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  • Leonardo da Vinci

    The #1 New York Times bestseller from Walter Isaacson brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography that is “a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it…Most important, it is a powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life” (The New Yorker).Based on thousands of pages from Leonardo da Vinci’s astonishing notebooks and new discoveries about his life and work, Walter Isaacson “deftly reveals an intimate Leonardo” (San Francisco Chronicle) in a narrative that connects his art to his science. He shows ...

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  • Mona Lisa: The History of the World's Most Famous Painting (Story of the Best-Known Painting in the World)

    A narrative history of how Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa came to be the most famous in the world – and one of the most powerful cultural icons of our time.What has made the Mona Lisa the most famous picture in the world? Why is it that, of all the 6,000 paintings in the Louvre, it is the only one to be exhibited in a special box, set in concrete and protected by two sheets of bulletproof glass? Why do thousands of visitors throng to see it every day, ignoring the masterpieces which surround it?For nearly 500 years the painti...

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  • The Thefts of the Mona Lisa: On Stealing the World's Most Famous Painting

    Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait, called the Mona Lisa, is without doubt the world’s most famous painting. It achieved its fame not only because it is a remarkable example of Renaissance portraiture, created by an acclaimed artistic and scientific genius, but because of its criminal history. The Mona Lisa (also called La Gioconda or La Joconde) was stolen on 21 August 1911 by an Italian, Vincenzo Peruggia. Peruggia was under the mistaken impression that the Mona Lisa had been stolen from Italy during the Napoleonic era, and he wished to take ba...

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  • Leonardo da Vinci (Famous People Series)

    Five cleverly illustrated books for boys and girls tell true stories about five very unusual children, later recognized by the world as men and women of genius. But before everything else, they were children. And like every child, they loved to play, and to use their imaginations. Today's children will delight in these stories, while they are also introduced to children who grew up and changed our world. Leonardo's father wondered what would become of this little boy, who was interested in so many things. Maybe, in to many things! Sometimes he ...

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  • The Mona Lisa Myth: How new discoveries unlock the final mystery of the world's most famous painting

    Following the announcement of another Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, held in a Swiss bank vault for over 40 years, this book is the first to analyze the meaning of this astonishing discovery, and how it radically changes our understanding of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. By tracing Leonardo’s movements in Florence on an almost day-to-day basis, Drs. Isbouts and Brown are able to reconstruct the fascinating chronology of the Mona Lisa portrait, and show how the subject ultimately became an obsession in the latter part of Leonardo's li...

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  • 1001 Art Masterpieces You Must See Before You Die

    With more than 300,000 copies sold worldwide in 15 languages, this newly revised and updated edition of 1001 Art Masterpieces You Must See Before You Die brings you right up to date with an incisive look at the world's best paintings. From Ancient Egyptian wall paintings to contemporary Western canvases, this book is truly comprehensive in scope and beautiful to leaf through. Within its pages, you will see displayed 1001 of the most memorable, haunting, powerful, important, controversial, and visually arresting paintings that have ever bee...

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  • Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man. The Entire Life Story. Biography, Facts & Quotes (Great Biographies Book 32)

    Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free Bonus Inside!Read on your Computer, Mac, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.Leonardo da Vinci achieved great things in the areas of Renaissance painting and sculpture, engineering, cartography, astronomy, geology, botany, human anatomy, history and many other areas. Uncharacteristically for the time, he traveled quite widely and worked in many disparate subject areas, because he did not really consider himself to be primarily a painter, even though he is best remembered today as the painter o...

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  • Becoming Leonardo: An Exploded View of the Life of Leonardo da Vinci

    "I found Mr. Lankford’s writing thought-provoking and Mr. Isaacson’s thought-stifling. Mr.Lankford proposes a great many insights...With immediacy and grace, Becoming Leonardo starts on a high note and gets better to the very end."—WALL STREET JOURNAL A Wall Street Journal 2017 Book of the YearA Spectator 2017 Book of the YearWhy did Leonardo Da Vinci leave so many of his major works uncompleted? Why did this resolute pacifist build war machines for the notorious Borgias? Why did he carry the Mona Lisa with him everywhere he went fo...

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  • 51 Most Famous Art Works of Renaissance: Analysis and Description of Art Works From da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and More...

    Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (Donatello) Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael) Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Andrea del Verrocchio Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) Paolo Veronese Giorgione All the great artists from Renaissance came together and created masterpieces. Little did they know that their works would still create awe in the hearts of those who gaze upon them for the centuries to come! Renaissance is an era in which mankind advanced in every possible aspect. But most importa...

