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  • The Two Percent Solution : Fixing America's Problems In Ways Liberals And Conservatives Can Love

    A revolutionary program for fixing America's most serious domestic problems for just two cents on the national dollar--while we still

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • What Is Conservatism? : A New Edition of the Classic by 12 Leading Conservatives

    “What Is Conservatism? is one of my favorite books. . . . It is The Federalist Papers of American conservatism.” —JONAH GOLDBERG, from the foreword to this new editionWhat Is Conservatism? (1964) is a conservative

    • UPC: 46848568

  • The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet

    The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Predator State : How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too

    Galbraith elegantly and effectively counters the economic fundamentalism that has captured public discourse in recent years, and offers a cogent guide to the real political economy--Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy, University of California at

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  • Disarming Scripture : Cherry-Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need to Learn to Read the Bible Like Jesus Did

    A GOD OF LOVE AND GENOCIDE? For many Christians the problem of violence in Scripture can result in a crisis of faith--especially when we see how such passages have been used throughout history to justify

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  • Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies : Issue by Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z


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  • Moral Politics : How Liberals and Conservatives Think, Third Edition

    In this classic political psychology text, the first full-scale application of cognitive science to politics, George Lakoff analyzes the unconscious and rhetorical worldviews of liberals and conservatives, discovering radically different but remarkably consistent conceptions of

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    • Rating: 4.333

  • Predisposed : Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences

    "Predisposed presents evidence that people differ politically not just because they grew up in different cultures or were presented with different information. All these factors certainly play their role but people also differ politically because

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  • Conservatives Versus Liberals: A Collective Divided - eBook

    For all the bombast and rhetoric demonizing one side by the other, here is a little book of humor which explores the actual differences between so called conservatives and liberals. It is an apolitical jaunt

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  • Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America's Future (Ebook Shorts) - eBook

    There is a war going on in our nation's political discourse. Polarizing labels--left/right, Republican/Democrat, young/old, rich/poor, traditional/progressive--define and divide us. And in the process we've lost a vision for the common good.Jim Wallis believes our

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  • Conservative Dallas Morning News Refuses to Endorse Trump

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    Julian Assange Hit Piece In New York Times

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    julian assange new york times,julian assange flush,julian assange threat,julian assange...

    UNC Charlotte students gather for change during Rally of Remembrance

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