Sutherland hasn't been home to see his parents in four years—not since they reacted badly when he came out. This Christmas, he’s finally worked up the courage to go home, where he's surprised to

    • UPC: 894239372
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Finding Tir Na Nog - eBook

    Reilly,  a teenager with extraordinary abilities, lives in an idyllic island town in the Pacific Northwest.  After his sixteenth birthday, everything changes!  Unforeseen events threaten his confidence, his peace--even his life--and he needs answers.  His

    • UPC: 236258307

  • Tir-Na-Nog - The Favourite Dwelling Of Faeries | Land of The Young | Faery Folklore

    The Magical Realms Of Tir Na Nog
    fairy,faerie,faery,folklore,stories,Tir-na-nog,land of the young Irish,Irish faery lore...

    Barkley 2 - weez_2 [DwarfNET]

    The Magical Realms Of Tir Na Nog
    BArkley,Barkley 2,ost,music,Barkley Gaiden,Barkley,Shut up and Jam,soundtrack,Shut up a...

    Barkley 2 - wapbap_2 [DwarfNET]

    The Magical Realms Of Tir Na Nog
    soundtrack,Barkley 2,Barkley,Shut up and Jam: Gaiden,Barkley Gaiden,ost,music,Shut up a...