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  • An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943, Volume One of the Liberation Trilogy

    WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"A splendid book... The emphasis throughout is on the human drama of men at war."―The Washington Post Book WorldThe liberation of Europe and the destruction of the Third Reich is an epic story of courage and calamity, of miscalculation and enduring triumph. In this first volume of the Liberation Trilogy, Rick Atkinson shows why no modern reader can understand the ultimate victory of the Allied powers without a grasp of the great drama that unfolded in North Africa in 1942 and 1943.Open...

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  • The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part Three

    When Asami is kidnapped, Korra sets out to the Spirit Wilds to find her. Now teeming with dark spirits influenced by the half spirit-half human Tokuga, the landscape is more dangerous than ever before. The two women must trust in each other and work together if they are to make it out alive. Their fate is revealed in this stunning, action-packed conclusion to The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars!Written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Irene Koh (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Afrina and the Glass Coffin), with consultation by...

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  • The Two-State Delusion: Israel and Palestine--A Tale of Two Narratives

    Padraig O'Malley is the subject of the new acclaimed documentary The Peacemaker“A thoughtful autopsy of the failed two-state paradigm . . . Evenhanded, diplomatic, mutually respectful, and enormously useful.” —Kirkus, starred reviewDisputes over settlements, the right of return, the rise of Hamas, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, and other intractable issues have repeatedly derailed peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.Now, in a book that is sure to spark controversy, renowned peacemaker Padraig O’Malley argues that ...

    • ASIN: 0670025054

  • 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Turning Points in Ancient History)

    In 1177 B.C., marauding groups known only as the "Sea Peoples" invaded Egypt. The pharaoh's army and navy managed to defeat them, but the victory so weakened Egypt that it soon slid into decline, as did most of the surrounding civilizations. After centuries of brilliance, the civilized world of the Bronze Age came to an abrupt and cataclysmic end. Kingdoms fell like dominoes over the course of just a few decades. No more Minoans or Mycenaeans. No more Trojans, Hittites, or Babylonians. The thriving economy and cultures of the late second millen...

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  • The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the Romance That Changed the World

    Drawing on unpublished letters and rare primary sources, King and Woolmans tell the true story behind the tragic romance and brutal assassination that sparked World War IIn the summer of 1914, three great empires dominated Europe: Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. Four years later all had vanished in the chaos of World War I. One event precipitated the conflict, and at its hear was a tragic love story. When Austrian heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand married for love against the wishes of the emperor, he and his wife Sophie were humiliated and s...

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  • Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 3: The Last Ronin (Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2015))

    Logan is an Old Man on a mission! Given a second chance, he's determined to put right what went wrong in the reality he knew: the night the villains joined forces and overcame the world's heroes, changing his life forever. Logan lost his friends, his purpose, and all that was left was the Wasteland. Now he's back in the past, and perhaps the Villain Uprising can be prevented. But his bid to defy destiny is about to land him in trouble - deep trouble. Logan wakes up at the bottom of a well, and every time he tries to scale its walls, a mysteriou...

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  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 1

    Miles Morales is hitting the big time! Not only is he joining the Marvel Universe, but he's also a card-carrying Avenger, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America! But how have Miles' first eight months been, coming to grips with an All-new, All-Different new York? One thing is the same--nonstop action! Like when Earth's Mightiest Heroes all fall, and Miles stands alone against a villain with the power to destroy the universe. Or when the Black Cat tries to get her claws in this new Spider-Man. Then there's Miles' ...

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  • MARVEL's Black Panther: The Junior Novel

    T'Challa, as the Black Panther and warrior King of Wakanda, must team up with elite members of the Dora Milaje--Wakanda's special forces--and C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross to defend his kingdom in this epic junior novel based on the upcoming film Marvel's Black Panther. Features an 8-page color insert! ©2018 MARVEL....

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  • Apocalypse Machine

    THE HUMAN RACE STARTED THE SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION ON EARTH. A chain of subglacial volcanoes erupt in Iceland. The melting ice floods the countryside. Poisonous gas descends on Scotland. A tsunami devastates the Norwegian coastline. An ash cloud rises into the atmosphere, blotting out the sun across Europe, ushering in a new Ice Age. Dozens of nuclear power plants, flooded by ocean water, experience meltdowns. Millions perish. Many more are displaced. All on the first day. On the second day, a series of earthquakes moving in a straight line, reve...

