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  • Native Americans State by State

    Native Americans State by State details the history of the tribes associated with every state of the Union and the provinces of Canada, from past to present. Each state entry contains its own maps and

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  • 365 Days Of Walking The Red Road : The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day

    A compilation of Native American writings features 365 daily entries encompassing quotations, birthdays, explanations of the culture and its meanings, along with words of wisdom and spirit from Native American Leaders such as Chief Joseph,

    • UPC: 2069127
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  • Trail of Tears: A Native American Documentary Collection (DVD)

    This tellingquot; collection of four documentaries focusing on the plight and history of the Native Americans is enhanced with compelling narration by James Earl Jones, James Garner, Crystal Gayle, Wes Studi and more. Includes the

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  • Creative Haven Native American Designs Coloring Book

    Dream catchers, kachina dolls, and animals of all kinds are celebrated in this original collection of images inspired by Native American art. Feathers, arrows, geometric patterns, and other motifs accent 31

    • UPC: 352145497

  • The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee : Native America from 1890 to the Present

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "Chapter after chapter, it's like one shattered myth after another." - NPR"An informed, moving and kaleidoscopic portrait... Treuer's powerful book suggests the need for soul-searching about the meanings of American

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  • Music for Native Americans Soundtrack (CD)

    Music for the Native Americans

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  • Anti-Stress Coloring Book : Native American Inspired Designs

    Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Native American Inspired Designs Anti-Stress Coloring Book: Native American Inspired Designs by Art Therapy Coloring is put together with adult coloring pages that are quintessential for anyone who appreciates Native American art!

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  • The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales


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  • Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans

    Here is one of the most thorough books on beadwork techniques available for lovers of Native American bead work. You'll find clear instructions that are accompanied by large, highly detailed step-by-step photos and illustrations for

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  • Authentic Native American Dream Catchers Coloring Book

    Release your inner child by indulging in colors today! Coloring for adults is all about releasing the tension you feel within your body. It is an activity that does not require major decisions because there

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    The Plight Of The Native American Answer Key
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    Why Native Americans Can Legally Grow Pot

    The Plight Of The Native American Answer Key
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    6 Misconceptions About Native American People | Teen Vogue

    The Plight Of The Native American Answer Key
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