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  • Decoding da Vinci - Solving the Mystery of the World's Most Famous Smile

    Five hundred years ago Leonardo da Vinci “decoded” a theological doctrine about God encoded into the first chapter of the Bible’s Book of Genesis. This had been done during the Jewish Babylonian Captivity two thousand year before Leonardo lived. The “theological” message he discovered was so contrary to the teachings of the Medieval Christian Church that he dared not reveal it to anyone. To leave a record of his discovery he encoded it into his most famous painting the Mona Lisa. If the Medieval Inquisition had “decoded” the ...


  • John McLaughlin Paintings: Total Abstraction

    This long-overdue retrospective book on a pioneer of West Coast abstraction considers John McLaughlin’s body of work and his unique influence on the Los Angeles postwar art scene. For decades before his death in 1976, John McLaughlin steadily produced some of the most fascinating paintings coming out of Southern California. Minimal geometric abstractions characterized by clean lines, bold colors, and flat, intersecting forms, McLaughlin’s paintings investigate symmetry and composition, and are largely informed by the Japanese notion of ma...

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  • Katie And The Mona Lisa

    The Mona Lisa beckons Kate inside the world's most famous painting, but she soon discovers that poor Mona Lisa hasn't had a visitor for hundreds of years, and Kate and Mona Lisa venture outside the painting in search of new friends throughout the museum.

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  • Old Man Goya

    In 1792, when he was forty-seven, the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya contracted an illness that left him stone deaf. Yet he continued to interact with the world and to create, spending the next thirty-five years in a world emptied of sound but bursting with images of pageantry, cruelty, and pathos.In this brilliant, idiosyncratic book – a kaleidoscope of biography, memoir, history, and meditation – Julia Blackburn vividly imagines the artist’s world during this time. She recreates the artist’s friendships and love affairs and breathe...

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  • Leonardo and the Flying Boy

    There were no spaceships or airplanes when Zoro was a boy. He lived in Italy during the era we now call the Renaissance, a time when the sky belonged to the birds. But one unusual man dreamed of incredible flying machines. "One day, Zoro," he told his pupil, "people will sail through the clouds and look down at the world below." Zoro was curious. He knew that his teacher did more than merely dream about the future, but was an important artist and inventor. Then Zoro made an astonishing discovery. His teacher was building a mysterious machine. A...

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  • Leonardo and the Last Supper

    In 1495, Leonardo da Vinci began what would become one of history's most influential works of art-The Last Supper. After a decade at the court of Lodovico Sforza, the duke of Milan, Leonardo was at a low point: at forty-three, he had failed, despite a number of prestigious commissions, to complete anything that truly fulfilled his astonishing promise. His latest failure was a giant bronze horse to honor Sforza's father, made with material expropriated by the military. The commission to paint The Last Supper was a small compensation, and his odd...

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci. the Complete Paintings : The Complete Paintings

    Da Vinci in detail The paintings of the Renaissance genius One of the most accomplished human beings who ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) remains a quintessential Renaissance genius. The perfect companion to the Leonardo

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  • Leonardo da Vinci

    "He was history's most creative genius. What secrets can he teach us? The author of the acclaimed bestsellers Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography.

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  • Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci? (Paperback)

    "Presents the life and accomplishments of the famous artist, scientist, engineer, and

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  • How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci : Seven Steps to Genius Every Day

    Describes seven elements of creative thinking and offers exercises for developing more effective thought

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  • Leonardo da Vinci for Kids : His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities

    Presents a biography of this prolific artist and inventor through projects in cartography, animal art, bird observation, and mask

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  • Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions : You Can Build Yourself


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  • Leonardo Da Vinci : A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #38: Monday with a Mad Genius

    How did Leonardo da Vinci become interested in flight? What are some of his most famous paintings? Do his scientific ideas measure up to what we know today? Find out the answers to these questions

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  • Neo Leo : The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci

    At once an artist, inventor, engineer, and scientist, Leonardo da Vinci wrote and drew detailed descriptions of what would later become hang gliders, automobiles, robots, and much more. Barretta cleverly shows how Leonardo's ideas foreshadowed

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  • Leonardo da Vinci

    "He was history's most creative genius. What secrets can he teach us? The author of the acclaimed bestsellers Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci

    The #1 New York Times bestseller "A powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life...a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it." --The New Yorker "Vigorous, insightful." --The Washington Post "A

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  • 10 Most Famous Leonardo Da Vinci Artworks

    The Most Famous Paintings Of Leonardo Da Vinci
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    The Most Famous Paintings Of Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci: A collection of 148 paintings (HD)

    The Most Famous Paintings Of Leonardo Da Vinci
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