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  • The Economic Impact of Civil Aviation on the U.S. Economy: FAA Study on Outlook, Measures, GDP Contribution, Passenger Expenditures, Freight Flows, Freight Exports, Domestic Air Freight - eBook

    This official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) document - converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - offers the latest data on the economic impact of civil aviation. This concise report is ideal for policymakers and

    • UPC: 468577545

  • Visa Denied : How Anti-Arab Visa Policies Destroy Us Exports, Jobs and Higher Education

    Visa processing barriers limiting inbound international business and pleasure travelers cost the United States' economy billions of dollars in revenues while severing vital communications links to the Arab market. This text presents specific recommendations for

    • UPC: 10385371

  • America's Deadliest Export : Democracy - The Truth about US Foreign Policy and Everything Else

    For over 65 years, the United States war machine has been on auto pilot. Since World War II, the world has believed that US foreign policy means well, and that America's motives in spreading democracy

    • UPC: 40968360

  • US Nordic Import & Export Wall Shadow Projection Clock

    Generations ago, people used the shadows of trees, stones and sundials to tell time; this fascinating clock casts minute-precise shadows onto your wall to count the hours and days. Modern design base looks like an

    • UPC: 559743475
    • Model: LSLC-068
    • Color: Black

  • Outward Foreign Direct Investment and US Exports, Jobs, and R&D - eBook

    It is not in the US interest to adopt tax and regulatory policies that would discourage global engagement by US multinational corporations (MNCs). Research presented in this book shows that the expansion of foreign affiliates

    • UPC: 419711925

  • U.S. Export Control : Be Careful or Your Business Will Be Gone

    The activities and blacklists of U.S. export control authorities are destroying businesses around the world. Many times investigations are not conducted properly. This guidebook helps to understand rules and regulations, introduce Export Control Authorities, different

    • UPC: 611790219

  • Rethinking Drug Courts: International Experiences of a US Policy Export - eBook

    What are drug courts? Do they work? Why are they so popular? Should countries be expanding them or rolling them back? These are some of the questions this volume attempts to answer. Simultaneously popular and

    • UPC: 700414864

  • Lawrence Eagleburger - In the best of all worlds everyone in the Embassy is doing something to assist U.S. exports - Famous Quotes Laminated POSTER PRINT 24X20.

    We stand behind our products and services to deliver to your doorsteps within the promised delivery window. We appreciate your business for any questions or concerns please contact via

    • UPC: 404558891
    • Size: 24"X20"24\" x 20\"

  • Sink Teeth Drain Filter - Set Of 8, Keep your drain unclogged without calling the plumber By US NORDIC IMPORT & EXPORT CO.

    Keep Your Drain Unclogged Without Calling a Plumber. The Sink Teeth Drain Filter clears your drain of debris and blockage, yet requires no tools. Simply insert the Sink Teeth Drain Filter up to its head.

    • UPC: 525550991

  • U.S. Export-Import Bank : Process in Place to Ensure Compliance with Dual-Use Export Requirements

    U.S. Export-Import Bank: Process in Place to Ensure Compliance with Dual-Use Export

    • UPC: 122148255

  • NAFTA Certificates of Origin Part II

    Us Certificate Of Origin For Exports To Israel
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    How to Write an Export Plan

    Us Certificate Of Origin For Exports To Israel

    Iran, Israel, and the U.S. in a Changing Middle East by David Menashri

    Us Certificate Of Origin For Exports To Israel
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