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  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't

    • ASIN: B0058DRUV6

  • Managing a Nonprofit Organization: Updated Twenty-First-Century Edition

    The revised and updated edition of the go-to guide that has been an essential resource for nonprofit administrators, managers, and business professors since 1984—retooled to address the challenges presented by today’s world.Managing a Nonprofit Organization is a classic in its field. But much has changed since it was last updated in 1999, as the United States reels from political, economic, and demographic shifts, all of which impact nonprofit organizations every day. In the current economy, nonprofits are trying to make ends meet. They are...

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  • Principles: Life and Work

    #1 New York Times Bestseller “Significant...The book is both instructive and surprisingly moving.” —The New York Times Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that he’s developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business—and which any person or organization can adopt to help achieve their goals.In 1975, Ray Dalio founded an investment firm, Bridgewater Associates, out of his two-bedroom apartment in New York...

    • ASIN: B071CTK28D

  • How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization: From Writing an Managing Grants to Fundraising, Board Development, and Strategic Planning

    Are you a staff or board member of a nonprofit organization? Do you want your organization to be excellent? Are you a busy person?If you answered all three questions in the affirmative, How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization is the one book you need, one with more than a thousand practical tips. It was inspired by thousands of nonprofit agency professionals who have participated in workshops the author has led for more than twenty years. Each of the nine chapters includes numerous practical recommendations: Board members will learn h...

    • ASIN: 1564148041
    • Brand: Career Press, Inc.

  • Good To Great And The Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

    Building upon the concepts introduced in Good to Great, Jim Collins answers the most commonly asked questions raised by his readers in the social sectors. Using information gathered from interviews with over 100 social sector leaders, Jim Collins shows that his "Level 5 Leader" and other good-to-great principles can help social sector organizations make the leap to greatness. ...

    • ASIN: B0058DRTGC

  • A Desktop Guide for Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Advisors: Avoiding Trouble While Doing Good

    How to keep any nonprofit out of trouble, running smoothly, and accomplishing its mission "Jack Siegel--lawyer, accountant, management consultant, and computer whiz--takes the putative director or officer of a nonprofit organization on a useful and often entertaining voyage throughout the realm of the tax-exempt organizations universe, pointing out its quirks, foibles, and legal liabilities along the way. His handbook will make mandatory--and arresting--reading for those who are already serving as trustees, directors, officers, and key emplo...

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    • Brand: Wiley

  • Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies

    Why is the culture of a stagnant workplace so difficult to improve? For decades, business leaders have been equipping themselves with every book, philosophy, reward, and program the so-called experts have convinced them to buy into, yet companies everywhere continue to struggle with toxic cultures, and the unhappiness and low productivity that go with them.In Trust Factor, neuroscientist Paul Zak shows that innate brain functions hold the answers we’ve been looking for. Put simply, the key to providing an engaging, encouraging, positive cultu...

    • ASIN: B01HUER0ZG

  • From Passion to Execution: How to Start and Grow an Effective Nonprofit Organization

    Transform your vision and passion as you learn how to effectively start, grow, and lead a nonprofit organization with this practical, inspiring guide. FROM PASSION TO EXECUTION: HOW TO START AND GROW AN EFFECTIVE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION combines meaningful, real examples and insights, based on the author's extensive experience, with a high-energy, powerful presentation that equips you with the confidence to follow your dream of starting a nonprofit organization. This reader-friendly book provides specific how-to steps to start a nonprofit organi...

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    • Brand: Cengage Learning

  • Grant Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide (Simple, Clear and Concise Guides Book 1)

    Are you planning to write a grant? Do you wish you had a mentor to take you through the process?Grant Writing - A Clear, Simple and Concise Guide gets to the heart of grant writing and is focussed on you – the individual grant writer. Grant Writing - A Clear, Simple and Concise Guide:•talks to you, peer-to-peer•works for beginners right through to seasoned writers•is easy to follow and mapped to the grant application•gives you the skills, confidence and know how to find funding streams, develop your project and write your submission...

    • ASIN: B072MP7ZPR

  • Starting and Running a Nonprofit Organization, 2nd Edition

    Starting and Running a Nonprofit Organization is a book for people who are forming new small nonprofits; thinking about converting an informal, grassroots group into tax-exempt status; reorganizing an existing agency; or currently managing a nonprofit. It provides practical and basic how-to information on legal, tax, organizational, and other issues particular to nonprofits. This one-of-a-kind resource has been a valuable guide to nonprofit management for decades. While much of the information originated in an earlier era of nonprofit formatio...

