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  • The Immigration Dilemma: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons

    A collection of essays on immigration and related topics by Dr. Garrett Hardin, eminent biologist whose seminal works on environmental ethics have inspired thousands in the environmental movement. The collection includes his famous essay, "The Tragedy of the Commons".

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  • Common Ground: The Water, Earth, and Air We Share

    How do our individual actions affect the world?From the Caldecott Honor author Molly Bang, author-illustrator of the critically acclaimed Sunlight Series, this is a simple story of our planet's natural resources. Through the example of a shared village green and the growing needs of the townspeople who share it, Molly Bang presents the challenge of handling our planet's natural resources. With jewel-like paintings and simple text, Bang impresses upon us the urgency of conserving and preserving our earth's limited bounty....

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  • The Commons: Its Tragedies and Other Follies

    These contributions examine the tragedy of the commons and what is affected by the tragedy. What is the proper scope of the public realm? The main insight is that human individuality needs to be properly accommodated in a system of community life, in law, and in public policy.

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  • The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy

    The moth snowstorm, a phenomenon Michael McCarthy remembers from his boyhood when moths “would pack a car’s headlight beams like snowflakes in a blizzard,” is a distant memory. Wildlife is being lost, not only in the wholesale extinctions of species but also in the dwindling of those species that still exist.The Moth Snowstorm is unlike any other book about climate change today; combining the personal with the polemical, it is a manifesto rooted in experience, a poignant memoir of the author’s first love: nature. McCarthy traces his ado...

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  • The tragedy of the commons: Twenty years of policy literature, 1968-1988 (Public administration series--bibliography)

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  • The Great Mechanism: The Power Behind the Relentless Juggernaut of Western Capitalism

    Do you want to know why the world can’t stop destroying itself?Ever wonder why corporations act the way they do?Are you curious about how the hidden laws of motion within capitalism shape our world?Then this book is for you.Readers will discover the drivers of capitalism’s relentless inevitability, how and why it expands everywhere all the time, and how it forms our perceptions of reality.Readers will learn how corporate structures and the hierarchy of offices embody the intrinsic laws of motion, changing both the world and the people who o...

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  • McKettricks of Texas: Garrett

    In this second book of the author's contemporary romance trilogy, Garrett McKettrick meets his match in one of the Remington

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  • Tragedy in the Commons - eBook

    In Tragedy in the Commons, Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan, founders of the non-partisan think tank Samara, draw on an astonishing eighty exit interviews with former Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum to

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  • The Impossibles by Randall Garrett, Science Fiction, Fantasy

    Malone lives in a world where psionic powers such as telepathy and teleportation exist. Malone must cope with them as well as an FBI Director who leaves Malone constantly confused about what situation he is

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  • Garrett Takes the Case

    Garrett is a private investigator who always gets his man-or elf, troll, or sorcerer. In the magical city of TunFaire, he's the first name in paranormal detection. Garrett Takes the Case collects three of his

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  • Tragedy in the Commons : Former Members of Parliament Speak Out About Canada's Failing Democracy

    Tragedy In The Commons: Former Members Of Parliament Speak Out About Canada'S Failing

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  • The Ascendant : A Garrett Reilly Thriller

    "Warfare goes digital in movie and TV writer Drew Chapman's fast-moving debut, a high-stakes thriller that pits the online might of China against that of the United States" (Publishers Weekly) as reluctant patriot Garrett Reilly

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  • To what extent is the tragedy of the commons restricting option when dealing with a global ecological crisis? - eBook

    Essay from the year 2011 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Environmental Policy, grade: 2,0, Sciences Po., Paris, language: English, abstract: This essay deals with the extent to which the tragedy of the

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  • A Columbus of Space by Garrett P. Serviss, Science Fiction, Adventure, Space Opera

    We simply listened in silence; for what could we say? The facts were more eloquent than any words, and called for no commentary. Here we were, out in the middle of space; and there was

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  • Tragedy of the Commons : Dark Prophesies

    A 400-acre compound surrounded by ten-foot razor-wire fences pops up in southwest Austin. Neighbors along Hamilton's Pool Road ask Lt. Craig Rylander at the Austin PD to investigate. Who are these 300 people in white

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  • Whether the Minority of Electors Should be Represented by a Majority in the House of Commons? - eBook

    The subject I have come to address you upon is that of Electoral Reform. I will endeavour to place myself in sympathy with you, by frankly explaining why I am interested myself, and am so

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  • Garrett Hardin on the Tragedy of the Commons

    The Tragedy Of The Commons By Garrett Hardin

    What is the tragedy of the commons? - Nicholas Amendolare

    The Tragedy Of The Commons By Garrett Hardin
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    🐄 The Tragedy of the Commons | How to Avoid It?

    The Tragedy Of The Commons By Garrett Hardin
    the tragedy of the commons,tragedy of the commons,tragedy of the commons solutions,trag...