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  • A Change Is Gonna Come


  • A Gate Called Beautiful

    CLAUDIA, a young beggar woman calls out to the people walking past. "Alms for the poor!" She sits along the roadside in ragged clothing. As she hears the clink of coins drop into her cup, her eyes light, and a smile forms on her face.She notices children crossing the street laughing, and quickly pulls her twisted foot beneath her tunic. For a brief moment, the expression on her face is solemn, while her eyes are drawn to a small boy's parents who walk away from her without looking. She wonders. "Are they the ones who wouldn't keep me?"And then ...

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  • Daring to Touch the Hem of His Garment - eBook

    “Daring according to Merriam-Webster means ‘venturesomely bold in action or thought,’ which is precisely what characterizes the opening story and healing theme in R. V. D’Alessio’s new book. It also summarizes the author’s bold yet

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  • His Hem: A Touch of His Garment

    The gift of healing and grace given onto a loving determine mother of four. A devoted husband that brings the wedding vows to life. But, life takes an unexpected turn for the worse that forces

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  • Devotions for Men of God : If I Can Touch the Hem of His Garments

    Devotions for Men of God: If I Can Touch the Hem of His

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  • 009 What is the significance of the hem of Jesus’ garment by Patrick Jacob

    Touch The Hem Of His Garment Meaning
    hem,garment,jesus,flow of blood,women with issue of blood,12 years,healing,healing in H...

    Jonathan Cahn: Yeshuah’s Tallit and its Tzitziot (The Kraspedon Mystery)

    Touch The Hem Of His Garment Meaning
    Jonathan Cahn,Tzitzit,Tzitziot,Kraspedon,Mystery,Tallit,Hem of his garment,Yeshuah,Cana...

    Matthew 9:20 Bible teaching

    Touch The Hem Of His Garment Meaning
    Bible,Father,God,Abba,Adonai,Yeshua,Jesus,Lord,Fringe,Tzitzit,women,Issue of blood,hemo...