    • ASIN: 0816627770

  • Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs

    #1 New York Times BestsellerLegendary venture capitalist John Doerr reveals how the goal-setting system of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has helped tech giants from Intel to Google achieve explosive growth—and how it can help any organization thrive. In the fall of 1999, John Doerr met with the founders of a start-up whom he'd just given $12.5 million, the biggest investment of his career. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had amazing technology, entrepreneurial energy, and sky-high ambitions, but no real business plan. For Google to change th...

    • ASIN: 0525536221

  • The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World

    When change requires you to challenge people's familiar reality, it can be difficult, dangerous work. Whatever the context--whether in the private or the public sector--many will feel threatened as you push though major changes. But as a leader, you need to find a way to make it work.Ron Heifetz first defined this problem with his distinctive theory of adaptive leadership in Leadership Without Easy Answers. In a second book, Leadership on the Line, Heifetz and coauthor Marty Linsky highlighted the individual and organizational dangers of leadin...

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    • Brand: Harvard Business School Press
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  • The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook: Getting the Money You Need from Government Agencies, Businesses, Foundations, and Individuals

    Are you a staff member, a board member or a volunteer of a faith-based, human service, arts, or other nonprofit organization that needs additional funds to accomplish its mission? Are there not enough hours in the day to raise the money your agency needs? Do your colleagues not have the expertise or interest to generate the needed dollars? Do you need a quick source of practical information about ways to raise funds? Then you need The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook.This book is for individuals who are dedicated to helping their commun...

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  • Rippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World

    • ASIN: 1118138597

  • Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits Are Messy

    Nonprofit leadership is messy Nonprofits leaders are optimistic by nature. They believe with time, energy, smarts, strategy and sheer will, they can change the world. But as staff or board leader, you know nonprofits present unique challenges. Too many cooks, not enough money, an abundance of passion. It’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed and alone. The people you help need you to be successful. But there are so many obstacles: a micromanaging board that doesn’t understand its true role; insufficient fundraising and donors who make unrea...

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  • Good Profit : How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World's Most Successful Companies

    "Here, drawing on revealing, honest stories from his five decades in business - the company's many successes as well as its stumbles - Koch walks the reader step-by-step through the five dimensions of Market-Based Management

    • UPC: 45055670

  • Up the Organization : How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits

    Although it was first published more than thirty-five years ago, Up the Organization continues to top the lists of best business books by groups as diverse as the American Management Association, Strategy + Business (Booz

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  • 365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers : A Complete Guide for Non-Profit Organizations

    Revised edition of the author's 365 ideas for recruiting, retaining, motivating, and rewarding your volunteers,

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  • Managing the Non-Profit Organization : Principles and Practices

    The groundbreaking and premier work on nonprofit organizationsThe nonprofit sector is growing rapidly, creating a major need for expert advice on how to manage these organizations effectively. Management legend Peter Drucker provides excellent examples and

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  • How to Start a Nonprofit Organization: The Complete Guide to Start Non Profit Organization (NPO) - eBook

    In this book, we will discuss the complete procedure to start a non-profit. I will outline a detailed method for you. At the end of this book, you will be able to start your non-profit

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  • Firms of Endearment : How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose


    • UPC: 24755628

  • The Little Book of Currency Trading : How to Make Big Profits in the World of Forex

    "The Little Book of Currency Trading" shows individuals how they can trade and invest in the biggest market in the world. Currency expert Lien describes the multitude of profit opportunities possible in the forex market,

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  • Master Your World : 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication

    Master Your World is a concise, engaging book on business management, people management, and of course, a bit of dog management. Funny, serious, and thoughtful, Kelly's book can change how you interact with the people

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  • Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit : The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization

    "This smart primer on customer service strategy is a must-read for managers and anyone interested in transforming their interactions with clients. "Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit" is a manual for winning customer loyalty that actually inspires."--

    • UPC: 13431166

  • So You Want To Start A Non Profit - eBook

    A basic overview of what you can expect and what you should consider before embarking on your journey to forming a nonprofit organization. This book provides a thumbnail sketch of basic considerations and obstacles that

    • UPC: 434109888

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