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  • Dead End Girl: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller (Violet Darger FBI Thriller Book 1)

    Her body is broken. Wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. She is the first. There will be more.The serial killer thriller that "refuses to let go until you've read the last sentence."The most recent body was discovered in the grease dumpster behind a Burger King. Dismembered. Shoved into two garbage bags and lowered into the murky oil.Now rookie agent Violet Darger gets the most important assignment of her career. She travels to the Midwest to face a killer unlike anything she's seen. Aggressive. Territorial. Deranged and driven.A...

    • ASIN: B06Y2H1KM9

  • The Scattered and the Dead (Book 2.6)

    This is the beginning of the end.Catch up with old characters and meet new ones in the sixth volume in the Scattered and the Dead series, the penultimate entry.War rages across the empty world. Those who follow Father, the Crusaders, creep through the woods to fight the Raiders from the Sovereign Cities.Bloody battles separate limbs and torsos, heads and necks. It's a struggle for control over resources and territory, but the shape of the future hangs in the balance as well.Meanwhile, a year has passed for Izzy and Erin, and their world keeps s...

    • ASIN: B07FSKQ59Z

  • Inventive Wire Weaving: 20+ unique jewelry designs

    Wire jewelry has been around for centuries and never goes out of style. Wire weaving techniques simply evolve to incorporate the newest materials and trends.All-new Inventive Wire Weaving: 20+ Unique Jewelry Designs focuses on the timeless techniques of wire weaving, wrapping, coiling, and capturing, plus texturing metals and wire. Using these evergreen techniques, designer and instructor Susan Barzacchini showcases metal, beads, lampworked elements, cabochons, and found objects in interesting, beautiful wire jewelry. Whether they use fine silv...

    • ASIN: 1627004955

  • Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #3: Shattered Sky

    Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues in A Vision of Shadows #3: Shattered Sky.ShadowClan has fallen. A group of rogues now rules the pine forest, and their cruel leader, Darktail, will not stop until he has conquered the rest of the Clans. Alderheart is more certain than ever that their only hope is to find the lost SkyClan and fulfill StarClan’s prophecy—before Darktail’s vicious reign puts an end to the warrior Clans forever.Full of epic adventure and thrilling intrigue, this fifth Warriors series is the perfect intr...


  • High Lie (Miami Jones Florida Mystery Series Book 3)

    The USA Today BestsellerThere's Darkness, Even in the Sunshine StateMiami Jones knows that South Florida has its fair share of sharks, and not all of them live in the ocean. When a young boy is dumped in the water off the coast, Miami goes looking for answers. What he finds is a world of crooked bookmakers, slick Las Vegas Casino moguls and a desperate band of brothers playing a forgotten sport. Forgotten by everyone except the person who wants the players dead.Miami takes Florida sliding down a sinkhole rather personally, so now he’ll stop...

    • ASIN: B00QEQN5H4

  • G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger)

    “A roaring good read.”—   Master sniper Bob Lee Swagger returns in this riveting novel by bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.   Ryan Philippe currently stars as Bob Lee Swagger on the hit USA Network series Shooter. The Great Depression was marked by an epidemic of bank robberies and Tommy-gun-toting outlaws who became household names. Hunting them down was the new U.S. Division of Investigation—soon to become the FBI—which was determined to nab the most dangerous gangster this country has ever p...

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    • Brand: BLUE RIDER

  • Murder in the Paperback Parlor (The Book Retreat Mysteries 2)

    The New York Times bestselling Book Retreat mysteries feature Storyton Hall, the perfect getaway for literature lovers—except when a guest tries to get away with murder…With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Jane Steward is organizing a week of activities for fans of love stories at her book-themed resort. But her Regency readers barely have time to brush up on their Jane Austen before tragedy strikes Storyton Hall. Rosamund York, one of the most celebrated authors in attendance, is killed.Rosamund had as many enemies as she did adm...

    • ASIN: B00QH832AO

  • Paper Roses (Texas Dreams Book #1): A Novel

    • ASIN: B00B5J4XAI

  • 1969: The Year Everything Changed


  • 1,339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop

    From the creators of the hugely popular BBC quiz show QI, a brilliant sequel to their New York Times–best-selling 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off.1,339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop is bursting with mindboggling morsels of trivia―informative, hilarious, sometimes arcane or utterly useless, but always entertaining. Did you know?• Wagner only ever wore pink silk underwear.• There are 34,000 statues of Kim Il Sung in North Korea.• There is a cult in Malaysia that worships a giant teapot.• Earthworms...

    • ASIN: 0393245608
    • Brand: W W Norton Company

  • Cherringham - Episode 1 - 3: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (Cherringham: Crime Series Compilations)

    Jack's a retired ex-cop from New York, seeking the simple life in Cherringham. Sarah's a Web designer who's moved back to the village to find herself. But their lives are anything but quiet as the two team up to solve Cherringham's mysteries.This compilation contains episodes 1-3: Murder on Thames, Mystery at the Manor and Murder by Moonlight. Here Jack and Sarah investigate a suicide in the River Thames - or was it murder? They investigate an "accidental" fire with deadly consequences, and they nab the culprit behind the Rotary Club choir pois...


