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  • Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World (Politics of Place)

    In this New York Times bestseller, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers—“fans of geography, history, and politics (and maps) will be enthralled” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram).Maps have a mysterious hold over us. Whether ancient, crumbling parchments or generated by Google, maps tell us things we want to know, not only about our current location or where we are going but about the world in general. And yet, when it comes to geo-politics, much of what we are to...

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    • Brand: Tim Marshall

  • Imperfect Strangers: Americans, Arabs, and U.S.-Middle East Relations in the 1970s (The United States in the World)

    In Imperfect Strangers, Salim Yaqub argues that the 1970s were a pivotal decade for U.S.-Arab relations, whether at the upper levels of diplomacy, in street-level interactions, or in the realm of the imagination. In those years, Americans and Arabs came to know each other as never before. With Western Europe’s imperial legacy fading in the Middle East, American commerce and investment spread throughout the Arab world. The United States strengthened its strategic ties to some Arab states, even as it drew closer to Israel. Maneuvering Moscow to...


  • Egypt's Revolutions: Politics, Religion, and Social Movements (The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy)

    Where is Egypt headed? Did the people 'bring down the government'? Has the country become the first front in a regional counter-revolution backed by the Gulf monarchies? These are only some of the questions that this volume - the first to describe the ongoing dynamics in Egypt since the outbreak of revolution - explores....

    • ASIN: B0184BPI76

  • Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia, Second Edition

    Correspondent Ahmed Rashid brings the shadowy world of the Taliban—the world’s most extreme and radical Islamic organization—into sharp focus in this enormously insightful book. Rashid offers the only authoritative account of the Taliban available to English-language readers, explaining the Taliban’s rise to power, its impact on Afghanistan and the Middle East and Central Asia, its role in oil and gas company decisions, and the effects of changing American attitudes toward the Taliban. He also describes the new face of Islamic fundamen...

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  • Slavery in the Islamic World: Its Characteristics and Commonality

    This edited volume determines where slavery in the Islamic world fits within the global history of slavery and the various models that have been developed to analyze it. To that end, the authors focus on a question about Islamic slavery that has frequently been asked but not answered satisfactorily, namely, what is Islamic about slavery in the Islamic world. Through the fields of history, sociology, literature, women's studies, African studies, and comparative slavery studies, this book is an important contribution to the scholarly research on ...

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  • Imperialism with Reference to Syria (SpringerBriefs in Political Science)

    This extended essay investigates the meaning of imperialism in Syria, providing a valuable addition to the ongoing debate on the Syrian crisis through the lens of imperialism, modern warfare, and geopolitics. It offers a detailed analysis of how the Syrian war has been the product of imperialist ambitions. The author begins by situating the Syrian conflict in the regional historical continuum, positing that the modern imperialist war visited upon Syria is both a production domain intrinsic to capital, and an application of the law of value assu...

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  • The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis

    The book you must read to understand the Islamist crisis—and the threat to us allRobert R. Reilly’s eye-opening book masterfully explains the frightening behavior coming out of the Islamic world. Terrorism, he shows, is only one manifestation of the spiritual pathology of Islamism.Reilly uncovers the root of our contemporary crisis: a pivotal struggle waged within the Muslim world nearly a millennium ago. In a heated battle over the role of reason, the side of irrationality won. The deformed theology that resulted, Reilly reveals, produced ...

    • ASIN: 1610170024

  • Starvation and the State: Famine, Slavery, and Power in Sudan, 1883-1956 (Palgrave Series in Indian Ocean World Studies)

    Sudan has historically suffered devastating famines that have powerfully reshaped its society. This study shows that food crises were the result of exploitative processes that transferred resources to a small group of beneficiaries, including British imperial agents and indigenous elites who went on to control the Sudanese state at independence....

    • ASIN: B00I5QZ3TE

  • Viet Nam Expose: French Scholarship on Twentieth-Century Vietnamese Society

    A collection of essays written on twentieth-century Vietnamese society, Viêt Nam Exposé is one of only a handful of books written by French scholars for an English-speaking audience. The volume is multidisciplinary and represents a new trend in Vietnamese studies that addresses issues beyond politics, wars, and violence, exploring the complexity of more subtle power relationships in Vietnamese society. The book is divided into three parts. Part I, "Vietnamese Society in the Early Twentieth Century," takes a micro approach to the study of Viet...

    • ASIN: 0472068059

  • The Spanish, Middle Eastern & African Cookbook

    This vibrant cookbook brings together the exotic dishes of the southern Mediterranean and North

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  • The Upper Nile Province Handbook : A Report on People and Government in the Southern Sudan, 1991

    This account of what used to be one of Sudan's remotest provinces provides the historical context for the early classics of British social

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  • Through a Pilot's Window: Adventures Piloting a B-24 Bomber in the 9th and 344th Bomber Squadron in Wwii During the Asian-pacific, European and African Middle Eastern Campaigns

    A stick of five bombs left the lead ship. I concentrated on our own bomb-release signal. It should flicker now -- no -- now! What in hell was the matter? Just as the Major swung

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  • Clientelism and Patronage in the Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    One common demand in the 2011 uprisings in the MENA region was the call for ‘freedom, dignity, and social justice.’ Citizens rallied against corruption and clientelism, which for many protesters were deeply linked to political

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  • The Economic Development Process in the Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    Offering a comprehensive analysis of the development of economies in the Middle East and North Africa over the past half century, this book charts the progress of these countries through an examination of an Islamic

    • UPC: 992482998

  • China's Diplomacy in Eastern and Southern Africa - eBook

    In contemporary discourse on China-Africa relations, there are, on the one hand, the Sino-pessimists who see China as a giant vacuum-cleaner, sucking up Africa’s resources in order to fuel its own rapid industrialization, and destroying

    • UPC: 543657536

  • Women in the Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    This book examines the position of women in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Although it is culturally diverse, this region shares many commonalities with relation to women that are strong, deep,

    • UPC: 762369250

  • Women in the Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    This book explores the complexity of women's social status in the Middle East and North African region and fills a gap in the existing literature by providing an up-to-date and comprehensive portrait of women's status

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  • Middle East and North African Immigrants in Europe - eBook

    Fourteen specialists from across the European Union discuss current issues regarding Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in Europe, focusing on topics such as immigration legislation, assimilation, integration, multiculturalism, community formation, citizenship, political participation, and

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  • Popular Culture in the Middle East and North Africa - eBook

    This book explores the body and the production process of popular culture in, and on, the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, and Iran in the first decade of the 21st century, and up to

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