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  • Aviation: History of Aviation: Aeroplanes, Balloons and the Zeppelin - From: da Vinci and The Wright Brothers to Modern Fighter Planes. How The Icarus Dream Became a Reality

    READ FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED Nowadays, people always use airplanes to get to their destinations. Instead of spending several days taking the bus or train, they prefer a flight that will take three hours at most. In an era when every minute of our day is precious, we can’t afford to waste time on ground transportation.But how did planes first came into being? Who came up with the idea of sticking some wings to a frame to make them fly? How did they manage to fly in the first place? There are so many questions that we want answered – ...

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  • Etienne Decroux and His Theatre Laboratory


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  • The myth of Icarus and Daedalus - Amy Adkins

    The Story Of Icarus And His Flying Wings
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    Icarus: The Flight And Fall - The Meaning Behind The Story (Greek Mythology Explained)

    The Story Of Icarus And His Flying Wings
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    Daedalus and Icarus - Storyteller: Greek Myths - The Jim Henson Company

    The Story Of Icarus And His Flying Wings
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