  • Bullet Riddled: The First S.W.A.T. Officer Inside Columbine... and Beyond

    More than just a retelling, Bullet-Riddled is an in-depth look at the day-to-day of S.W.A.T and focuses on the men and women who inherit so much pain to keep us safe.Nowhere is this more apparent than in the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy. The following days saw major changes within S.W.A.T. Men cracked, leaders folded and the entire country demanded changes. But these changes, like all reforms, met with stiff resistance from the old guard. Friendships turned into rivals and the infrastructure of S.W.A.T began to unravel. As resignations pi...

    • ASIN: 1943276021

  • The Dead Alone (Empires Lost Book 3)

    ***Please note: this is not the final novel in this series. At least two more are planned at this stage.***SOUTH-EAST ASIA: OCTOBER, 1942In just three years, the German Wehrmacht has conquered Europe, taken Britain and won a devastating victory in North Africa. As self-proclaimed rulers of an entire continent, the Nazis now stand secure in the belief that no threat remains on their Western frontier.In the Pacific and South-East Asia however, war looms closer than ever. Eager to establish their nation as a true global power, the Japanese go...

    • ASIN: B01NA9HOX1

  • Descent: A Kate Redman Mystery Novella (The Kate Redman Mysteries)

    It’s New Year in the West Country town of Abbeyford and Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is trying to cope with her workload, her relationship with her former DCI and with the discovery of a frozen body at the bottom of a local ravine.A tragic accident? A suicide? Or murder? Kate has enough to contend with when it comes to the recent recruitment of DCI Nicola Weaver who seems determined to prove Kate wrong. But is this a crime and if it is, what does it mean for Kate and her colleagues?Descent is a new novella in the bestselling Kate Redman My...

    • ASIN: B06XHK9WBT

  • Make Strange Things Happen: Taiji's Qi Qi Guai Guai

    Taiji is an incredibly effective martial art made even more so by its deliberate involvement in those esoteric forces for which Taiji and the internal arts are noted. The esoteric forces render a formidable fighting style into one that extends its capability into the vast unknown. The martial arts have long been known for its capability of initiating the enlightenment experience. These enigamtic forces coelesce around the techniques of the Taiji Master confounding hisopponents. These remarkable forces are not limited to the martial arena. The T...

    • ASIN: 1480042110

  • Smart but Scattered : The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

    Kids who lag behind lack crucial skills required to execute such tasks as getting organized, staying focused, and controlling emotions. Here, the authors present an innovative program to strengthen kids' abilities to plan ahead, follow

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    • Rating: 4.333

  • Smart but Scattered Teens : The "Executive Skills" Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential

    "I told you, I'll do it later." "I forgot to turn in the stupid application." "Could you drive me to school? I missed the bus again." "I can't walk the dog--I have too much homework!"If

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Scatter Here Is Too Great

    A vivid and intricate novel-in-stories, The Scatter Here Is Too Great explores the complicated lives of ordinary people whose fates unexpectedly converge after a deadly bomb blast at the Karachi train station: an old communist

    • UPC: 44518016

  • Scattered Suns: The Saga of Seven Suns - Book #4 - eBook

    The fourth novel in the Saga of Seven Suns series executes a plan that has been long in the making. The final, most powerful enemy against the humans is about to be launched; how will

    • UPC: 265361150

  • Riverworld : Including To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat

    From award-winning author Philip Jose Farmer comes his most famous science fiction work: the first combined edition of the first two Riverworld novels, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.Imagine that every human

    • UPC: 12016421

  • Scattered, Smothered, & Chunked : Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1

    "Cross Larry the Cable Guy with The Dresden Files, and you have Bubba the Monster Hunter" "Reminds me a bit of Ash from Army of Darkness" "Hartness spins another tale of redneck mayhem full of

    • UPC: 531704680

  • The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success : How to Use Your Brain's Executive Skills to Keep Up, Stay Calm, and Get Organized at Work and at Home

    "Are you smart, scattered, and struggling? You're not alone. Cutting-edge research shows that today's 24/7 wired world and the growing demands of work and family life may simply max out the part of the brain

    • UPC: 46037128

  • The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens : Help for Unprepared, Late, and Scattered Teens

    Disorganized, chronically late, forgetful, or impulsive—these are words commonly used to describe teens with executive functioning disorder (EFD), an attention disorder marked by an inability to stay on task. In this easy-to-use, practical workbook, a

    • UPC: 22332300

  • The Scatter Here is Too Great (Paperback)

    Books : The Scatter Here is Too Great

    • UPC: 153618855

  • Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

    Meditations on the central issues and needs of human existence--considered a twentieth-century spiritual

    • UPC: 535526

  • Tim McBain L.T. Vargus Scattered Dead 0.5 The Scattered and the Dead Audiobook

    The Scattered And The Dead Reading Order
    Tim McBain L.T. Vargus Scattered Dead 0.5 The Scattered and the Dead,audiobook,audioboo...

    The Scattered and the Dead

    The Scattered And The Dead Reading Order
    Horror,apocolypse,everyone dies,zombies,book review,indie authors,chronic illness,readi...

    The Scattered and the Dead 1.5

    The Scattered And The Dead Reading Order
    horror novel,horror books,zombies,L.T. Vargus,Tim McBain,book reviews,book trailers