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  • The Technology of Teaching (Official B. F. Skinner Foundation Reprint Series / paperback edition)

    ABOUT THE BOOK: This volume, Skinner's only book on education, is a collection of essays, most of which had either been previously published or had served as texts for lectures over a period of twelve years. Four of the essays were written for this book. The content is wide-ranging from the etymology of teaching to teaching machines and programmed instruction, teaching thinking, ethical behavior and self-control, to classroom behavior management, and changes in the education establishment consistent with the new approach.Though not in his origi...

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  • The Technology of Teaching REVISITED: A Reader's Companion to B.F. Skinner's Book

    Skinner desperately wanted his science to be applied to improve instruction methods. Yet he wrote his only book on education not for educators but for sophisticates in his experimental analysis of behavior, its operant methodology and its radical behaviorist foundation. Technology of Teaching: REVISITED examines this issue, tracing contextual factors that account for his decision and describing prerequisite conceptual tools assumed to be fluent in the reader's repertoire. Developments contemporaneous with and following the programmed instruct...

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  • Skinner B.F. The technology of teaching./Skinner B.F. The technology of teaching.

    The following description is in Russian (transliterated), followed by an automated English translation. We apologize for inaccuracies in the computer-generated English translation. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate human English translation, which well be happy to prepare upon requestnew York Appleton-Century-Crofts 1968. x, 271 pp.s. tselnokleenny paper cover, the usual format.We ship to worldwide destinations from worldwide origination points, including our overseas facilities. Shipping and handling charges are based on the actua...

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  • Jenseits von Freiheit und Würde (German Edition)

    In seinem höchst beunruhigenden und provokativen Buch hat B. F. Skinner aus Methoden und Resultaten seiner jahrzehntelangen Forschungsarbeit die Summe gezogen und darauf eine Analyse von Zustand und Zukunft der Gesellschaft und des einzelnen Menschen aufgebaut.Die Krise, in der sich die Weltzivilisation befindet, kann nur überwunden werden, wenn das Verhalten des Menschen von Grund auf neu motiviert wird. Die einzige Überlebenschance sieht Skinner in einer radikalen Revision der geheiligten Ideale von Freiheit und Würde. Diese machtvoll wir...


  • The Technology of Teaching - eBook

    On Parent's Day, in 1952, B. F. Skinner visited his daughter's fourth grade math class. As he watched the lesson, he became increasingly uncomfortable. Almost every principle of effective teaching that he had studied for

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  • Teaching Science for Social Justice - eBook

    How might science education reflect the values of a socially just and democratic society? How do urban youth living in poverty construct science in their lives in ways that are enriching, empowering, and transformative? Using

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  • Breaking the Mold of Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education - eBook

    This unique collection of chapters takes the reader on a tour to explore innovative preservice and inservice teacher education practices from many regions of the United States, Canada and the world. Each of the chapters

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  • Let's Read: BF Skinner - The Technology of Teaching - 3 - Teaching Machines

    The Technology Of Teaching By Bf Skinner
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    Let's Read: BF Skinner - The Technology of Teaching - Chapter 1 - The Etymology of Teaching

    The Technology Of Teaching By Bf Skinner
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    Let's Read - BF Skinner - The Technology of Teaching - 06 - Teaching Thinking

    The Technology Of Teaching By Bf Skinner
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