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  • Confluence (A Linesman Novel)

    In this captivating Linesman novel from the national bestselling author of Alliance, Ean Lambert finds himself caught in a dangerous fight for political power...   The lines. Mysterious yet familiar: the key to controlling every ship in the galaxy. Once they were thought of as tools, but since linesman Ean Lambert discovered strange new lines in an alien vessel, they have become so much more—symbols of a power too great to ignore.   While the Crown Princess of Lancia seeks to share the new technology, her father, the Emperor, has other plan...

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  • An Echo of Things to Come (The Licanius Trilogy)

    "Love The Wheel of Time? This is about to become your new favorite series." - B&N SF & Fantasy BlogDavian has won a victory for the Augurs, but treachery surrounds him and his allies on all sides in the second book of the acclaimed Licanus Trilogy, in which "fans of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson will find much to admire." (The Guardian)Following a devastating attack, an amnesty has been declared for all Augurs--finally allowing them to emerge from hiding and openly oppose the dark forces massing against the land of Andarra. The Augur Davi...

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  • The Plot Against America: A Novel

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    • Brand: Houghton Mifflin
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  • Unwavering: Love and Resistance in WW2 Germany (World War II Trilogy Book 3)

    From inspiration to heartache, hope is fleeting asfreedom becomes a distant memory…Wilhelm Quedlin’s plan to change the tide of the war is thwarted when he is arrested. And, making matters worse, with the arrest of his wife, Hilde, the fate of their children is thrown into chaos. The situation is desperate and the circumstances become even more dire when Q finds out who was behind his capture and imprisonment.Yet hope remains...In the midst of their situation, Q and Hilde are encouraged when they meet like-minded political prisoners in the ...


  • Burke's Revenge: Bob Burke Suspense Thriller #3 (Bob Burke Action Adventure Novels)

    Bob Burke is back… again.After his recent adventures in Burke’s War and Burke’s Gamble, all this former sniper, Army Ranger, and Delta Force commander wants is to settle down on his North Carolina farm and let Iraq, Afghanistan, and his recent ‘dustups’ with the Chicago and New York mobs fade away like bad memories.But sometimes you go looking for trouble, and sometimes trouble comes looking for you. When a home-grown ISIS cell strikes the Special Operations leadership inside Fort Bragg itself, in Delta’s own backyard, it’s time f...


  • Our Father (Johann's War Book 1)

    “The German Revolution had indeed begun.”The Second German Reich has collapsed in the flames of World War I and the country is in chaos. Republicans, rogue soldiers, and communists are rampaging through the cities and villages of Germany. Faced with destruction, the nationalists fight back against their enemies, turning the country into a battlefield.In Munich, Erich and Johann Brandt are a pair of impressionable teenagers just trying to get by. When Erich falls under the sway of young speaker Adolf Hitler, he joins the party without a seco...

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  • Trenton-born George Antheil nicknamed himself in his autobiography the "Bad Boy of Music." He caused a fuss in Europe when he presented music that included such instruments as airplane propellers and car horns. This recording, part of Naxos's "American Classics" series, features two of his symphonies and the concert overture 'McKonkey's Ferry.' These pieces are more conservative (as well as Romantic) in nature than the sensational works, such as 'Ballet mᅢᄅcanique,' that established his reputation. There is not a propeller to be heard on the entire program.The Symphony No. 4, subtitled '1942,' reflects the troubled times of the Second World War. This work, colored by martial themes, has an agitated voice that recalls Shostakovich. The three-movement Symphony No. 6 received its premiere in 1948. The work is a paean to liberty and concludes with a jazzy rondo that celebrates the triumph of freedom. The National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine plays this music with great precision, particularly vital when faced with Antheil's quirky rhythmic challenges. Vivid, lively sound quality and a budget price make this a welcome recording.


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  • What Were The Causes Of The Delay Of The 79th Division Capturing Montfaucon? - eBook

    On the opening day of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War I, the newly-created United States 79th Division was templated to advance nine kilometers through German-controlled terrain. However, the advance through the first four kilometers,

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  • World War II: Causes of the War

    Three Main Causes Of World War 2
    World War II,Pal-Mac,Palmyra-Macedon,Vaillancourt

    What Caused World War Two? in 90 Seconds

    Three Main Causes Of World War 2
    ww2,world war two,league of nations,treaty of versailles,pact of steel,tripartite pact,...

    Treaty of Versailles - The Main Cause of World War 2 - GCSE History

    Three Main Causes Of World War 2
    Treaty of Versailles,The Main Cause of World War 2,GCSE History,The Main Cause of World...